99 Damage Liga – Season 10

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With the ESL Meisterschaft already going on for a few weeks, the second big league in German Counterstrike is about to start soon – the 99 Damage Liga!

Last season, our team managed to grab a spot in the playoffs to Division 2 but unfortunately did not make it happen. With the new season coming up and the groups being released, the playoffs are the goal again!

While the competition in Division 3 is fierce and a lot of great teams fight for a spot in playoffs and ultimately Division 2, we are confident that the last few weeks of hard work and dedication towards improving and refining grant the team a solid foundation to work with. During the 7 weeks of competition, we face one opponent each week on two maps. In the end, the top 2 teams qualify for playoffs, teams placed 3rd-6th stay in Division 3, and teams coming in 7th and 8th are being relegated to Division 4.


99 Damage Liga Season 10 – Division 3.7

Wolves eSports
8BitGaming – Academy
Kartoffelpüree mit Fischstäbchen



Wolves eSports Matches Week 1 – Week 7

Week 1:
incoming vs Wolves eSports

Week 2:
8BitGaming – Academy vs Wolves eSports

Week 3:
Wolves eSports vs myRevenge

Week 4:
Wolves eSports vs FABELWESEN

Week 5:
Wolves eSports vs EPIC-DUDES

Week 6:
EWAVE-ESPORTS vs Wolves eSports

Week 7:
Wolves eSports vs Kartoffelpüree


ESL Meisterschaft Division 3 is back

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The ESL Meisterschaft Division 3 has started a few days ago and our Counterstrike: Global Offensive team heads into the season today with two matches later in the evening!

The ESL Meisterschaft, for short ESLM, is split in three divisions and is limited to teams from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The ESL Meisterschaft Division 3 is being held on the ESEA platform while the ESL itself hosts Division 1 and 2 themselves. Over the next weeks the teams battle it out for a playoff spot for a chance to be promoted into Division 2 and ultimately being one step closer to the highest competition in Germany.

The first two matches for Wolves eSports CSGO will be against sucking5 and ieS Virtual Gaming on de_dust2 and de_overpass respectively. With a record of 10-6 in the last season the team secured a playoffs spot which is the goal for this season as well. Two wins to start into the ESLM Division 3 would be a fantastic start for the Wolves and would put us on a decent way towards achieving said goal.

However, the ESLM is not the only competition that is going into a new season as the 99Damage Liga is starting at the end of the month. The sign-ups close on the 26th of September and the groups will be published shortly after. Wolves CSGO is starting in Division 3 there as well and no matter the teams that are being drawn into our group the goal is to reach the playoffs in the 99Liga as well.


Supreme Masters Recap

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The Supreme Masters in Amriswil, Switzerland have been the first offline event for our CSGO team under the banner of Wolves eSports. A difficult group stage draw with mYinsanity, Lyngby Vikings and fellow Germans Team Sharx meant that the team had be to on-point from the get-go.

Our first match of the double elimination group stage had us face mYinsanity on Inferno. Not getting on the board during the first couple of rounds meant that the Swiss players were able to get into the zone while we unfortunately struggled to find any success on either the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist side as mYinsanity took the map with 16-1. The first elimination matched us with Team Sharx who were overrun 16-2 by Lyngby Vikings in their first match of the tournament. Two maps later, Inferno (16-9) and Cache (16-3), we eliminated Team Sharx from the tournament and guaranteed ourselves another shot at playoffs.

Wolves eSports versus mYinsanity in a best-of-three to determine who continues their tournament journey and who will be eliminated from contention.

Map 1 – Cache
The first map to be played was Cache and it has been a close map throughout all stages. We managed to get slightly ahead and secured map point but failed to convert it as mYinsanity secured themselves overtime. We quickly got to map point once more but our opponents managed to hang on and forced a second overtime. Again, we needed one more round to take the win on map 1 but yet again we did not convert it. During the third overtime, we have had no luck  and ultimately lost the map 22-25.

