League of Legends Roster Update

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The new Prime League season is nearly upon us and we are finally presenting our updated roster going forward.

After a 4th place in last season’s Division 3 group, the team decided to up the ante which then resulted in two new starting roster additions due to an increase in practice days. The goal for next season is clear: Show improvements compared to last season and at least challenge for the playoff spots.

Roster Wolves Esports.LoL:
Jakob “InSahne” Kachler (Toplane)
Danien “Shukori” Duong Van (Jungle)
Daniel “Dan” Becker (Midlane)
David “Bella Ciao” Schäper (Botlane)
Stella “solar” Gottfried (Support)
Hannes “Hannessy” Sander (Substitute)
Kolya “Bettchiller” Schlicht (Substitute)
Justin “Orian” Bruder (Substitute)

Frederik “Mesz” Jensen (Headcoach)
Chris “Ceezer” Groß ( Team Manager)
Peter “Ta1rasha” Koppelstetter (Assistant Coach)
Marvin “SHINlGAMI” Rußwurm (Mental Coach)


Wolves is recruiting

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Yes, it’s true. We are recruiting!

Requirements for each game can be found below. Please note that we do not wish to receive requests from single players in team games. If you are NOT in a fully functioning team, please do not apply for team games.

In case your game is not listed below, feel free to apply anyway. We are open for new ideas and games.

We are looking for teams in the following games:

Counterstrike: Global Offensive (EU)
– 18 years or older
– European based team
– Consistent lineup (4 months +)

– ESEA Intermediate or higher (Open only with proven track record)
– EU tournaments and qualifiers
– Bonus: National league if available

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (EU)
– 18 years or older
– Consistent lineup (3 months +)

– PCS Open
– National league if available

DotA 2 (EU)
– 18 years or older
– Consistent lineup (3 months +)

– Open Qualifiers
– Tournaments & cups
– National league if available

Call of Duty ( EU / PS4)
– 18 years or older
– Consistent lineup (3 months +)
– Goal: Improving as a team, sticking together

Please no teams for just one event.

Trackmania (EU)
– 16 years or older
– Experience and track record in former TM or other racing games
– Able to compete in the TM Open Grand League

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (EU)
– 16 years or older
– Decent results in the past (Top 10’s in 50+ player tournaments)

To apply: DM us on Twitter or send an email to andre@wolves-esports.com / patrick@wolves-esports.com and include all relevant information about you and your team (who are you? where are you from? what are the goals?), as well as team profiles on league websites you participate in.


Time for 99Damage – Season 15

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The new 99Damage Liga season is upon us! Season 15 of the league is starting today for our Counterstrike team. With the ESEA season coming to an end, bar the playoffs, it’s perfect timing.

Season 15 of the 99Damage Liga features 1446 teams in 7 Divisions (1-6 + Starter Division).

With our start in Division 3.5, the goal for this season is to constantly improve and aim for at least the playoffs. While there are some threats in the group, the team is confident that they will achieve the set goals.

Overview 99Liga Division 3.5:
Wolves Esports
Babos Gaming
Quickplay eSports – Grey
Vicious and Evil
CS Polizei
Teamname kommt

Overview Matchdays:
Matchday 1 – Vicious and Evil
Matchday 2 – Teamname kommt
Matchday 3 – CS Polizei
Matchday 4 – Babos Gaming
Matchday 5 – ONEUP
Matchday 6 – Quickplay eSports – Grey
Matchday 7 – NoNamers


Prime League Summer Split 2020

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After the calibration phase for the Prime League Summer Split 2020 was postponed for a week due to technical issues it has been played out last Sunday.

With a potential chance to grab one of the sought after Division 2 spots available over 600 teams participated in the 6 stage Swiss tournament. Our new League of Legends team finished the calibration phase with a match score of 5-1 and remain in Division 3.

Due to a change of the number of groups in Division 2, the upcoming split for the 3rd Division will be a tough one as there are quite a few teams around that easily have the potential to play in Division 2 or higher.

