Wolves eSports Community Discord

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We thought about launching a Community Discord for quite some time now and after Discord released channel categories we thought of ways to make it happen – and here it is!

Our official Wolves eSports Community Discord is meant to be another media outlet for people interested in Wolves eSports and friends of ours. We’ve created news channels for all games we have teams in that will feature updates on matches, leagues, and general news about our teams. If you want to talk about other eSport titles or games that you like to play – we have the channels for it! Our management, and most importantly, our players are going to be there as well to allow for communication between Wolves and you via text and voice channels. We would like to give this project a try and see where it takes us.

Invite Link – Wolves eSports Community Discord

In case you join the Discord, please make sure to read the rules and if you have any feedback regarding our Discord server, do not hesitate to contact us through the means mentioned in the #welcome channel.


Wolves eSports minus 2 Teams

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It’s been a while since we published a news on our website and we certainly don’t do it with a happy face this time around. Our former CSGO.uk team decided to part ways with us after just one season of ESEA Intermediate filled with lineup changes and struggles. We were looking forward to the new season with a working team but unfortunately, they decided to move on to pursue other options.

The second team to leave Wolves eSports as well is the DotA 2 lineup. The team disbanded and the remaining players don’t feel like building a new team again. Sad to see as the new season for the joinDota League was recently announced and we were already looking forward to it.

And the last change regarding Wolves eSports players sees a departure of Hearthstone player Albert “Trebzilla” Sillem.

We wish all of our former teams and players all the best in the future. We’d also like to say that we are looking for new teams in those games again.

Wolves Weekend Recap

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Last weekend has seen quite some action for Wolves eSports and our players in different games with equally great results – Time for a recap. We’ve had Benjamin “wusi” Baye attend the Albion 2 Super Smash Bros event in the United Kingdom, the new DotA 2 team play the ESL Go4DotA Europe #118, our FIFA players in the FIFA Sunday Madness Cup Germany, and last but not least our Hearthstone players battle it out for the top ranks in June’s EU Ladder.

Super Smash Bros.:
The United Kingdom, more specifically London, was the goal for our smash player Benjamin “wusi” Baye to attend the Albion 2 event. Filled with great players from all over Europe it was meant to be one of the bigger events this year and with 308 participants in the Singles competition it certainly has been. With a 7-1 set record and 15-3 games he took first place in his group to move on to the 64 player bracket. There, he went on to the Winners Quarter-Final where he went down 0-3 against Glutonny, who then went on to win the event. Wusi however managed to reach the top 8 through the Lower Bracket, finishing the event on a great 7th place.

DotA 2:
The debut appearance for the new Wolves eSports DotA 2 team was the ESL Go4DotA Europe Cup #118 where they managed to reach the final in a breeze to face “Team Moriarty”. The final opponent however was a mountain they’ve not been able to climb after the early game was decent and both teams were even. Still, great performance in their first tournament for Wolves.

FIFA 17:
The weekly German Sunday Madness Cup has seen two Wolves fight for glory on the pitch and with Sebastian “iBastinho” Holsten & Alexander “alexklarman” Schmausz both of them reached the quarter finals where Alexander lost his match to finish 5-8th. Sebastian managed to win the cup in a final where he faced GOOKU who has some decent results in the German Championship and the 2016 ESWC under his belt.

The monthly ladder came to an end during the night from Friday to Saturday and one of our players, Albert “Trebzilla” Sillem, finished it on a good 11th place, netting him 8 Hearthstone Championship Tour points.

We surely hope that all teams and players can keep up their great performances in the future! GGWP this weekend!


New Sponsor – StriveWire

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Today Wolves eSports happily announces a new Sponsor – StriveWire!

After StriveWire and Wolves eSports already worked together to get our weekly Hearthstone tournaments running on their platform where players can earn points for the Hearthstone Championship Tour, we decided to take one more step and make StriveWire a sponsor of Wolves eSports. As a still young and small organisation this is a milestone for Wolves and we hope that this partnership enables us to grow even more in the future to get one step closer to the goals we set ourselves.

We would like to thank StriveWire for the opportunity and the trust they set in us as we are going to continue to work hard to make the best out of it for both parties.

About StriveWire:
StriveWire is the leading eSports website for Hearthstone cash tournaments. They offer a wide range of free-to-play and cash events every day and host a multitude of Hearthstone tournaments for Hearthstone Championship Tour Points throughout the week. While Hearthstone is their main focus, it is possible to participate in tournaments for FIFA, Rocket League, Overwatch, Warcraft 3 and League of Legends.

