eXz-Hosting back as a sponsor

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Today, we welcome back eXz-Hosting as a sponsor of Wolves Esports.

We’ve teamed up with eXz-Hosting in the past and after our previous term ended, there always has been contact. This new engagement will help us through the the tough times the world is facing at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic and furthermore allows us to take a step forwards with Wolves.

About eXz-Hosting:
eXz-Hosting is a German company that was founded in May 2014 and concentrates on providing high quality hosting services for affordable prices. Among their services eXz-Hosting offers domain registration services, Webspace and dedicated servers.

Website: www.exz-hosting.de
Facebook: eXz-Hosting.de
Twitter: @eXzHosting


Entering Realm Royale

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Yes, you’ve read that right. Wolves Esports enters Realm Royale and is a founding member of the new league “Realm Royale Champions“.

This new league features 20 esports organisationsations from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland who build their teams to battle it out in squads of three. The first season of the league lasts 4 weeks with one matchday per week and three matches per matchday. The matches will be streamed live on Twitch.tv and the whole operation will be supported by Hi-Rez.

After being invited to join the league, we quickly decided to accept as we historically have tried to support the smaller, lesser known games and communities in esports, a result from our past as players within the Battlefield scene from 2004 on.

During the last few days, we’ve been trying to reach out to players of the game and have finally found the first three players that will represent Wolves Esports in this new league.

Lineup Wolves Esports Realm Royale:
Patrick “Lieblingsmensch” T.
Eddi “edding” K.
Vasya “kolemins” Lobchenko

List of teams competing:
Wolves Esports
Playing Ducks
Team Vertex
TKA E-Sports
UX Gaming
Recast Gaming
plan-B esports

Turtle eSport
Stage5 Gaming
Mercury eSports
eSport Rhein-Neckar
WarkidZ E-Sports

Once there are more information we can share, we will post updates on our social media channels. Apart from that, we are still looking for one or two more players from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland capable of the English league to join our team as substitutes.


Starting engines for the Svenska Raketligan

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The Wolves Esports Rocket League team starts their engines as they enter the Svenska Raketligan!

Exciting Rocket League action awaits us week in week out as the start of the new season finally has come. After unfortunate qualifiers for Division 3, our team has to start their journey in Division 4 and the boys have to prove themselves for the first time today.

The team has to play 9 matches in 7 weeks during the regular season and aims for the top spot at the end of it, which is the only placement that would allow the team to move up into Division 3.

Week 1 – Wolves Esports vs TT-Gaming (25.03.20 – 20:30 CET)
Week 2 – Wolves Esports vs Squarebox
Week 2 – Wolves Esports vs Visual Gaming
Week 3 – Wolves Esports vs Meeheecans
Week 4 – Wolves Esports vs The Burned 3
Week 5 – Wolves Esports vs Straight outta Sala
Week 5 – Wolves Esports vs VapidGaming
Week 6 – Wolves Esports vs RaketForSkarna
Week 7 – Wolves Esports vs Rookie Bots


Wolves Esports now a company

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Exciting news for Wolves Esports as we are now a company, pushing the development of Wolves further than ever before!

Ever since we decided to take Wolves more serious and approached it with a professional mindset and set the goals we always have been striving for, we wanted to create a company when the time is right. That time, is right now.

From today on, Wolves Esports will be legally represented by the Howling Media UG, which will become a major partner. The people behind the Howling Media UG are the same that run Wolves Esports. This will allow us to push more aggressively when it comes to reaching our goals and will benefit our teams and players longterm. We have more things planned for Wolves Esports in the future and will share them as soon as we feel confident enough to share them with you. All we can say so far is that it’s going to be great!

Apart from the purpose of being the company behind Wolves Esports, the Howling Media UG will also provide several services to companies and individuals not affiliated with Wolves. These include event photography for LANs and esports related events, social media and stream designs, as well as esports consultancy for companies interested in entering esports and individuals looking to create and run their own esports teams.

Check out the Howling Media UG:
Website: http://howling-media.eu/
Twitter: @HowlingMediaUG
Discord: Howling Media UG


Apex Legends return

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With the announcement of the Apex Global Series, Apex has become a more interesting title to us and we’re happy to announce the return of the game at Wolves Esports!

Joining us is a Swedish team that recently reached Round 5 out of 6 in the first European Apex Global Series qualifier. The players have known each other for ages and first started playing together with the release of Apex Legends a year ago.