Our team will compete in Division 3.5:
Wolves Esports
Team Orange Gaming Flying
Tactical Gaming Senna
Triple S eSports
Team Pater JuleZ
Divinity Esports

Matchday 1: Wolves vs Team Pater JuleZ
Matchday 2: Wolves vs Team Orange Gaming Flying
Matchday 3: Wolves vs AGT
Matchday 4: Wolves vs Tactical Gaming Senna
Matchday 5: Wolves vs Divinity Esports
Matchday 6: Wolves vs 11HOODS
Matchday 7: Wolves vs Triple S eSports

With the Division and our schedule set, we are ready for some great matches and hope that the team achieves their set goals for this split.


Season Review: Realm Royale Champions

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Wolves Esports Realm Royale team has won the inaugural season of the “Realm Royale Champions“. This is our short season review.

Roughly two weeks before the season was meant to start we were approached and asked if we wanted to build a team and compete. After a short discussion we agreed and started to scout the active Realm Royale scene. Not much time past and we found the three core players to start the season with.

Week 1:
The first match of the season ended on a 9th place with 7 kills after the team fell victim to a third party attacking from behind during a fight. A few more seconds would have been enough to take care of the team we were in a fight with and heal before the third team arrived.

Match 2 has seen the first win of the season coming in with 18 kills, dominating the opposition throughout the game. The third and last match of the week resulted in another victory and 15 more kills. At the end of day 1 we claimed the top spot in the leaderboards, 7 points ahead of TKA E-Sports.

Week 2:
The team was not able to replicate the performance from Week 1 and scored just 40 points compared the 61 in the week prior. Match 1 ended on a 6th place with 11 kills, Match 2 on place 5 with 9 kills. Match 3 was the only one this week the team managed to claim a top 3 placement with a third place and 4 kills. After 50% of the season games played, the boys were now 26 points behind TKA who had a stellar performance with a 73 points week.

Week 3:
When just looking at the placements, week 3 was more successful than week 2 with a 1st place in game 1, a 7th place in game 2, and a 2nd place in game 3. However, with 7, 2, and 9 kills in those matches we ended up on 39 points for the week, the same as TKA who remained on top of the leaderboard with a 26 point lead ahead of us.

Week 4:
Game 1 started off fantastic as the Wolves decided to drop near TKA and managed to kill 2 out of 3 players early on. While TKA managed to revive their players during the match, this fight has set the tone for all 3 games. TKA went out before earning any placement points and just 1 kill in the first game, whil we claimed our third win of the season with 13 kills, closing the gap down to 4 points from 26 after just one game. Game 2 saw another clash between Wolves and TKA and the result was the same as in the first game. With the opponent in the fight for the championship out of the way, our team won their second match of the day with 14 kills again. Now in the lead, the team was quite confident they can secure the title in the last game and after TKA went out with just 5 kills and no placement points it was clear that Wolves Esports is the winner of the first season. Ultimately, the team als won the third game of the day with 10 kills, accounting for a 67 points week.

Top 3 of the Realm Royale Champions:
1st Place – Wolves Esports – 207 Points
2nd Place – TKA E-Sports – 173 Points
3rd Place – Playing Ducks – 145 Points

We’re extremely happy that our scouting and the decision to trust our team captain Patrick “GØDLÏK€” T. to build a winning team turned out to be the right one and we are already looking forward to defend our title in Season 2 of the Realm Royale Champions in a few weeks time!


Season Review: DeSBL Ultimate League #9

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Flawless. Perfect season.

These are the exact three words we started last season’s recap about our Rainbow Six: Siege team in the DeSBL Advanced League. Today, these are the exact words we start off our recap of the DeSBL Ultimate League.