Check them out here:
Website: www.StriveWire.com
Facebook: /StriveWire
Twitter: @StriveWire

Weekly Hearthstone Championship Tour Cups on StriveWire

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Wolves eSports happily announce the start of the weekly Hearthstone Cup series on StriveWire where players can earn points towards the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

After we’ve been in the Hearthstone scene for some time now we thought we step up our game and partner up with StriveWire, a tournament platform that holds several HCT cups a week, to be able to host our own Hearthstone cups each week from now on.

The “Wolves eSports Weekly Hearthstone Howl” takes place each Monday at 7pm CET, starting on Monday, 20th February. If you are interested in playing, simply click here.

StriveWire is a tournament platform based in Germany that allows users to play different tournaments in several games, with Hearthstone being the most popular. They offer free-to-play tournaments, tournaments with entry-fees where you get back your money after you won your first match and sponsored tournaments to cater your need of intense matches.

Check out StriveWire:
Website – StriveWire.com
Facebook – /StriveWire
Twitter – @StriveWire

The Year 2016 for Wolves eSports

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The year 2016 is nearly over. With just some hours left we want to take a look back at it.

During the last year we’ve had ups and down, just like everyone else. Even though this year was the first one after we decided where we want to be with Wolves eSports in the future and we mainly worked on getting the foundations done, it was a decent year for us. With Gamers Apparel we managed to get the first big partner for Wolves in February. We published our new homepage in May and went on to pick up some talented teams over the next few months. With expeditions into S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2, Combat Arms, and Crossfire we tested the waters in smaller games that are not part of the mainstream eSport titles. We went over the pond to pick up a North American Rainbow Six: Siege team which in the end didn’t work out as we all hoped. For a short period of time Wolves even had a console team as well.

Our first tournament win however comes from our old Trackmania guys who went on to win the ESL Trackmania Canyon Endurance Premiership Season 2 where they faced tough opposition in players from Team Dignitas or Euronics Gaming. The final race was a nailbiter until the end but we managed to pull through. It took some time to see Wolves eSports win a tournament again but when it happens, it happens three times in a row as Benjamin “wusi” Baye from our Super Smash Bros roster wins three consecutive events in a row. To be fair, Smash in general delivers great results whenever they participate but winning three in a row is extremely strong! Congratulations again!

Towards the end of the year we picked up an Overwatch roster which managed to get to the semi-finals of the Reddit EU Championship where they put up a fight against Oslo Lions but fell short in the end. Wolves eSports also merged with Actin eSports and acquired squads in Hearthstone and FIFA that hopefully bring joy to the Wolves family in 2017.

Looking ahead at 2017 we hope to keep up the results as they have been in the second half of 2016 and to strengthen the presence of Wolves eSports in the scene with additional teams in different games. Unfortunately, there’s also have bad news for the start of 2017 as NoScope Gaming Glasses, a partner we’ve had for a year now, officially closes their business with the end of 2016.

To sum it up: it has been quite a ride. We are happy with where we are at now but we are confident that we can further push Wolves eSports in the upcoming months as we have some things lined up!

Finally, Wolves eSports wishes their fans and followers, as well as everyone involved with our project a Happy New Year! See you soon!

Wolves eSports merges with Actin eSports

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Wolves eSports merges with Actin eSports!

With the year 2016 coming to an end we made sure to be in the best possible position for a succesful 2017. We have been in contact with the management of Actin eSports for some time now and after the first talks a couple of months back both sides knew that sooner or later Wolves and Actin would find together. In the last few days we sat down and talked about the possibilities of a merge that both sides can be happy with. We here at Wolves do know that we still have a long way to reach our goals and we certainly know about our weak points. Actin eSports is able to cover some of them while we can provide things Actin would have to work on in the near future. Wolves eSports is confident that the merge between actin and Wolves is a huge step in the right direction as we can combine our resources to make the year 2017 a good one for Wolves eSports.

This merge also means that Actin eSports ceases to exist as their management, their Hearthstone and FIFA sections join Wolves eSports. Both games  return to Wolves eSports after quite some time and we are excited to see where it takes us in the future.

Statement Patrick Freier, CEO of Wolves eSports
“Wolves eSports is excited to announce the newest addition to our pack. With the adoption of the management of Actin eSports and their two teams, namely a FIFA and a Hearthstone squad, the Wolves prepared themselves for a successful upcoming year 2017. The former project owner of Actin eSports joins the Wolves eSports management and we are confident that Fabio will be a great addition to further grow our brand.”

Statement Fabio Coelho, CEO of Actin eSports
“Both organisations complement each other perfectly – just like two puzzle pieces. The management of Wolves eSports is open-minded, qualified and ambitious. Therefore, we are really excited for the merger. Where one way ends, another one begins. For actin eSports the new way is called Wolves eSports and we are looking forward to the upcoming years of cooperation.”

