Partnership with StriveWire ends

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After we agreed on a partnership with StriveWire in March 2017, we’re now announcing that this partnership has come to an end.

With the recent changes made to the Hearthstone Championship Tour cups, we’re unable to continue our cup series. We thank StriveWire for enabling us to do that in the first place and wish them all the best in the future. Both StriveWire and Wolves eSports continue their journey in Hearthstone and for us that means we have at least one player attending Dreamhack Leipzig which is the next big thing we’re looking forward to.

Recap of 2017 & a Happy New Year!

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Another year has run past us and it’s time to take a look at what has happened in the last 12 months – Our recap of 2017.

The year 2017 was quite exciting for us in many ways as we picked up teams and players in several games for the first time in the history of Wolves eSports that delivered and soon will deliver new experiences for all of us. It’s been the second year after our decision to put a lot more time and effort in Wolves eSports and we’re more than happy to say that the year was a great year for us. Sure, we haven’t been able to achieve all the goals we set ourselves for 2017 but we certainly learned a whole lot of things during the process that we are going to use in our advantage in 2018.

January 2017 was the comeback of two games that we’ve already seen as a part of Wolves eSports, DotA 2 and World of Tanks. The new game, or rather game mode we signed a team for was FIFA Pro Club. As we picked the team up, they’ve already been sitting on top of the league and kept that position until the end to be promoted to the second highest league in the FIFA ProLeague. In February, we started the next big adventure with a team in Paladins. Later on, the team then came close to qualifying for the Paladins Masters LAN which still saw several of our players standing in for other teams. We rounded up the month of February with another return of a game to Wolves eSports – namely Heroes of the Storm. Last but not least, we started our weekly Hearthstone cup series on StriveWire for Hearthstone Championship Tour points with great success.

March 2017 and April were rather quiet months in terms of announcements as the only things happening were an agreement on a partnership deal with StriveWire in March, while we said goodbye to the FIFA Pro Club team. May 2017 was a rough month as our Paladins team, back then considered to be Top4 in Europe, moved on to Burrito Esports. However, we are still strongly interested in the game and wish to re-enter the scene in 2018. May also meant the arrival of two CSGO teams – a German team, and a British team. In the following months we ventured into new games for Wolves eSports quite a lot with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Vainglory, SMITE, and recently even picked up a team in WarCraft 3. Apart from quite a few additions, we’ve also seen teams leave and change more than we hoped for which is something we want to work on for next year. With our current lineup of teams and players in CSGO Germany, SMITE, Vainglory, DotA 2, WarCraft 3, Hearthstone, FIFA 18 and Super Smash Bros we’re looking forward to 2018 from a teams perspective. From a business point of view, we’ve worked a lot recently and have a few announcements and changes to make in early 2018 so we’re stoked about those things as well!

That being said, 2017 was a year full of learning and growing in the ways we handle things with a lot of great memories, but also a few bad ones. However, we feel like we were able to learn from them and can’t wait to continue working with our teams and partners, especially Gamers Apparel in the new year. Some great things are coming up as well and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Until then we wish all of our fans & followers, teams, players, and partners a Happy New Year! We’ll see you soon!


Merry Christmas from Wolves eSports

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It’s the 24th of December and that means it’s Christmas!

We wish a Merry Christmas to our players and teams, our partners and everyone following Wolves eSports. Hopefully, you get to spend quality time with your families and loved ones and have an awesome holiday! We’ll be back after christmas to continue working on our 2018 projects and we’ll come back to you at least once more until the year 2017 is done, we promise.

Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Return to DotA 2

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Just one day before christmas we are happy to announce our return to DotA 2!

The new Finnish team representing Wolves eSports is going to play in the 12th season of the joinDOTA League where they qualified for division 3. The season is expected to start in January. Additionally, they are going to play in Finnish tournaments that are available throughout 2018.

Lineup Wolves eSports DotA 2:
Miro “Luotsi” L.
Aleksi “Lankkis” L.
Ilari “Wasser” K.
Juuso “Kobe” L.
Jarkko “Tukipilvi” N.

Statement Wolves eSports DotA 2:
“After we filled the last two spots on the team in September we are going into the 12th season of the joinDOTA League with a lot of confidence and hope to stay in division 3 or to even be able to tackle the playoff spots for division 2. Apart from the joinDOTA League, we are going to play Finnish tournaments that come up during 2018. We are happy to be a part of the future of Wolves eSports and can’t wait for the new year to start!”

With our new DotA 2 team, 2018 can’t come soon enough!

WarCraft 3 team for Wolves eSports

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We’re happy to announce that Wolves eSports goes WarCraft3 as we pick up the team formerly known as uMaD Gaming.

We’ve looked into some of the oldschool esport games in the past and with WarCraft 3 and uMaD Gaming, who recently won Season 8 of the NWC3L, we found a team and a game we want to support. Despite its age, WarCraft 3 still has a decent following and we can’t wait for 2018 to see some WC3 action coming along. The team is going to play the next seasons of the NWC3L, WC3L and CWL coming 2018.

Lineup Wolves eSports Warcraft 3:
Quentin “Wal3eyyy” Ruetsch
Ignas “Bizzare” Mockaitis
Ilya “Sonik” Malish
Mikhail “XeLSinG” Illyinchyk
Pavel “Curiocity” Avdeenkov
Jeremy “BsK” Duez
Titouan “RapiNG” Colin

Statement Wolves eSports Warcraft 3:
“We are happy to join Wolves eSports who gave us the opportunity to collaborate and promote WarCraft 3 together. Of course we’ll do our best to defend our NWC3L title and achieve decent results in other leagues and tournaments. We can’t wait for 2018! Go Wolves!”