Imagine this:
You are a team in the DeSBL and play Siege. During season 7, you are in one of the Rookie Leagues. You go 13-1 and qualify for the Advanced League in Season 8. There, you win 7 out of 7 matches for a flawless season, qualifying for the Ultimate League in Season 9. Stronger opponents, highest league in the DeSBL. What happens next? You rock the league, go on to win it first try. 7 out of 7. Flawless.

Matchday 1:
Wolves Esports vs XPERIENCE – 2:0

Matchday 3:
Wolves Esports vs Team Fraternity – 2:0

Matchday 5:
Wolves Esports vs Mantis LFO – 2:0

Matchday 7:
Wolves Esports vs FACT Gaming – 2:0

Matchday 2:
Wolves Esports vs Bleistifte – 2:0

Matchday 4:
Wolves Esports vs EWAVE ESPORTS – 2:0

Matchday 6:
Wolves Esports vs V1CTORY eSports – 2:0

Recap Statement Wolves Esports.R6:
For us, it has always been a dream to play in the Ultimate League. Now, after two years of ups and downs we managed to do just that. We went into the league with a new player, new strategies and full of hopes and dreams. We have not been disappointed.

During our first match against XPERIENCE we were able to execute our strategies quite well, winning both maps with a 7-1 score and exceeding our own expectations. The first match meant a lot to us as we wanted to prove our worth.

The match against Team Fraternity was the first match that was casted. After a week full of preparations we jumped into the match with respect for our opponents but knew that if we play to our fullest we will win this match. Despite it not being the first time our games were casted we were a little bit nervous. Thanks to our analyst we knew what to expect from Fraternity and dominated the first map, trying to shut down any rotations. With the start of the second map we somehow forgot what to do and managed to force overtime. There, we managed to play decent Siege again and secured the win.

Against EWAVE we won the first map, Kafe, their strongest map. On map two, Villa, we’ve been a bit too confident and allowed them to take away four rounds but secured yet another win.

Against Mantis we played a map we didn’t prepare at all and considering they have been quite strong this season so far, we have to admit we were a little bit scared. Turns out that was not necessary and we won both maps.

During the last match against FACT Gaming Founders Squad we were able to show off our strats showcased that we can also rely on individual performances as FACT Gaming played quite differently to what we have seen before. With two maps going 7-4 in our favor, we concluded the season with 7 wins out of 7 matches.

Our hard work paid off but we are also confident enough to say that there was some luck involved in a few matches. There is still room for improvement and we are coming back next season to defend our title.


A New Beginning – CS:GO

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We’re extremely happy to finally present our new German Counterstrike: Global Offensive team!

After the split between us and the old CS:GO team, there were two options for us when it comes to German Counterstrike for the upcoming season. Either skipping a season, or picking up the team built by Niklas “sIKK.” Welk and Jonas “mülleR” Müller, trusting their abilities to form a strong team.

Those two players have been with Wolves Esports in the past and have become close friends of Wolves. With them, we knew what kind of team to expect and are now looking forward to see the roster in action soon.

Apart from the 99Damage Liga, the team will also play in the ESEA Open, aiming for promotion.

Wolves Esports.CSGO:
Niklas “sIKK.” Welk
Jonas “mülleR” Müller
Dennis “aimyo” Breuer
Nico “niiso” Soboll
Julian “sjN” Feth

Statement Niklas “sIKK.” Welk:
After a rather unsuccessful season last year our old team disbanded. mülleR and I thought about quitting Counterstrike for some time but in the end we couldn’t let it go. We continued to play a lot and regained our lost passion and felt the urge to compete ourselves again. Nearly a year later, we continue our journey and there is no better place for it than our old and new home – Wolves Esports.

The team is excited and ready for the upcoming season in which we aim for the 2nd Division of the 99Damage Liga, as well as going through ESEA Open to qualify for either ESEA Intermediate or even Main.


Welcome, League of Legends!

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Wolves Esports is happy to announce a new League of Legends team joining the family.

In the last couple of years League of Legends was absent in our range of teams and games, although we’ve always had an eye on the game and decided to pull the trigger in 2020.

