FIFA Pro Clubs is back

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A few years after our last engagement in the Pro Clubs scene, Wolves Esports is happy to announce our new FIFA Pro Clubs team!The team, formerly known as Teamgeist CF, is actively playing and competing in Divisions 1 of the German ProClubs league and the German Virtual Pro Gaming league.…
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Return to European Counterstrike

Counter-Strike | No Comments
Today, we are excited to announce our return to Counterstrike and our return with a European team. It has been a while since Wolves Esports fielded a non-German CS:GO team but that changes right now!We have been on the lookout for a new team for some time now and concentrated…
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New Rainbow Six Team

Rainbow Six | No Comments
Today we officially announce our new Rainbow Six Siege team! This obviously means Rainbow Six is back at Wolves Esports and we are looking forward to what we can achieve with the team in the future. The team will be representing Wolves in various leagues and tournaments from now on…
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The Howl 2021 – Pokemon

Pokemon | No Comments
A new Howl is here! With the new Pokemon season starting in September we decided to ask some question to Christian Fontenot, one of our Pokemon Trading Card Game players, as well as Benjamin Wood, our Pokemon Video Game Championship player. Here's what they have to say about Pokemon and…
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The Howl – Foxy

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We are back with another Howl! This time, we are not talking to one of our teams or player, but to our streamer Emily "Foxy" A.! --- Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. For those who don't know you, please tell us a few things about…
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