Return to DotA

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We’re happy to announce our return to DotA with the addition of a promising German DotA 2 team!

After our last adventure into the DotA scene ended in June we are ready to announce the new Wolves eSports DotA 2 team. The first contact was established shortly after Wolves released the old team due to severe roster issues. While the talks have been good, the team wanted to complete their roster to an extend that made them feel confident before going forward with a potential partnership. The team is competing in Division 2 of the joinDOTA League in which the goal is to maintain the spot. Furthermore, they plan to play smaller cups and tournaments alongside important qualifiers for bigger events.

Please welcome the new DotA 2 team:

Wolves eSports DotA 2:
Milan “Nxs” B.
Jonas “hope” D.
Marcel “Rainbow” P.
Patrick “Qoporop” S.
Kevin “Sleep” C.

Statement Wolves eSports DotA 2:
“We are happy to announce our partnership with Wolves eSports. We are looking forward to improve and strive to achieve results in tournaments and leagues. Currently we are playing in the joinDOTA League division 2 and will be doing our best to maintain our spot, while playing as many minor tournaments as possible. GL HF to our opponents and everyone else!”


Releasing the DotA 2 team

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Today, we’re announcing the release of our DotA 2 team.

The team played the last season of the joinDOTA League for Wolves eSports and, due to personal obligations, wasn’t able to participate in the new season without having to rebuild completely. Together with the team Wolves has come to the conclusion to end our journey at this point. We’d like to thank all players for their effort and the time spent with us and wish them all the best for the future, wherever it takes them!

That being said, we have quite a few exciting things to announce in the upcoming days and weeks and we can’t wait to share it!


Return to DotA 2

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Just one day before christmas we are happy to announce our return to DotA 2!

The new Finnish team representing Wolves eSports is going to play in the 12th season of the joinDOTA League where they qualified for division 3. The season is expected to start in January. Additionally, they are going to play in Finnish tournaments that are available throughout 2018.

Lineup Wolves eSports DotA 2:
Miro “Luotsi” L.
Aleksi “Lankkis” L.
Ilari “Wasser” K.
Juuso “Kobe” L.
Jarkko “Tukipilvi” N.

Statement Wolves eSports DotA 2:
“After we filled the last two spots on the team in September we are going into the 12th season of the joinDOTA League with a lot of confidence and hope to stay in division 3 or to even be able to tackle the playoff spots for division 2. Apart from the joinDOTA League, we are going to play Finnish tournaments that come up during 2018. We are happy to be a part of the future of Wolves eSports and can’t wait for the new year to start!”

With our new DotA 2 team, 2018 can’t come soon enough!

European DotA 2 team joins Wolves

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After our last DotA 2 team disbanded for various reasons it’s time for Wolves eSports to get back into the DotA 2 scene.

We are happy to announce that former team Aviato joins the Wolves family! While still being a relatively new team they already managed to win a Go4DotA 2 Europe cup and achieved another 3rd place finish in the next one. Picking up this team means a lot to us as we are finally back in the MOBA scene and we believe that we can go a long way with this team. Their first official appearance for Wolves eSports is going to be today’s ESL Go4DotA 2.

Lineup Wolves eSports.DotA2:
Asger “HSSLNG” H.
Arvid “Slippie” K.
Juri “bpnp” W.
Jonas “Saberlight” V.
Aggalos “I_Can’t_Take_It” T.

Statement Wolves eSports.DotA2:
“”We as ex-Aviato are happy to announce our partnership with Wolves eSports. Just under a month ago we gathered under a common goal to improve and progress our ability in game as well as outside; to improve as a team as well as individually. While we are still a young team with much to learn, in our short timespan of playtime, we have achieved promising results in minor tournaments as well as in practice. Our motivation to play and conquer results is greater than ever and with latest addition to the team in form of Coach Steve we’re excited to see what the future may hold!”

Wolves eSports enters DotA 2 scene

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With immediate effect Wolves eSports would like to announce the newest addition to the Wolves family in our brandnew German DotA 2 team!

Wolves always valued the DotA scene highly but never found a good fit to work with. That, however, has now changed as we believe that this can become a relationship where both Wolves eSports and the team profit. The team went on a tear in the last joinDOTA season as they finished their division 5 group on top with a strong 15-1 record which allowed them to participate in the divison 3-4 play0ffs. As they won their match in the playoffs, they are going to be in division 3 for the next season, skipping division 4. That means, that they have to quickly adapt to the difference in skill level from divison 3 to 5 but we are confident they will do just fine. It’s been a long time since Wolves eSports has had a team in DotA 2 and we are excited to see where we end up on our journey!

Lineup Wolves eSports.DotA2:
Nico “Hans” D.
Nils “Speeder” Mühlenbrock
Jonas “Sinnos” Michaelis
Christian “Gebb” Gebhardt
Jörn “Jorn” Lukas

Statement Wolves eSports.DotA2:
“Our team has been around for 2 years already and we are now pleased to join Wolves eSports. Last year we managed to successfully climb up to Division 3 of the JoinDOTA League through an aggressive gamestyle as well as unpredictable and surprising picks. After several participations in Open Qualifiers of the Dota 2 Majors, we will participate in additional leagues and tournaments in the future. Thanks to Wolves eSports for the chance to prove ourselves, let’s make this a good time!”