After our last DotA 2 team disbanded for various reasons it’s time for Wolves eSports to get back into the DotA 2 scene.

We are happy to announce that former team Aviato joins the Wolves family! While still being a relatively new team they already managed to win a Go4DotA 2 Europe cup and achieved another 3rd place finish in the next one. Picking up this team means a lot to us as we are finally back in the MOBA scene and we believe that we can go a long way with this team. Their first official appearance for Wolves eSports is going to be today’s ESL Go4DotA 2.

Lineup Wolves eSports.DotA2:
Asger “HSSLNG” H.
Arvid “Slippie” K.
Juri “bpnp” W.
Jonas “Saberlight” V.
Aggalos “I_Can’t_Take_It” T.

Statement Wolves eSports.DotA2:
“”We as ex-Aviato are happy to announce our partnership with Wolves eSports. Just under a month ago we gathered under a common goal to improve and progress our ability in game as well as outside; to improve as a team as well as individually. While we are still a young team with much to learn, in our short timespan of playtime, we have achieved promising results in minor tournaments as well as in practice. Our motivation to play and conquer results is greater than ever and with latest addition to the team in form of Coach Steve we’re excited to see what the future may hold!”

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