We’re taking part in the Vainglory Premier League Preseason Invitational starting this Saturday!

After we announced our new Vainglory roster a couple of days ago, we can now say that we are one of the 6 European teams to play the VPL Preseason Invitational Europe which is starting on Saturday, April 14th and concludes on Sunday, May 13th. During these 5 weeks the teams will face each other twice in a round robin leading up to the first split of the Vainglory Premier League. Matches during Preseason will be played in a Best of 1.

Each Saturday and Sunday, 3 matches of Europe and North America will be streamed on the official Vainglory stream on Twitch.tv!

The 6 European Teams:
Wolves eSports    
• Team Queso
• Qlash
• Rising Lotus
• Equinox Esports
• SaltyPotatoes

The 8 North American Teams:
• Team SoloMid
• Rogue
• Nova Esports
• Hammers Esports
• Tribe
• Vision Gaming
• Tilt Rehab
• Slimy Salamanders


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