Return to European Counterstrike

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Today, we are excited to announce our return to Counterstrike and our return with a European team. It has been a while since Wolves Esports fielded a non-German CS:GO team but that changes right now!

We have been on the lookout for a new team for some time now and concentrated on teams with potential outside of Germany and found a team shooting their way through ESEA Open. Unfortunately, a very strong opponent, who reached the playoff finals, was in their way to directly qualify for ESEA Main. Going forward, the team will play in ESEA Intermediate, in domestic competitions as well as other tournaments and qualifiers. The goals are set and we can’t wait for their first official match.

Without further ado, please welcome our new #WolvesCSGO team!

Lineup Wolves Esports CSGO:
Zsombor “Sc0rchzz” Kocsis
Dominik ”bee-” Fodor
Viktor “cruly” Pávai
Gábor “gbk^” Huszti
Tamás “Zancu” Kiss

Our goal is to support our new Counterstrike team and players on their grind through the ranks of European and domestic competition in the best way possible.

Statement #WolvesCSGO:
“We would like to thank Wolves Esports for the opportunity and for having us. Our goal for the next ESEA season is to get into ESEA Main from Intermediate. In the future, we want to be one of the best teams in Hungary and participate in national tournaments as well as other tournaments. We hope that we can grow together as a team. So stay tuned for our progress!”


Time for 99Damage – Season 15

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The new 99Damage Liga season is upon us! Season 15 of the league is starting today for our Counterstrike team. With the ESEA season coming to an end, bar the playoffs, it’s perfect timing.

Season 15 of the 99Damage Liga features 1446 teams in 7 Divisions (1-6 + Starter Division).

With our start in Division 3.5, the goal for this season is to constantly improve and aim for at least the playoffs. While there are some threats in the group, the team is confident that they will achieve the set goals.

Overview 99Liga Division 3.5:
Wolves Esports
Babos Gaming
Quickplay eSports – Grey
Vicious and Evil
CS Polizei
Teamname kommt

Overview Matchdays:
Matchday 1 – Vicious and Evil
Matchday 2 – Teamname kommt
Matchday 3 – CS Polizei
Matchday 4 – Babos Gaming
Matchday 5 – ONEUP
Matchday 6 – Quickplay eSports – Grey
Matchday 7 – NoNamers


A New Beginning – CS:GO

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We’re extremely happy to finally present our new German Counterstrike: Global Offensive team!

After the split between us and the old CS:GO team, there were two options for us when it comes to German Counterstrike for the upcoming season. Either skipping a season, or picking up the team built by Niklas “sIKK.” Welk and Jonas “mülleR” Müller, trusting their abilities to form a strong team.

Those two players have been with Wolves Esports in the past and have become close friends of Wolves. With them, we knew what kind of team to expect and are now looking forward to see the roster in action soon.

Apart from the 99Damage Liga, the team will also play in the ESEA Open, aiming for promotion.

Wolves Esports.CSGO:
Niklas “sIKK.” Welk
Jonas “mülleR” Müller
Dennis “aimyo” Breuer
Nico “niiso” Soboll
Julian “sjN” Feth

Statement Niklas “sIKK.” Welk:
After a rather unsuccessful season last year our old team disbanded. mülleR and I thought about quitting Counterstrike for some time but in the end we couldn’t let it go. We continued to play a lot and regained our lost passion and felt the urge to compete ourselves again. Nearly a year later, we continue our journey and there is no better place for it than our old and new home – Wolves Esports.

The team is excited and ready for the upcoming season in which we aim for the 2nd Division of the 99Damage Liga, as well as going through ESEA Open to qualify for either ESEA Intermediate or even Main.


99Damage Liga – Season 14

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The 14th season of the 99Damage Liga starts soon! The registration period is over, the groups have been created and Wolves Esports.CSGO finds themselves in Division 3.10 to kick-off their first Division 3 season.

As a newly promoted team, it was a given that the first season in Division 3 will be tough and a first glance at our upcoming opponents seems to confirm this. However, the team is practicing a lot and prepares for the new challenge that awaits them and both the team and Wolves Esports are excited to see how the new season unfolds.

99Liga Division 3.10 – Teams:
Wolves Esports
afroninjas by
IPhone XII

99Liga Division 3 – Matchdays:
Matchday 1: 10.02. – 16.02.
Matchday 2: 17.02. – 23.02.
Matchday 3: 24.02. – 01.03.
Matchday 4: 02.03. – 08.03.
Matchday 5: 09.03. – 15.03.
Matchday 6: 16.03. – 22.03.
Matchday 7: 23.03. – 29.03.
Playoffs Div 2-3: 18.04. – 20.04.
Playoffs Div 3-4: 18.04 – 20.04.


Return to Counterstrike

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After an unfortunate last Counterstrike season in both ESEA and the 99Damage Liga, we are happy to announce our new German team and our return to Counterstrike.

From today on, the team formerly known as “Floppy Esports” will represent Wolves eSports in the 99Damage Liga as well as the ESEA. The team just recently was promoted into Division 3 of the 99Damage Liga and ESEA Intermediate. They are looking to establish themselves there during the next season.

The signing of this team is the start of an hopefully successful longterm partnership in which Wolves aims to develop the team over a longer period of time and to get them into a positions where they are able to challenge the playoff spots in Division 3. The decision to go for a newly promoted team is a change of pace for us but we are confident that is has been the right decision for Wolves eSports in regards to the 99Damage Liga and the German Counterstrike scene.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO:
Niklas “Nikelele” Scherer
Jan “MRLooPS” Strohscheer
Lukas “kLaus” Scherer
Manuel “Kyubi” Krug
Philipp “fill” Müller

Statement Wolves eSports.CSGO:
“We are happy that we are able to represent Wolves eSports in the 99Damage Liga and in the ESEA from today on. After our promotions to Division 3 and ESEA Intermediate the goals are first and foremost acclimatation and staying in these new divisions.