Map 2 – Overpass
Another close map and another close lead for Wolves. However, while we did not close it out immediately, we also did not allow mYinsanity to come back and force snother overtime as we managed to take the win 16-13, forcing map three in this series.

Map 3 – Inferno
The deciding map is the one that we lost to the Swiss in our first match of the tournament and with the confidence gathered during the last two maps we hoped it would go differently this time around. However, it unfortunately did not as we were unable to find a solution to the opponents’ setup and ended up being eliminated from the tournament with a 2-16 loss on Inferno.

In the end, our CSGO players have learned a lot attending the Supreme Masters and ultimately identified areas in which they need to improve. It was a pleasure to compete and despite our early exit and several technical difficulties it was a great journey as it has been the first big offline event for a Wolves eSports team.


Wolves at Supreme Masters

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Today, the biggest Counterstrike: Global Offensive LAN in Switzerland starts – the Supreme Masters.

As of the invited teams from Germany, Wolves eSports is one of 28 teams fighting for the total prize pool of 7500 CHF, roughly 6630€, that will be split among the top 4 teams. The tournament starts with a double eliminiation group stage in either groups of 3 or 4. The initial match is being played in a Best-of-One, while all other matches in groups and the playoffs up until the Grand Final will be played in BO3’s. The final is a BO5.

Overview of the Groups:

Group A
Dr. Pepper Team
Group B
NinjaServ eSport
Group C
Represent Gaming
Team Superior
Team Sir
Immortal Teamwork
Group D
Granit Gaming
Sørby Esport Academy
Group E
Dark Tigers
Royal Helvetic
Group F
Group G
Wolves eSports
Lyngby Vikings
Team Sharx
Group H
HYDR eSport
Marabunta Gaming

The event goes from the 31st of August until the 2nd of September. Friday will feature Round 1 and 2 matches of the group stage, Saturday will see the Decider Matches of each group, the Round of 16, the quarter finals and the first semi final. Sunday is champiosnhip day as the 2nd semi final and the grand final will be played. We are excited to see the event start and our team compete offline for the first time under the Wolves banner.


Team SkinBaron joins Wolves eSports

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We’re back! After quite some time we are finally back within the German Counterstrike scene with the former roster of Team SkinBaron!

After a prolonged search in which we have talked to great teams and people, we have finally found a team that perfectly fits Wolves eSports in all areas. After the first meeting with our new team we have seen that it would make sense for both sides longterm and we can’t wait for them to represent Wolves from now on.

While the team did not make it into Division 2 of the ESL Meisterschaft after a loss against EnRo Griffins, they still have the chance to make it into Division 2 of the 99Damage Liga in the upcoming playoffs. Apart from that, the team will represent Wolves eSports at the SUPREME MASTERS LAN in Amriswil, Switzerland from August 31st – September 2nd. As one of 32 teams, they will fight for their share of the 6475€  prize pool against teams such as Berzerk, mYinsanity, eEriness, and eSuba just to name a few.

In the upcoming months, the team is going to give it their all to achieve the goals they have set themselves – Division 2 of the ESLM and the 99Liga. We believe that these goals are certainly possible and hope that both Wolves and the team will benefit from the combined efforts we are putting in.

Please welcome the newest addition to the Wolves family,

Wolves eSports CSGO Germany
Andreas “Myschoo” Rändler
Niklas “sIKK.” Welk
Marcel “FleX” Fischer
Danny “Fl!nt” Decker
Jonas “Müller” Müller

With the announcement of a German CSGO team, we are still on the look-out for a European team but stay tuned for more great news coming in the next few days!


CSGO team disbands

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We sadly have to announce the departure and disbanding of our German CSGO team.

The last few weeks have not been easy for us or the team as they have been going through a rebuild and both them and us hoped it would work out in the end. Since we have to write this today, it just didn’t go as planned. We’d like to thank all of them for sticking with us through thick and thin and wish them all the best for the future!