Last but not least, the team is still looking for additional players that meet the following requirements:
– Age: 20+
– Available in Skype/Discord
– +60% Winrate
– League experience is a big plus

If you are interested or have any questions, join our Community Discord here and contact Quentin “Wal3eyyy” Ruetsch (DopeY#4688)



Super Smash Bros – Farewell to three

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Today marks the day where the currently longest standing team of Wolves eSports, our Super Smash Bros. team, changes.

We have to say farewell to three players that have been with us since September last year and all there is to say from our side is “Thank you!“. Thank you for staying with us for that long, thank you for being a part of Wolves and being with us on our journey. It was a pleasure to have you guys and we sincerely wish you all the best for your future, wherever it may take you.

Players leaving Wolves eSports:
Davide “Kunai KazeKun” Boccarossa
David “Yoh” P.
Jeremy “Jaytec” M.

As a result, we are left with just one player for now and that is Benjamin “wusi” Baye. We’re looking to rebuild the team around him and are open to applications from players all over Europe. If you are interested and meet the following criteria, please contact us on twitter @wolves_esports:

– 18+
– Highly motivated and communicative
– Event experienced
– Interested in long-term partnership
– Bonus: Regular content on twitch and/or YouTube


Time to SMITE

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We’re happy to announce that Wolves eSports joins the SMITE scene with an UK based team!

With the addition of 7 SMITE players we jump into yet another game for the first time. While we have been around in another game of Hi-Rez Studios, namely Paladins, Wolves now join the battlegrounds of SMITE. Most of the players have been playing the game on console before and decided to switch to PC. The talks with the team have been pleasant and we quickly wanted to give them and the game a chance coming into 2018 which makes this the first new adventure for the new year and once season 5 starts.

Lineup Wolves eSports.SMITE:
Rhys “Beanhead” Pennington (Team-Capitan)
Joe “RyujinHawker” T.
Jamie “Luckski” Luck
Matthew “Spitfire” Pressdee
Connor “Junglistics” Lange
Rick “DDreadz” King (Substitute)
Kieran “Kiebrad” Bradshaw (Substitute)

Statement Wolves eSports.SMITE:
“We are happy to be a part of Wolves eSports and are looking forward to season 5 with the new team and a new start. We want to play as many tournaments as possible and enter the Challenger Circuit in spring while also looking at LAN events around the UK and abroad.”

Wolves eSports Community Discord

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We thought about launching a Community Discord for quite some time now and after Discord released channel categories we thought of ways to make it happen – and here it is!

Our official Wolves eSports Community Discord is meant to be another media outlet for people interested in Wolves eSports and friends of ours. We’ve created news channels for all games we have teams in that will feature updates on matches, leagues, and general news about our teams. If you want to talk about other eSport titles or games that you like to play – we have the channels for it! Our management, and most importantly, our players are going to be there as well to allow for communication between Wolves and you via text and voice channels. We would like to give this project a try and see where it takes us.

Invite Link – Wolves eSports Community Discord

In case you join the Discord, please make sure to read the rules and if you have any feedback regarding our Discord server, do not hesitate to contact us through the means mentioned in the #welcome channel.


Vainglory Roster Update

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With our recent search for Vainglory players on Twitter came a lot of tryout games and endless hours of talks which resulted in the roster we now present for the upcoming challenges.

Before we go into detail with the updated roster we would like to thank all applicants for their interest. We’ve had a huge influx of messages every day which was fantastic to see and we are sorry if we did not get back to you as fast as you might have hoped. It’s been the first time we’ve done a player search like that and we were genuinely surprised about the result.

The now updated team is going to debut during the VGL Autumn Challenger Series Split 2 starting October 24th.

Lineup Wolves eSports Vainglory:
Alexander “Keygasza” R.
Sebastian “Chrysior” Lautenbach
Adrian “Asero1d” S.
Hugo “Znw” Gautier
Jannis “Grenlix” M.

Apart from the announcement of the new and updated lineup, we are also looking for streamers interested in working with Wolves eSports. While the game itself does not matter that much, it would be a big plus if it’s one of the games Wolves has teams in (e.g. Vainglory) or is a major eSports title.

To keep it short, here is a list of requirements:

  • Age : 18+
  • Region: EU/NA
  • Able to stream in fluent English
  • High Quality stream (720p+)
  • Active on Twitter (others are a bonus, especially YouTube)
  • Video Editing is a huge plus

If you are interested please DM us on Twitter.


PUBG team adds 2

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After we’ve picked up Swedish PUBG players Tonny “BIG.T” Tindberg and Jon “Zelendra” Micksäter at the end of June, they have been on the look-out to finalize their roster of 4 to participate in  PUBG Squad tournaments.

Over the last few weeks they played with Niklas “St8Ty” Weber and Markus “sHYNEFX” Tallinen and now decided to officially team up with them. They already played the first round of the Auzom Premier League together where the team ended up 18th out of 80 teams and qualified for the Top20 lobby this Sunday, alongside names such as Team Kinguin, Method, and Team Liquid.

Apart from the Auzom Premier League, Wolves eSports.PUBG is going to play the Legends Arena Pro League Qualifier #1 on Monday, September 25th for a shot at the 16 slot team league.

Wolves eSports.PUBG roster:
Tonny “BIG.T” Tindberg
Jon “Zelendra” Micksäter
Markus “sHYNEFX” Tallinen
Niklas “St8Ty” Weber


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