Return to Overwatch

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Some of you may know that once Wolves eSports had an Overwatch team. Now, we're happy to announce a new one! Overwatch never really left our minds and we recently decided to give the game another go with Wolves. That, plus one team search later, puts us where we are…
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Team SkinBaron joins Wolves eSports

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We're back! After quite some time we are finally back within the German Counterstrike scene with the former roster of Team SkinBaron! After a prolonged search in which we have talked to great teams and people, we have finally found a team that perfectly fits Wolves eSports in all areas.…
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Farewell, Vainglory!

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We are announcing our departure from the Vainglory scene with immediate effect and say farewell, Vainglory! While our time with Vainglory was short compared to some of the other organisations out there that recently left the scene, we had a joyful run while it lasted. We would like to thank…
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Wolves now with Fortnite

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Fortnite is a massive phenomenon  that keeps growing and takes the first few steps into the world of esports. We want to be a part of that and picked up a German Fortnite team that is going to represent Wolves eSports starting today! While the Summer Skirmish, the official tournament…
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Wolves enters Quake

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We're happy to announce our entry into the competitive Quake scene with the addition of two swedish players to the Wolves family! Arena shooters have been a part of esports for a long, long time and some of us closely followed those games over the years. While looking for new…
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