Wolves Weekend Recap

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Last weekend has seen quite some action for Wolves eSports and our players in different games with equally great results – Time for a recap. We’ve had Benjamin “wusi” Baye attend the Albion 2 Super Smash Bros event in the United Kingdom, the new DotA 2 team play the ESL Go4DotA Europe #118, our FIFA players in the FIFA Sunday Madness Cup Germany, and last but not least our Hearthstone players battle it out for the top ranks in June’s EU Ladder.

Super Smash Bros.:
The United Kingdom, more specifically London, was the goal for our smash player Benjamin “wusi” Baye to attend the Albion 2 event. Filled with great players from all over Europe it was meant to be one of the bigger events this year and with 308 participants in the Singles competition it certainly has been. With a 7-1 set record and 15-3 games he took first place in his group to move on to the 64 player bracket. There, he went on to the Winners Quarter-Final where he went down 0-3 against Glutonny, who then went on to win the event. Wusi however managed to reach the top 8 through the Lower Bracket, finishing the event on a great 7th place.

DotA 2:
The debut appearance for the new Wolves eSports DotA 2 team was the ESL Go4DotA Europe Cup #118 where they managed to reach the final in a breeze to face “Team Moriarty”. The final opponent however was a mountain they’ve not been able to climb after the early game was decent and both teams were even. Still, great performance in their first tournament for Wolves.

FIFA 17:
The weekly German Sunday Madness Cup has seen two Wolves fight for glory on the pitch and with Sebastian “iBastinho” Holsten & Alexander “alexklarman” Schmausz both of them reached the quarter finals where Alexander lost his match to finish 5-8th. Sebastian managed to win the cup in a final where he faced GOOKU who has some decent results in the German Championship and the 2016 ESWC under his belt.

The monthly ladder came to an end during the night from Friday to Saturday and one of our players, Albert “Trebzilla” Sillem, finished it on a good 11th place, netting him 8 Hearthstone Championship Tour points.

We surely hope that all teams and players can keep up their great performances in the future! GGWP this weekend!


European DotA 2 team joins Wolves

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After our last DotA 2 team disbanded for various reasons it’s time for Wolves eSports to get back into the DotA 2 scene.

We are happy to announce that former team Aviato joins the Wolves family! While still being a relatively new team they already managed to win a Go4DotA 2 Europe cup and achieved another 3rd place finish in the next one. Picking up this team means a lot to us as we are finally back in the MOBA scene and we believe that we can go a long way with this team. Their first official appearance for Wolves eSports is going to be today’s ESL Go4DotA 2.

Lineup Wolves eSports.DotA2:
Asger “HSSLNG” H.
Arvid “Slippie” K.
Juri “bpnp” W.
Jonas “Saberlight” V.
Aggalos “I_Can’t_Take_It” T.

Statement Wolves eSports.DotA2:
“”We as ex-Aviato are happy to announce our partnership with Wolves eSports. Just under a month ago we gathered under a common goal to improve and progress our ability in game as well as outside; to improve as a team as well as individually. While we are still a young team with much to learn, in our short timespan of playtime, we have achieved promising results in minor tournaments as well as in practice. Our motivation to play and conquer results is greater than ever and with latest addition to the team in form of Coach Steve we’re excited to see what the future may hold!”

Wolves enter BATTLEGROUNDS scene

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We are happy to announce the addition of two new players to the Wolves eSports family in a game that is unlike others Wolves eSports has teams and players in. Please welcome the new Wolves eSports BATTLEGROUNDS team!

After great talks with the two players we decided to expand into PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS and start a new journey for Wolves. While they’ll participate in any 2v2 tournaments happening, we are looking forward to grow the team to 4 players relatively soon to be ready for anything that is coming up in the future. This also means that we now have two players streaming on a daily basis which is something we’ve been wanting to make happen in the past already and finally managed to do so. It’s a great new experience for Wolves eSports and we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Lineup Wolves eSports.PUBG:
Tonny “BIG.T” Tindberg
Jon “Zelendra” Micksäter

British CSGO team joins Wolves eSports

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Shortly after our new German CS:GO team, we can finally announce the addition of our second team in Counter-Strike!

We’ve always wanted to have two teams in Counter-Strike for the German and the European competitions out there and finally managed to get there. While the German team is concentrating on the German competitions, this team from the United Kingdom is going to represent Wolves eSports in the European ones. Their main focus is going to be the next ESEA season which doesn’t mean they won’t play anywhere else if the opportunity arises. The team has been together for quite some time and added Jay “xpoze” Hansen, a player that has been with Wolves in the past as a new player lately and who ultimately established contact between Wolves and the team. We are eager to see what this team can achieve in the future and we can’t wait for them to play for Wolves eSports in official matches.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO United Kingdom:
Jay ”xpoZe” Hansen
Jack ”Br0die’‘ Emmott
Hayden ”HaydenG” Gissing
Sam ”Mystic” Powell
Luke ”Relic” Pitson

Welcome, lads! Stay tuned for more info regarding Wolves eSports in the next few days!

Wolves with German CS:GO team

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After a decent time without Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Wolves eSports we are happy to announce that we are back in the scene!