With the next Global Series qualifiers coming up, the team already has their goals set and wants to repeat their fantastic performance from the qualifier and aim to push it even further. Apart from that, they will participate in further tournaments and cups if they arise and fit the team’s schedule.

Lineup Wolves Esports.Apex:
Christopher “Legend Graham” Graham
Marcus “Mickey” Lindberg
Anton “Pitki” Vähäjylkkä

Statement Wolves Esports.Apex:
First of all we want to thank Wolves Esports for the opportunity! They are a really good group of people and have a good understanding where esports is heading in the future and we are happy to be onboard. We want to change esports and how the perception of esports is from the “outside” and we really feel that we share the same goals as the Wolves. You will see us in all the upcoming upcoming Apex Legends Global Series tournaments! We came a little bit short at the first online qualifier as semis finalists, but we’ll get it next time. You will see us in scrims every night as well. Our goal is to thrive to be the best individuals that we can be, outside and in the game. We want to stay loyal and honest, so you will see the same trio around for a long, long time. Now, let’s change the game – #KeepHowling

Wolves enters Brawlhalla

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After we have looked into the scene quite some time ago, we have finally pulled the trigger and picked up our first Brawlhalla player and enter the scene!

We’re happy to announce that Daniel “TheNinja729” B. joins Wolves Esports as our first official Brawlhalla player. Some of his bigger achievements include a first place at the Brawlhalla 2v2 Autumn Championship 2019, a 3rd place at the 1v1 Spring Championship 2019, as well as a 4th place at the 1v1 Summer Championship. In the current EU 1v1 Powerrranking, he is within the Top 15.

Together with him, we are looking to build a fantastic team of players that will represent Wolves Esports in Brawlhalla, meaning Daniel is just the first step of many. We are already looking at events further down the line in 2020 but the first official appearance for our new Brawlhalla player will be the Winter Championship 2020, which starts on February 23rd.

Exciting times ahead and we can’t wait for a new journey in a new game to start!


99Damage Liga – Season 14

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The 14th season of the 99Damage Liga starts soon! The registration period is over, the groups have been created and Wolves Esports.CSGO finds themselves in Division 3.10 to kick-off their first Division 3 season.

As a newly promoted team, it was a given that the first season in Division 3 will be tough and a first glance at our upcoming opponents seems to confirm this. However, the team is practicing a lot and prepares for the new challenge that awaits them and both the team and Wolves Esports are excited to see how the new season unfolds.

99Liga Division 3.10 – Teams:
Wolves Esports
afroninjas by bricktops.de
IPhone XII

99Liga Division 3 – Matchdays:
Matchday 1: 10.02. – 16.02.
Matchday 2: 17.02. – 23.02.
Matchday 3: 24.02. – 01.03.
Matchday 4: 02.03. – 08.03.
Matchday 5: 09.03. – 15.03.
Matchday 6: 16.03. – 22.03.
Matchday 7: 23.03. – 29.03.
Playoffs Div 2-3: 18.04. – 20.04.
Playoffs Div 3-4: 18.04 – 20.04.


Season Review: DeSBL Advanced League B #8

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Flawless. Perfect season. There are many things to say about the season our Rainbow Six: Siege team just played in the DeSBL and we will talk about it in this season review.

The team just prior to this season was promoted to the Advanced League B, which forms the second highest league for R6S together with the Advanced League A in the current DeSBL system. Upon joining, the team said that qualifying for the first division, the Ultimate League, was certainly the goal. A season later, they already achieved it with a flawless record of 7 wins in 7 matches – a perfect season by score.

Matchday 1:
Wolves Esports vs Hypnotic Seals – 2:0

Matchday 2:
Wolves Esports vs V1CTORY Esports – 2:0

Matchday 3:
Wolves Esports vs BAT Noctula – 2:0

Matchday 4:
Wolves Esports vs Playing Ducks – 2:0

Matchday 5:
Wolves Esports vs InGenious – 2:0

Matchday 6:
Wolves Esports vs Academy Fraternity – 2:0

Matchday 7:
Wolves Esports vs REH Gaming – 2:0

Season Statement Wolves Esports R6:

Our Advanced legue season was off to a rocky start as we went to overtime against Hypnotic Seals on both maps in pretty hard fought victories. Our communication was not yet on point and it was clear that we had a lot to improve with the new lineup. However, it went better the next week. We were able to defeat V1CTORY Esports with two different map experiences. The first one was a close win, the second one a dominating win. That showed us that our communication has gotten better and that the new strats were holding up, leading to more confidence in our gameplay overall.

