Team SkinBaron joins Wolves eSports

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We’re back! After quite some time we are finally back within the German Counterstrike scene with the former roster of Team SkinBaron!

After a prolonged search in which we have talked to great teams and people, we have finally found a team that perfectly fits Wolves eSports in all areas. After the first meeting with our new team we have seen that it would make sense for both sides longterm and we can’t wait for them to represent Wolves from now on.

While the team did not make it into Division 2 of the ESL Meisterschaft after a loss against EnRo Griffins, they still have the chance to make it into Division 2 of the 99Damage Liga in the upcoming playoffs. Apart from that, the team will represent Wolves eSports at the SUPREME MASTERS LAN in Amriswil, Switzerland from August 31st – September 2nd. As one of 32 teams, they will fight for their share of the 6475€  prize pool against teams such as Berzerk, mYinsanity, eEriness, and eSuba just to name a few.

In the upcoming months, the team is going to give it their all to achieve the goals they have set themselves – Division 2 of the ESLM and the 99Liga. We believe that these goals are certainly possible and hope that both Wolves and the team will benefit from the combined efforts we are putting in.

Please welcome the newest addition to the Wolves family,

Wolves eSports CSGO Germany
Andreas “Myschoo” Rändler
Niklas “sIKK.” Welk
Marcel “FleX” Fischer
Danny “Fl!nt” Decker
Jonas “Müller” Müller

With the announcement of a German CSGO team, we are still on the look-out for a European team but stay tuned for more great news coming in the next few days!


CSGO team disbands

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We sadly have to announce the departure and disbanding of our German CSGO team.

The last few weeks have not been easy for us or the team as they have been going through a rebuild and both them and us hoped it would work out in the end. Since we have to write this today, it just didn’t go as planned. We’d like to thank all of them for sticking with us through thick and thin and wish them all the best for the future!

Former Wolves eSports.CSGO:
Matze “monkeyD” Behnisch
Dominik “Minikk” Zeitz
Max “erbi” Erbe
Niklas “Pillow” Josten
David “DaveMens!ON” Aengenheyster

With that being said, we are planning to pick up at least one new CSGO team in the near future and CSGO is always going to be an integral part of Wolves eSports.


British CSGO team joins Wolves eSports

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Shortly after our new German CS:GO team, we can finally announce the addition of our second team in Counter-Strike!

We’ve always wanted to have two teams in Counter-Strike for the German and the European competitions out there and finally managed to get there. While the German team is concentrating on the German competitions, this team from the United Kingdom is going to represent Wolves eSports in the European ones. Their main focus is going to be the next ESEA season which doesn’t mean they won’t play anywhere else if the opportunity arises. The team has been together for quite some time and added Jay “xpoze” Hansen, a player that has been with Wolves in the past as a new player lately and who ultimately established contact between Wolves and the team. We are eager to see what this team can achieve in the future and we can’t wait for them to play for Wolves eSports in official matches.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO United Kingdom:
Jay ”xpoZe” Hansen
Jack ”Br0die’‘ Emmott
Hayden ”HaydenG” Gissing
Sam ”Mystic” Powell
Luke ”Relic” Pitson

Welcome, lads! Stay tuned for more info regarding Wolves eSports in the next few days!

Wolves with German CS:GO team

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After a decent time without Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Wolves eSports we are happy to announce that we are back in the scene!

With former team OBERWASSER joining Wolves, we are active in the German scene again with the team playing in the ESL and especially the 99DMG Liga, where they managed to rank up to division 3 during the playoffs lately. We hope that the team is going to develop in the future and that we’ll see some results soon as the potential is there and the guys have been together for roughly a year.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO Germany:
Max “erbi” E.
Dominik “Minikk” Z.
Matze “monkeyD” B.
Paul “Flapi” W.
Chris “chrisS” S.

Statement Wolves.CSGO Germany:
“We are excited to announce that we will team up with Wolves eSports! Started over a year ago as a fun team we came a long way, and constantly improved. That was and is our goal, and we only achieve it by putting in work. We aspire to perform well, online and offline. Joining Wolves eSports now is a huge step for us, as it is the first time we play for an organisation and we hope for a great relationship in the future!”

Stay tuned for more information about Wolves eSports and our adventures within the CS:GO scene!

New start into German Counter-Strike

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Wolves eSports announces a new start into the German CSGO scene with former team epulze eSports.

The team has been playing the recent season of the 99 Damage Liga where they achieved a flawless 14-0 in their division meaning they are promoted to Division 4. Apart from the 99 Damage Liga they will be active in the ESL to try to achieve their set goals. We hope that this partnership lasts longer than the last one with a German team and that the new Wolves are able to hold up to their expectations and goals.

Lineup Wolves eSports
Simon “smn” Kaiser
Nico “Cpt.Awes0mE” Werner
Oliver “Kleiner” L.
Michael “luckrr” Faruga
Chrisowalantis “nedy” Lanaras
Marius “HUSONAUT” K.

Statement from Team-Captain Simon “smn” Kaiser:
“Auf geht’s, Jungs! I’ve known the team for about one year now and we steadily improved the more we played together as motivation and ambition are the top priorities for us. After our first season in the ESL and the 99Damage Liga, we realized we can achieve something and that we want to do it with someone at our side, a banner to represent so to speak. We then met the guys from Wolves eSports who decided to give us a chance to prove ourselves on our way forward. We would like to thank them for the opportunity and look forward to a good cooperation.

