Wolves is recruiting

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Yes, it's true. We are recruiting! Requirements for each game can be found below. Please note that we do not wish to receive requests from single players in team games. If you are NOT in a fully functioning team, please do not apply for team games. In case your game…
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Time for 99Damage – Season 15

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The new 99Damage Liga season is upon us! Season 15 of the league is starting today for our Counterstrike team. With the ESEA season coming to an end, bar the playoffs, it's perfect timing. Season 15 of the 99Damage Liga features 1446 teams in 7 Divisions (1-6 + Starter Division).…
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Prime League Summer Split 2020

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After the calibration phase for the Prime League Summer Split 2020 was postponed for a week due to technical issues it has been played out last Sunday. With a potential chance to grab one of the sought after Division 2 spots available over 600 teams participated in the 6 stage…
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Season Review: Realm Royale Champions

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Wolves Esports Realm Royale team has won the inaugural season of the "Realm Royale Champions". This is our short season review. Roughly two weeks before the season was meant to start we were approached and asked if we wanted to build a team and compete. After a short discussion we…
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Season Review: DeSBL Ultimate League #9

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Flawless. Perfect season. These are the exact three words we started last season's recap about our Rainbow Six: Siege team in the DeSBL Advanced League. Today, these are the exact words we start off our recap of the DeSBL Ultimate League. Imagine this:You are a team in the DeSBL and…
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