We’ve been away from the Counterstrike scene for a bit but we are back!

Today, we welcome our new #WolvesCSGO team that will represent us in the ESL Meisterschaft (formerly known as 99Damage Liga) and in ESEA Intermediate in the upcoming season.

The core of the team has been together for quite some time now and their recent addition is someone who played for us roughy 6 years ago. We are excited to get back to Counterstrike and can’t wait for the new season to start. Let’s start a new chapter of CSGO at Wolves Esports!

Lineup Wolves Esports CSGO:
Carlos “Boun7y” B.
Simon “Clubss” J.
Matin “Jebb” H.
Neal “Neru” R.
Stefan “Holy” F.
Tobias “SnooZjE” P. (Substitute)

Statement #WolvesCSGO:
“We are very excited to join Wolves Esports as a Counterstrike team. The core of the team is playing together for more than two years and knows each other for more than four years. We are going into the next season with Boun7y as our newest addition and can’t wait to start our season preparation. We have set ourselves high goals and plan to achieve relegation in the ESL Meisterschaft – 3rd Division and in the ESEA Intermediate. Let’s play a memorable season.”