Wolves and German CSGO team part ways

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With immediate effect Wolves eSports and its German CSGO team part ways.

Upon joining Wolves the team set themselves goals that turned out to be unrealistic in the long run. With matches being forfeited and unarguably weak performances measured by their own goals, the players now decided to move on and pursue other options in the future. That being said, Wolves eSports accepts the decision made and aims to have a better run with a new German CSGO team in the future.

Wolves with CSGO UK roster

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It’s been some time – Wolves eSports now with two CSGO teams again! Joining their german counterpart under the banner of Wolves is our new CSGO team from the United Kingdom!

Wolves has been on the lookout for a fitting CSGO team and after endless amounts of applications and talks we are confident that this teams fits Wolves eSports perfectly. It has been pretty clear to us that we want to work with Jay “xpoZe” Hansen and his guys as he shares our vision of eSports and knows what needs to be done to reach the goals Wolves and the team have. After looking at many players we are happy to finalise the roster and to announce our new Wolves to the public. The team consists of young and promising talent that share goals and a philosophy. Although it should be clear that immidiate success is not to be expected, we strongly believe that given the time needed the team can become a solid contender in the UK and EU scene of Counter-Strike.

Lineup Wolves eSports.CSGO UK:
Jay “xpoZe” Hansen
Liam “Farmzy” Dales
Sam “SamJ” Jones
Adam “Downed” Carless
Lewis “bOunty” Lockwood

Statement from Team Captain Jay “xpoZe” Hansen:

“First of all I would like to thank Wolves eSports for the opportunity to build a team under their name. Right from the very first meeting we had about it we knew that we’d like to work with each other. I’ve built this lineup with the intentions of sticking together over a long period and achieve great things. Each person offers the right attributes needed to push this team forward to success and set this team apart from most others in the UK scene. The team is aware of the hard work that is needed to put in over the coming weeks and can not wait to get started.”


Wolves with German CSGO roster again

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Wolves eSports happily announces its new German CSGO roster! After our last lineup disbanded and went another route we have found a fitting team to represent Wolves eSports.

The team around Team Captain Dominik “bigAL” S. will be playing ESEA, CEVO and the 99DMG Liga. Although playing three leagues means a filled schedule the goal in each of those is to qualify for the next highest bracket at the end of the season. As a result the team will attend an offline bootcamp in late October to further strengthen their teamplay and chemistry.

Consequently we are glad to have found a team that seemingly shares our vision of eSports and we are excited to move on with them. Finally, here is what the team itself has to say about joining Wolves eSports!

Statement Dominik “bigAL” S.:

“We are happy and excited to be a part of the Wolves eSports family from now on! The 4 core player of the team have been together for a couple of years now and teamed up with Carlos “Boun7y” B. a while ago. We are pretty confident that we will be able to achieve our goals in CEVO, ESEA and the 99DMG Liga in the future. To do so, we are going to be on an offline bootcamp at the end of October. Thanks to Wolves eSports for the trust set in us and we certainly are giving it our best to represent Wolves in the CSGO scene!”

Lineup Wolves eSports
Dominik “bigAL” S.
Alexis “LaHaine” S.
Dustin “eP1x” C.
Marco “MRO” P.
Carlos “Boun7y” B. joins Wolves eSports

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Another addition to the Wolves eSports family with Team joining as our German Counter-Strike team.
They are a promising lineup trying to make their way up the standings in the German Counter-Strike scene. Currently, they play in the third division of the 99dmg Liga, a league hosted and run by the known German Counter-Strike news site 99Damage and the Lioncast CS:GO Masters where they have the chance to reach the offline finals in Munich. Once the new season of the ESL A-Series starts, the team plans to climb the ranks and establish themselves in the top 15. As a German-based organisation it’s always great to be present in the German eSport scene.

Lineup Wolves eSports CSGO.ger:
Christian “aikz” Althoff
Marcel “cukey” Just
Christian “mea” Rothe
Justus “proNN” Schohr
Robin “Punk” Berger

Statement Marcel “cukey” Just:
“I am thrilled to finally announce that we will represent Wolves eSports in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from now on. The chemistry within the team is more than good and our lineup forms a good mix between older and more experienced and younger, talented players. In the upcoming months we will make sure to practice as much as possible in order to reach our goals: Reaching the second division of the 99Damage Liga as well as participating in the playoffs of ESEA S22 Open. Also, we are planning to participate in the German ESL Swiss Cups to qualify for the ESL Meisterschaft. We recently managed a top three placing in the first series of the Lioncast Masters. Last but not least a huge thanks to Wolves eSports for giving us this opportunity!”

CEVO Main – Week 1 Round-up

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CEVO Season 10 started just a couple of days ago and all teams hope to get a great start into this new season.
With well-known names such as Alternate aTTaX, Team LDLC, Oslo Lions and many many more this season surely is an interesting one for Wolves eSports to participate in.

Our Counter-Strike guys started their season against Red Instict on de_train and lost 11-16. However, they managed to win their next two matches against Findictus and Team iNETKOXTV on de_mirage 16-6 and 16-11 respectively and top the league as of today. Of course, this is just a temporary image as some teams did not play three matches yet, but it is still a great thing to look at for now.

We’ll be back with more CEVO Coverage next week!