It’s been a while since we published a news on our website and we certainly don’t do it with a happy face this time around. Our former team decided to part ways with us after just one season of ESEA Intermediate filled with lineup changes and struggles. We were looking forward to the new season with a working team but unfortunately, they decided to move on to pursue other options.

The second team to leave Wolves eSports as well is the DotA 2 lineup. The team disbanded and the remaining players don’t feel like building a new team again. Sad to see as the new season for the joinDota League was recently announced and we were already looking forward to it.

And the last change regarding Wolves eSports players sees a departure of Hearthstone player Albert “Trebzilla” Sillem.

We wish all of our former teams and players all the best in the future. We’d also like to say that we are looking for new teams in those games again.

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