Server Issues – Website set back 3 months

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Sometimes technology is not working as intended. We've seen that since yesterday as we, unfortunately, had to roll back our website to a backup from the end of June.This was caused by a defective Virtual Hard Drive.We will be bringing back the website to its updated status over the next…
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Hello, Shootmania

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Today we announce our entry into the Shootmania scene by picking up a team that will represent Wolves Esports in all future tournaments and leagues. We've known about Shootmania since it was released but never entered the scene until now. While looking for options outside of the main esports titles…
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Entering Trackmania

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We're happy to finally announce our Wolves Esports Trackmania team! The team has been assembled some time ago and we are now at the point where we can happily announce the team. This is our second time within the Trackmania scene and the last time was several years ago with…
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Pokemon VGC Team Expansion

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Recently, we've announced 5 additions to the Wolves Esports Pokemon VGC team, expanding the team to a total of six players and making sure that Ben Wood isn't the only VGC player represent Wolves anymore The thought process behind this decision was to create a team of players from different…
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Brawlhalla Roster Update

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Some time has passed since the official announcements of our Brawlhalla team expansion but we still wanted to introduce the new players of Wolves Esports on our website as well. This marks the first time we've expanded to Asia and is only the beginning of our efforts on the Asian…
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