Former Wolves eSports.CSGO:
Matze “monkeyD” Behnisch
Dominik “Minikk” Zeitz
Max “erbi” Erbe
Niklas “Pillow” Josten
David “DaveMens!ON” Aengenheyster

With that being said, we are planning to pick up at least one new CSGO team in the near future and CSGO is always going to be an integral part of Wolves eSports.


British CSGO team joins Wolves eSports

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Shortly after our new German CS:GO team, we can finally announce the addition of our second team in Counter-Strike!

We’ve always wanted to have two teams in Counter-Strike for the German and the European competitions out there and finally managed to get there. While the German team is concentrating on the German competitions, this team from the United Kingdom is going to represent Wolves eSports in the European ones. Their main focus is going to be the next ESEA season which doesn’t mean they won’t play anywhere else if the opportunity arises. The team has been together for quite some time and added Jay “xpoze” Hansen, a player that has been with Wolves in the past as a new player lately and who ultimately established contact between Wolves and the team. We are eager to see what this team can achieve in the future and we can’t wait for them to play for Wolves eSports in official matches.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO United Kingdom:
Jay ”xpoZe” Hansen
Jack ”Br0die’‘ Emmott
Hayden ”HaydenG” Gissing
Sam ”Mystic” Powell
Luke ”Relic” Pitson

Welcome, lads! Stay tuned for more info regarding Wolves eSports in the next few days!

Wolves with German CS:GO team

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After a decent time without Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Wolves eSports we are happy to announce that we are back in the scene!

With former team OBERWASSER joining Wolves, we are active in the German scene again with the team playing in the ESL and especially the 99DMG Liga, where they managed to rank up to division 3 during the playoffs lately. We hope that the team is going to develop in the future and that we’ll see some results soon as the potential is there and the guys have been together for roughly a year.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO Germany:
Max “erbi” E.
Dominik “Minikk” Z.
Matze “monkeyD” B.
Paul “Flapi” W.
Chris “chrisS” S.

Statement Wolves.CSGO Germany:
“We are excited to announce that we will team up with Wolves eSports! Started over a year ago as a fun team we came a long way, and constantly improved. That was and is our goal, and we only achieve it by putting in work. We aspire to perform well, online and offline. Joining Wolves eSports now is a huge step for us, as it is the first time we play for an organisation and we hope for a great relationship in the future!”

Stay tuned for more information about Wolves eSports and our adventures within the CS:GO scene!

New start into German Counter-Strike

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Wolves eSports announces a new start into the German CSGO scene with former team epulze eSports.

The team has been playing the recent season of the 99 Damage Liga where they achieved a flawless 14-0 in their division meaning they are promoted to Division 4. Apart from the 99 Damage Liga they will be active in the ESL to try to achieve their set goals. We hope that this partnership lasts longer than the last one with a German team and that the new Wolves are able to hold up to their expectations and goals.

Lineup Wolves eSports CSGO.de:
Simon “smn” Kaiser
Nico “Cpt.Awes0mE” Werner
Oliver “Kleiner” L.
Michael “luckrr” Faruga
Chrisowalantis “nedy” Lanaras
Marius “HUSONAUT” K.

Statement from Team-Captain Simon “smn” Kaiser:
“Auf geht’s, Jungs! I’ve known the team for about one year now and we steadily improved the more we played together as motivation and ambition are the top priorities for us. After our first season in the ESL and the 99Damage Liga, we realized we can achieve something and that we want to do it with someone at our side, a banner to represent so to speak. We then met the guys from Wolves eSports who decided to give us a chance to prove ourselves on our way forward. We would like to thank them for the opportunity and look forward to a good cooperation.

Wolves and German CSGO team part ways

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With immediate effect Wolves eSports and its German CSGO team part ways.

Upon joining Wolves the team set themselves goals that turned out to be unrealistic in the long run. With matches being forfeited and unarguably weak performances measured by their own goals, the players now decided to move on and pursue other options in the future. That being said, Wolves eSports accepts the decision made and aims to have a better run with a new German CSGO team in the future.