With former team OBERWASSER joining Wolves, we are active in the German scene again with the team playing in the ESL and especially the 99DMG Liga, where they managed to rank up to division 3 during the playoffs lately. We hope that the team is going to develop in the future and that we’ll see some results soon as the potential is there and the guys have been together for roughly a year.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO Germany:
Max “erbi” E.
Dominik “Minikk” Z.
Matze “monkeyD” B.
Paul “Flapi” W.
Chris “chrisS” S.

Statement Wolves.CSGO Germany:
“We are excited to announce that we will team up with Wolves eSports! Started over a year ago as a fun team we came a long way, and constantly improved. That was and is our goal, and we only achieve it by putting in work. We aspire to perform well, online and offline. Joining Wolves eSports now is a huge step for us, as it is the first time we play for an organisation and we hope for a great relationship in the future!”

Stay tuned for more information about Wolves eSports and our adventures within the CS:GO scene!

Wolves eSports without Paladins

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We have to sadly announce that the Wolves eSports Paladins team decided to move on to pursue other options.

The last few months have been filled with great memories as we’ve seen this relatively new roster fight their way up to the European top ranks which ended with an unfortunate day in the Paladins Masters Gauntlet and a failed qualification for the Paladins Masters LAN in early April. Following that, we’ve been able to find a new solid fifth player to make sure they can keep on track for their quest to Dreamhack Valencia. We wish NTBees, Simsiloo, sleeppyy, Slashwhine, kowa and MadAang all the best for their future! We loved having you!


Paladins Qualifier for Dreamhack Valencia

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After District 69 won the Paladins Masters LAN a couple of weeks ago, the Paladins scene was waiting for their next big thing. With the announcement of the Paladins Summer Premier to be held during Dreamhack Valencia (13th – 16th July) they got just that.

The qualification process for Dreamhack is similar to the one Hi-Rez Studios chose for the Masters LAN in Atlanta with a two phase system. Phase 1 is  the Open Bracket with 4 tournaments in 4 weeks where teams accumulate points based on their finish in each of these tournaments. European teams clash on saturdays while the NA scene battles for points on sundays. The top 4 teams of each region qualify for the second phase, the Summer Premier Qualifier. During the next 3 weeks the teams play each other once in a Best-of-Three format to find out who the two teams from EU and NA are to go to Dreamhack Valencia.

Dremhack Valencia is going to see 2 North American and 2 European teams, as well as one team each from Oceania, China, and Southeast Asia. The number one teams from Latin America and Brazil face off to decide who is going to be the last team to join the others.

Roster Changes in Paladins

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After we sadly failed to qualify for the Paladins Masters LAN and some of our players standing in for Teams on LAN, we hoped that we could keep the team as it is. Unfortunately for us, Kari “Mutustiina” Parviainen played his heart out during the event for WASD Sports and shortly after decided to stick with them, leaving us with one open spot to fill in. That being said, we wish Kari all the best in the future!

One brief search for a fifth later our Paladins team is back at full strength as Ted “kowa” Hansson joins Wolves eSports coming from Team Hydra. In his past he played different games for well-known organisations such as Team Infused and Team Dignitas. We are sure that the team will be back on track soon with his addition and a 3rd place finish at yesterday’s ESL Go4Paladins EU #7 is not a bad start to begin with.

Lineup Wolves eSports Paladins:
Patrick “sleeppyy” Ratzow
Simon “Simsiloo” Andersson
Daniel “NTBees” Byrne
Oliver “Slashwhine” Pasgaard
Ted “kowa” Hansson
Sander “MadAang” Gonkel (Substitute)






Wolves without FIFA Pro Club

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With immediate effect the FIFA  Pro Club team and Wolves eSports part ways. They played their last two matches for Wolves last sunday after they informed us they want leave us last week. During their three months stay here they were promoted to League 2 of the ProLeague where they currently rank in the middle of the pack. it’s never a pleasant thing to see a team leave for any reason but we respect their decision and appreciate their honesty and the way it was communicated. We wish them all the best in the future!

Their departure also means that Wolves eSports is going to concentrate on the FIFA 1v1 scene for now.

Stay tuned for more!

FIFA ProLeague Recap Weeks 3 & 4

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Another two weeks have passed in the FIFA ProLeague and with that our team played another 4 matches.

In week 3 we faced Hohe SpielKultur and BLUEJAYS. While the Wolves eSports FIFA Pro Club team tied their match against Hohe SpielKultur 1-1, they managed to beat BLUEJAYS with a solid 3-0 and distanced themselves from the bottom of the table. Week 4 brought matches against Rainbow Unicorns, a team placed above Wolves eSports, and against TSV Underdogs, who were behind our team. Before the matches started the team thought that Rainbow Unicorns would be the tougher opponent and were proven wrong as they lost to TSV Underdogs who continuously grouped up in the midfield which caused a lot of issues we couldn’t adapt to quick enough and therefore ultimately lost the game 0-2. The second match of the week against the Unicorns went a lot smoother and we managed to win 2-1.

During the 4 matches of week 3 and 4 Wolves eSports went 2-1-1 and managed to make up for the bad start a bit. After 8 matches we can say that we still need some time to adjust to League 2 and hope that we’ll steadily improve throughout the weeks. Next weekend Wolves eSports faces Team Monarchs, currently undefeated on top of the table and aTr eSports, currently 9th and just one point ahead of our team. Week 6 means matches against Galaxy United (5th) and STFO eSports e.V. (12th)

Current standings:

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