Season Review: Realm Royale Champions

Realm Royale | No Comments
Wolves Esports Realm Royale team has won the inaugural season of the "Realm Royale Champions". This is our short season review. Roughly two weeks before the season was meant to start we were approached and asked if we wanted to build a team and compete. After a short discussion we…
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Season Review: DeSBL Ultimate League #9

Rainbow Six | No Comments
Flawless. Perfect season. These are the exact three words we started last season's recap about our Rainbow Six: Siege team in the DeSBL Advanced League. Today, these are the exact words we start off our recap of the DeSBL Ultimate League. Imagine this:You are a team in the DeSBL and…
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A New Beginning – CS:GO

Counter-Strike | No Comments
We're extremely happy to finally present our new German Counterstrike: Global Offensive team! After the split between us and the old CS:GO team, there were two options for us when it comes to German Counterstrike for the upcoming season. Either skipping a season, or picking up the team built by…
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Welcome, League of Legends!

League of Legends | No Comments
Wolves Esports is happy to announce a new League of Legends team joining the family. In the last couple of years League of Legends was absent in our range of teams and games, although we've always had an eye on the game and decided to pull the trigger in 2020.…
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eXz-Hosting back as a sponsor

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Today, we welcome back eXz-Hosting as a sponsor of Wolves Esports. We've teamed up with eXz-Hosting in the past and after our previous term ended, there always has been contact. This new engagement will help us through the the tough times the world is facing at the moment with the…
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