Please welcome the team formerly known as “Big Kiss Goodnight” as our new Wolves Esports League of Legends team!

The team has beein playing together for some time now and will represent Wolves in the Prime League and other small tournaments and cups. Their last season in the Prime League ended with a third place finish in their Division 3 group. The goal is to qualify for Division 2 and to establish the players within the German speaking League of Legends scene. We believe that the team is capable of doing so as they dedicate a lot of time on improving and bring their own coaching staff to help them out.

Roster Wolves Esports League of Legends:
David “Bella Ciao” Schäper (Botlane)
Kolya “Bettchiller” Schlicht (Support)
Jakob “InSahne” Kachler (Toplane)
Miguel “Phoxie” Pacheco (Midlane)
Justin “Orian” Bruder (Substitute – Midlane)
Dominik “Tydus” Kibbel (Headcoach)
Peter “Ta1rasha” Koppelstetter (Assistant Coach)
Marvin “SHINlGAMI” Rußwurm (Mental Coach)

As the Prime League is currently in off-season, the team is still evaluating player options going forward and is actively looking for a new jungler for the upcoming challenges.

Statement League of Legends team:
“First of all we thank Wolves Esports for the trust they put in our young international team and for the chance to play as their representatives in the esports scene of League of Legends. We started in December 2019 and after some minor roster changes we played in the Prime League. We closed the qualifications 5/1 and almost made it to second Division. After our first split Wolves Esport reached out for us and now we’re looking forward to be part of a well known organisation. Our strong solo laners are shining in every game with their individual playstyle while the botlane seems like an indomitable bulwark. For the improvement of our gameplay, we were lucky to find 2 coaches with much experience that are helping us to reflect and analyze our games. For the communication, motivation and the team spirit we found a Mental Coach that is helping us to grow as a team. With this setup we are highly enthusiastic that we will overcome any obstacle in our way and reach our common goal the 2nd Division of the Prime League in the next Split. A new pack is roaming the Fields of Justice for their prey.”


eXz-Hosting back as a sponsor

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Today, we welcome back eXz-Hosting as a sponsor of Wolves Esports.

We’ve teamed up with eXz-Hosting in the past and after our previous term ended, there always has been contact. This new engagement will help us through the the tough times the world is facing at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic and furthermore allows us to take a step forwards with Wolves.

About eXz-Hosting:
eXz-Hosting is a German company that was founded in May 2014 and concentrates on providing high quality hosting services for affordable prices. Among their services eXz-Hosting offers domain registration services, Webspace and dedicated servers.

Website: www.exz-hosting.de
Facebook: eXz-Hosting.de
Twitter: @eXzHosting


Entering Realm Royale

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Yes, you’ve read that right. Wolves Esports enters Realm Royale and is a founding member of the new league “Realm Royale Champions“.

This new league features 20 esports organisationsations from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland who build their teams to battle it out in squads of three. The first season of the league lasts 4 weeks with one matchday per week and three matches per matchday. The matches will be streamed live on Twitch.tv and the whole operation will be supported by Hi-Rez.

After being invited to join the league, we quickly decided to accept as we historically have tried to support the smaller, lesser known games and communities in esports, a result from our past as players within the Battlefield scene from 2004 on.

During the last few days, we’ve been trying to reach out to players of the game and have finally found the first three players that will represent Wolves Esports in this new league.

Lineup Wolves Esports Realm Royale:
Patrick “Lieblingsmensch” T.
Eddi “edding” K.
Vasya “kolemins” Lobchenko

List of teams competing:
Wolves Esports
Playing Ducks
Team Vertex
TKA E-Sports
UX Gaming
Recast Gaming
plan-B esports

Turtle eSport
Stage5 Gaming
Mercury eSports
eSport Rhein-Neckar
WarkidZ E-Sports

Once there are more information we can share, we will post updates on our social media channels. Apart from that, we are still looking for one or two more players from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland capable of the English league to join our team as substitutes.