We’re happy to announce a new partner for Wolves eSportseByte

The eByte is a cryptocurrency specifically designed for gaming and esports and after the first talk with the people behind the eByte project, it was pretty clear that there is a big overlap in ideas and goals for both projects and the esport community in general. With a match that great, both parties quickly came to the conclusion to support each other going forward and we are excited to see where the journey takes the eByte and Wolves eSports.

To allow you to take a closer look at what the eByte actually is, here is a short introduction that can be found on the Ebyte.cash website:

Vision of the eByte

The main objective of the eByte project is the creation of an internationally accepted and widely used monetary system for esports. Whether players, dedicated teams, leagues of different game genres, streamers, admins or modders – every esport enthusiast should be able to benefit from his or her commitment. By using eBytes, all achievements in the field of digital sport are to be adequately remunerated and the decentralized nature of esport is to be maintained.

To achieve this goal, various platforms will be created in advance. Currently we develop a contract system as well as a service market that allows providers of services (e.g. streaming, modding, casting) to offer their services in exchange for appropriate compensation in eByte. Additionally we develop a multiplayer football manager with an integrated eByte monetary system. The use of our portals is not a must to trade with eByte since immediately after the publication of our coins, trading with eBytes will be possible on common Crypto exchanges.

To read more about the eByte project, go check out their website and social media below.

Website: www.eByte.cash
Facebook: eByteCommunity
Twitter: @eByteCommunity

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