We’re extremely happy to finally present our new German Counterstrike: Global Offensive team!

After the split between us and the old CS:GO team, there were two options for us when it comes to German Counterstrike for the upcoming season. Either skipping a season, or picking up the team built by Niklas “sIKK.” Welk and Jonas “mülleR” Müller, trusting their abilities to form a strong team.

Those two players have been with Wolves Esports in the past and have become close friends of Wolves. With them, we knew what kind of team to expect and are now looking forward to see the roster in action soon.

Apart from the 99Damage Liga, the team will also play in the ESEA Open, aiming for promotion.

Wolves Esports.CSGO:
Niklas “sIKK.” Welk
Jonas “mülleR” Müller
Dennis “aimyo” Breuer
Nico “niiso” Soboll
Julian “sjN” Feth

Statement Niklas “sIKK.” Welk:
After a rather unsuccessful season last year our old team disbanded. mülleR and I thought about quitting Counterstrike for some time but in the end we couldn’t let it go. We continued to play a lot and regained our lost passion and felt the urge to compete ourselves again. Nearly a year later, we continue our journey and there is no better place for it than our old and new home – Wolves Esports.

The team is excited and ready for the upcoming season in which we aim for the 2nd Division of the 99Damage Liga, as well as going through ESEA Open to qualify for either ESEA Intermediate or even Main.