That confidence has led to two one-sided maps against BAT Noctula, as well as against the Playing Ducks, formerly vaceGaming Pro-Team Black. The match against the now-Ducks has shown that our ability to simply outfrag our opponents can help us a lot. It was clear to us that if we were able to combine our fragging ability with clear comms, it could lead to a fantastic season.

The next match against InGenious was a strange one as we were only able to play and win the first map, but were stopped by ongoing server issues, resulting in a map two delayed by multiple days. During map one, our so far great communication went downhill and it has become a pretty close call. Map 2 however, was a good performance with decent comms and excellent execution of strategies.

The penultimate match against Fraternity Academy went smooth with two fast maps. The last match of the season against REH Gaming was a season highlight for us as the match would be streamed live. Going into the match, there was a bit of overconfidence which led to some careless mistakes, nearly allowing our opponents a comeback on the second map.

In the end, we have to say the season couldn’t have gone any better for us. It has shown that we always have to be on point and have to continuously work hard to improve and become an even better team. Now that we have reached the goal of qualifying for the Ultimate League, we jump straight into preparations for the new season. New strats, new calls, bigger map pool. We are extremely exciting to play in the Ultimate League and can’t wait for it to start!


Recap 2019

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Another 12 months have passed, another 12 months under the belt for Wolves eSports. This is our 2019 recap.

It’s been an eventful year. We have been at DreamHack Leipzig 2019 with our former CSGO team in February. A fantastic experience with fantastic people we now call friends.

In March, we welcomed Apex Legends as a new game at Wolves eSports but also had to say goodbye to Fortnite, a game that never really took off for us. Wolves eSports CSGO started their 99Damage Liga season with the goal to finally make it to Division 2, which we unfortunately did not achieve.

During the next few months we have come back to Rainbow Six: Siege, had several roster and lineup changes in other games, have seen teams leave and rebuild. Our CSGO rebuild for Season 13 of the 99Damage Liga and ESEA Intermediate happened to be cursed however. Plenty of matches with stand-ins due to rules never allowed the team to pop off and ultimately ended in a disbanded team.

The second half of the year turned out to be the more enjoyable one. More success, more good news.

In August, we revived our Overwatch team who then moved on to play the best Open Division Season we have had so far here at Wolves. The new Rainbow Six team rocks the DeSBL Advanced League so far, we finally ventured into Rocket League for the first time and we welcomed two new partners in XOOSE and Skybox.

In December, we picked up a promising Counterstrike team again and can’t wait for them to pick up the action next year.

Our overall ambitions and plans for 2020 are coming along and in just a few days we will continue our grind to make Wolves eSports the best it can be.

From our side, a huge thank you to all of our current and former players for the ride we shared in 2019. Another thank you goes out to our partners and sponsors, current and former.

Thank you for 2019. Let’s make 2020 even better!


Return to Counterstrike

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After an unfortunate last Counterstrike season in both ESEA and the 99Damage Liga, we are happy to announce our new German team and our return to Counterstrike.

From today on, the team formerly known as “Floppy Esports” will represent Wolves eSports in the 99Damage Liga as well as the ESEA. The team just recently was promoted into Division 3 of the 99Damage Liga and ESEA Intermediate. They are looking to establish themselves there during the next season.

The signing of this team is the start of an hopefully successful longterm partnership in which Wolves aims to develop the team over a longer period of time and to get them into a positions where they are able to challenge the playoff spots in Division 3. The decision to go for a newly promoted team is a change of pace for us but we are confident that is has been the right decision for Wolves eSports in regards to the 99Damage Liga and the German Counterstrike scene.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO:
Niklas “Nikelele” Scherer
Jan “MRLooPS” Strohscheer
Lukas “kLaus” Scherer
Manuel “Kyubi” Krug
Philipp “fill” Müller

Statement Wolves eSports.CSGO:
“We are happy that we are able to represent Wolves eSports in the 99Damage Liga and in the ESEA from today on. After our promotions to Division 3 and ESEA Intermediate the goals are first and foremost acclimatation and staying in these new divisions.

Thinking longterm, we aim towards participation in the Div 2-3 promotion tournament of the 99Damage Liga and as the ultimate goal promotion into Division 2.”

Preparations for the new seasons start soon and we hope to make good use of the time we have before we jump into official competition.