Thinking longterm, we aim towards participation in the Div 2-3 promotion tournament of the 99Damage Liga and as the ultimate goal promotion into Division 2.”

Preparations for the new seasons start soon and we hope to make good use of the time we have before we jump into official competition.


CSGO team disbands

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While we started the ESEA Intermediate and the 99Liga season with a newly built team and high hopes all around, the seasons itself were a rollercoaster of emotions that resulted in the team disbanding and barely finishing the 99Liga season.

The first few games of the ESEA season the team had to play with stand-ins to comply with the rules. However, a couple of forfeit wins meant that these stand-ins had to be used for much longer than we hoped for and the team didn’t get to play with the intended lineup as soon as we anticipated.

A lineup change forced the team to play with another stand-in and the killing blow was dealt by private issues. In the end, it has been a season to forget in which neither the players nor Wolves eSports can be blamed for how it went down. As the team has disbanded and their season ended, we wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

That being said, we are now actively looking for a new Counterstrike team for the next season.
If you and your team are interested in working with us, please reach out to us via:
Twitter (@wolves_esports)
email ( /

– German teams: 99Damage Liga Division 3
– European teams: ESEA Intermediate or higher
– Age 18+
– Consistent lineup (~6 months)
– Appropriate and mature behaviour


99Damage Liga Season 13

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Season 13 of the 99Damage Liga is starting! After an extremely difficult last season we’re eager for the new one and can’t wait for our new team to finally play as the intended 5.

During season 13, the CSGO team will play in Division 3.15, a group where plenty of teams have playoff ambitions which makes for an interesting regular season.

Overview 99Damage Liga Division 3.15:
Wolves eSports
Playing Ducks Academy
Burning Foxes Youngstars
GermanMonkeys eSport e.V.
Hercules eSports

Over the course of the season we aim to improve the overall gameplay and to challenge for the playoff spots.


CSGO team with new roster

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As our old team disbanded after the last ESEA and 99Damage Liga seasons ended, the only remaining member of that team, Danny “FL!NT” Decker, took it upon himself to rebuild the team for Wolves eSports.

We wanted to continue working with whoever would be left from the old team by giving them a chance to rebuild the team here. It quickly showed that FL!NT will be the only one but he was up for the challenge. The shown perseverance and dedication in the early stages of the rebuild have given us something to believe in and we are more than happy to announce the new Wolves eSports CSGO roster:

Lineup Wolves eSports CSGO:
Danny “FL!NT” Decker
David “da1ve” Moritz
Michel “r0me” Borgmann
Luc “ArroW” Oehmke
Manuel “spn” Stefan
Martin “MJS” Sauerländer (Team-Manager & Analyst)

The team will represent Wolves in Division 3 of the upcoming 99Damage Liga season, as well as in the ESEA EU Intermediate division.

Statement Danny “FL!NT” Decker:
“After the old Wolves lineup disbanded, I was able to find four new players that mesh well together. For me personally, chemistry is an important factor within the team and that everyone is committed to working on improving and achieving our goals. Coming together with ArroW, spn, r0me, and da1ve feels like the right move.

MJS is going to support us in two different ways – as a manager and as an analyst.

During our first season, the focus will be on creating a play style, working on our teamwork and building a decent map pool. The goal is to establish ourselves in the German scene and, further down the line, the promotion into Division 2 of the 99Damage Liga.”


CSGO team changes

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We’re sadly in the position where we have to announce that the team in it’s current form will no longer exist after the ongoing 12th season of the 99Damage Liga.

Following a series of events and decisions made by the players, the team will split up once the season is over but continues to play the remaining matches under the Wolves eSports banner. Under normal circumstances we would have kept this private until the end of the season. However, Wolves and the team agreed to go public to allow us for an easier time reaching out to potential candidates to rebuild the team around the remaining players.

With that being said, the German CSGO team is officially looking for:
– Several new players, including an experienced IGL + a deadly main AWP
– Age 18+
– Prior league experience is a must-have
– Able to compete in Division 3 of the 99Damage Liga
– No VAC or League bans

If you are interested, please contact:
Danny “FL!NT” Decker
Steam: FL!NT


Additionally, we are also actively looking for a European CSGO team to represent Wolves eSports in European competition!

What we are looking for:
– Solid roster (no newly formed team)
– Age 18+
– No German lineup
– Active in ESEA Intermediate or higher (or other European competition)
– Activity in national competition a bonus
– Willing to commit to a project longterm
– No VAC or League bans

Note: Please include information about the team and your expectations!

If you and your team are interested, please send us an email to either or or reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook


Kick-off: 99Damage Liga – Season 11

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With the offseason finally over, the Wolves eSports CSGO team jumps into action in the 99Damage Liga again after qualifying for the ESL Meisterschaft Division 3 Playoffs that will be played soon!

Season 11 of the biggest German CSGO league has seen it’s kick-off and our boys start their road to Division 2 today. The goal is clear: After failed attempts to make it in the past, the team wants to make it’s way into Division 2 at the end of Season 11.

The team has been seeded into Division 3.12 and faces 7 other teams on two maps each for a total of 14 maps to be played.

99Liga – Division 3.12
Wolves eSports
Clan of Zabo
Team Kaiserschmarrn & Friends
Save The World

The first match of the season will be tonight at 20:30 CET against ABOVE NORMAL and will be streamed and casted in German on our Twitch channel: