Today, we are announcing the new Wolves eSports Vainglory lineup participating in the upcoming leagues and tournaments.

Vainglory has been in off-season mode for quite some time and with the switch from 3v3 to 5v5 as the main competitive gamemode we knew that our team would change a bit going forward. With the uncertainty of how Vainglory is going to continue in esports it took quite some time to figure out what’s going to happen with the team. In the end, we are more than happy with out it turned out and today we’d like to introduce the team that is going to represent Wolves eSports from now on.

While we are keeping our current players Alexander “Keygasza” R., Sebastian “Chrysior” L., Oliver “KingPaprika” R., and Adrian “Asero1d” S., we also add Sim “Simmmy” S. and Yason “Sosiska” P.

Last but not least, we have three former members of G2 Esports joining Wolves – David “DarkPotato” S., Tim “Reddix” S., and Timo “D1ngo” T., who is going to be the Team-Manager.

Lineup Wolves eSports Vainglory:
Timo “D1ngo” T. (Team-Manager)
Alexander “Keygasza” R.
Sebastian “Chrysior” L.
Oliver “KingPaprika” R.
Sim “Simmmy” S.
Yason “Sosiska” P.
David “DarkPotato” S. (Substitute)
Tim “Reddix” S. (Substitute)
Adrian “Asero1d” S. (Substitute)

Stay tuned for more Vainglory news and announcements in the near future!

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