It’s time for another Howl! This time we talk Vainglory and other things with our Vainglory boys Alexander “Keygasza” Rudolph and Sebastian “Chrysior” Lautenbach. We talked about the new 5v5 mode of Vainglory, what kind of game they would develop and what hero they hate the most. Let’s get into it!

Hello guys, as usual we start with the introduction of who you are. So please go ahead!
Chrysior: Hey, I’m Sebastian „Chrysior“ Lautenbach. Im 16 years old and I live in Germany. I am the main support player for Wolves‘ Vainglory team.

Keygasza: Hi, my name is Alexander Rudolph or Keygasza. I live in Hamm, Germany. There are two things in my life that are important to me – football and gaming. I’m a competitive person by nature and love to dismantle opponents that are a lot stronger on paper by playing mindgames.

Chrysior, you  went to the DreamHack Leipzig, met some other Wolves and got to play Vainglory in a 5v5 show match on stage. How was it?
Chrysior: The Dreamhack in Leipzig was the first ever gaming event I attended. Meeting some of the Wolves there and hanging out together was great. In addition, getting my hands on Vainglory’s brand new 5v5 gamemode on the event stage and playing together with Sn1x in front of a huge audience was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

Next question goes to Keygasza – What was it like to be a part of FNATIC?
Keygasza: It was an important experience for me and I was able take in the atmosphere on stage as well as getting to see a lot of the world. Also, getting an insight into how a premier esports organisation works was pretty informative. Another memorable experience was the bootcamp in Los Angeles. All that showed me that I want to be in gaming and esports and that I belong here.

What are your opinions and expectations of the new 5v5 mode of Vainglory?
Chrysior: Vainglory 5v5 is something I have been waiting for since early 2017 and I’m very happy that it’s finally out. Now, after about one month full of scrims I’ve slowly found out how the mode works and I’m honestly impressed. It provides a way deeper strategical depth than the 3v3 mode and perfectly combines mechanical skill cap with macroplay. I think the 5v5 mode will become the main game mode for Vainglory in the future, both for casual and competitive play. It is great already and I see a lot of potential in it.

Keygasza: I think that the 5v5 mode is still at the very beginning but has a lot of potential. Since I already have a lot of experience in other MOBA games (DotA2, LoL, HotS etc.) that are being played 5v5 I believe that, if we work hard enough, can build an early advantage that could mean we are one of the winners of the change so I’m pretty confident looking forward.

Looking at the future, what are your wishes when it comes to the team and Vainglory in general?
Chrysior: I hope many new people will get to know Vainglory and how fun it is. With a growing playerbase there will also be a growing esports scene and thats obviously what I wish for the future.

Keygasza: My biggest wish for Vainglory is a better organisation and transparency when it comes to leagues, tournaments and the game itself and that the competitive scene is becoming more successful. Talking about the team, I hope that we’ll be able to take the step from being a semi-pro team to becoming a pro team, especially with the change to 5v5. I’m confident we can achieve it if we continue the way we are on right now.

What are your favourite and most hated heroes in the game?
Chrysior: My favorite hero is definitley Lance. He is a strong captain that provides tons of crowd control for his team. The hero I hate the most is Reza. He is easy to play and still does insane damage.

Keygasza: Most hated is definitely Alpha. A hero with a minimal skill cap shouldn’t be one of the top damage dealers in the game. My all-time favourite has to be Idris as he is a perfect example of “easy to play, hard to master” and his outplay potential gives me exactly what I look for in a hero.

If you wouldn’t be able to play Vainglory or any other MOBA game anymore, what would you play and why?
Chrysior: I would propably start playing a battle royale game like PUBG. Although I haven’t played much of it yet, I’m a huge fan of its esport scene and it seems to be pretty fun.

Keygasza: To relax I prefer games like Borderlands, Age of Empires or roguelike indie games. To satisfy my competitve need I’d most likely go back to FPS games as the tactical component in higher skill ranges fits me a lot.

Imagine you are game developers and could develop the game of your dreams – What would it look like?
Chrysior: A game developed by myself would be a strategic type of game with a high skillcap. Maybe a 1st person – 2 Lanes MOBA?

Keygasza: If I were to develop a game.. most likely a technical roguelike.

Which game is a “must-play” for everyone?
Chrysior: Of course everyone should give Vainglory a try, but also GTA5 is one of those games everyone should have played already.

Keygasza: Borderlands and Binding of Isaac.

If you are not playing games, what are you doing?
Chrysior: Apart from gaming I mostly focus on school stuff, but I also like playing clarinet, watching movies and hanging out with friends.

Keygasza: Football and bad jokes.

We’re done with the questions and now it’s your turn to say some things!
Chrysior: I hope for a nice time in the future with Wolves. Our roster is doing great so far and I’m looking forward to competing with them in the Vainglory esport scene.

Keygasza: I can’t wait to wear the Wolves jersey on big stages. Remember my name, you’ll see it again.

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