Lineup Wolves eSports.Hearthstone
Florian “Devilking” Blum
Jonathan “ImagineAName” Gietz
Yannic “shianna” Lott
Felix “FeFlex” Förster
Maik “hOlysky” Wyshusek

Lineup Wolves eSports.FIFA
Christian “Darkstriker” Pätzold
Alexander “alexklarman” Schmausz
Ioannis “Jannis_98” Giannikis
Franz “sweetybob” Heufler

Stay tuned for more great news regarding Wolves eSports in early 2017!


Reset and Super Smash Bros

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Today Wolves eSports announces a reset of the project alongside a new team in a game that we premier in – Super Smash Bros.

In the recent weeks we got hit by a series of unfortunate events. Rainbow Six:Siege failed to qualify for the ESL Pro League and disbanded, our German CSGO team failed qualification for the 2nd Division of the 99Damage Liga and later on decided that the rebuild teams wants to go another route. Crossfire and SKILL also disbanded and left the project.

And now the happy news: Wolves eSports wanders into the Super Smash Bros scene with 4 players from Germany. Super Smash Bros is a game that is mainly played on offline events and started to get our attention lately. With all the things that have happened we decided to give the game a chance and hope that we’ll be able to grow alongside the still small German community in Smash compared to other regions. With Davide “Kunai KazeKun” Boccarossa being involved in the scene a lot as a player and organiser we hope Wolves eSports can leave its mark in the next months.

Lineup Wolves eSports.Smash:
Davide “Kunai KazeKun” Boccarossa
Benjamin “Wusi” Baye
David “Yoh” P.
Jeremy “Jaytec” M.

Statement Davide “Kunai KazeKun” Boccarossa:

“We are grateful for the chance to represent Wolves eSports within the competitive Smash scene and will work hard to unleash our full potential. We hope to be able to achieve decent results in the upcoming events and tournaments to continue our recent form. Again, thanks to Wolves eSports for the chance and we are looking forward to a great partnership!”


Apart from that Wolves eSports is still looking for teams in Counterstrike:Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocket League, League of Legends and DotA2 just to name a few. If you are interested please email us at patrick@wolves-esports.com or andre@wolves-esports.com

Wolves eSports signs danish Counter-Strike team

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We were quiet in the last few weeks but we have done quite some work behind the scenes and today we are able to announce that Wolves eSports has signed a greatly talented Danish Counter-Strike lineup in addition to our Swedish team. Those guys have played for team such as Coreplay and achieved decent results in the time they played together and successfully made themselves a name in the Danish Counter-Strike scene. Working with this team was our number one priority as their goals and the goals of Wolves eSports are the same – to leave a mark in the European eSport scene.

Starting today we will do everything to make this relationship a good one and with a team that eager and motivated we are off to a good start. The team is going to compete in CEVO Main, League of Sharks which holds a prize money of 25,000 DKK, King of Nordic, and the second season of the CS:GO DK Main Liga where they fight against team such as tricked.dk. They’ll also attend LAN-Events in Denmark later this year.

Lineup Wolves eSports CSGO.dk:
Jesper “sacron” Badensø
Peter ” casle” Sørensen
Rasmus “garff” Garff
Mikkel “tonic” Møller Gade Olsen
Jonas “queenix” Dideriksen

Statement Wolves CSGO.dk:
“We are happy to be a part of Wolves eSports now and hope to live up to the expectations we set ourselves in the near future. We had great talks with the Management before our engagement here and look forward to a bright future for us and Wolves and we are ready to help each other to fullfil the set goals. Our goals for the upcoming months are to finish Top 3 in the CSGO DK Main Season 2 as well as to get as far as possible in all the tournaments we already signed up for and those to come.”

New homepage released

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Today is the day we proudly release our new homepage!

It has been in the makings for some time now and it turned out pretty awesome!
With the old website now gone we eliminated one of the biggest flaws we had as it was simply not properly designed, coded, as well as difficult to maintain.

As we are a young, growing team we have decided to go with a slick and easy design to better represent who we are and are sure that our new baby is going to help us grow a lot easier than before.

The new site is easier to navigate which means you will find what you look for a lot faster than before:

News about a certain team of Wolves eSports? Easy, just go to “News” and click on the category on the lower right side.
Find our YouTube channel with all playlists ands videos in the media section of this site which is something we wanted to have.
Want to have your own Wolves eSports jersey? Simply click “Store” and buy it from our partners over at GamersApparel.
Our social media interest you? Right side, just below our partners & sponsors. All the socials you need!

Wolves eSports is also still actively looking for teams & players in the following games:

  • League of Legends
  • DotA 2
  • Starcraft 2
  • World of Tanks
  • Overwatch
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Rocket League
  • Hearthstone
  • Rainbow Six: Siege

If you are intersted, hit us up with your application via mail (patrick@wolves-esports.com , andre@wolves-esports.com)
or send us a message on facebook.

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