FIFA Roster Update for 2019

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As over a month has passed now since FIFA19 was released, we proudly present you our new FIFA roster. With four new players joining the team we also say farewell to three of our old players. We’d like to thank Christian “Darkstriker” Pätzold, Franz “Jose_Zlatan” Zech and Emre “EmreFIFA” Sen for their great effort and the great time!

We are happy to welcome the new reinforcements. This is the updated FIFA roster of Wolves eSports:

Wolves eSports FIFA:
Sebastian “Bastinho” Holsten
Alex “Alex17_f9t” Malolepszy
Emre “EmreTuzcuoglu” Tuzcuoglu
Gordon “Giganticskill” Bolt
Lukas “Maya” Meyer

Statement of Sebastian “Bastinho” Holsten:
“Looking forward to the next year and to a great time together with the other players!”

Statement of Alex “Alex17_f9t” Malolepszy:
“I’m happy that Wolves eSports gives me the opportunity to make my dreams come true and I will do everything to represent the team as good as possible.”

Statement of Emre “EmreTuzcuoglu” Tuzcuoglu:
“I can’t wait for this new chapter and will do the best to reach my goals. Thanks to Wolves eSports for giving me this opportunity to become better.”

Statement of Gordon “Giganticskill” Bolt:
“I’m happy to be a part of the FIFA team of Wolves eSports. I’m really motivated to score the best results and to represent the organisation worthily. Here’s to a good and long collaboration!”

Statement of Lukas “Maya” Meyer:
“I’m glad to accept the challenges with Wolves eSports for the upcoming year. I hope to improve and to perform on a high level constantly.”


Wolves without FIFA Pro Club

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With immediate effect the FIFA  Pro Club team and Wolves eSports part ways. They played their last two matches for Wolves last sunday after they informed us they want leave us last week. During their three months stay here they were promoted to League 2 of the ProLeague where they currently rank in the middle of the pack. it’s never a pleasant thing to see a team leave for any reason but we respect their decision and appreciate their honesty and the way it was communicated. We wish them all the best in the future!

Their departure also means that Wolves eSports is going to concentrate on the FIFA 1v1 scene for now.

Stay tuned for more!

FIFA ProLeague Recap Weeks 3 & 4

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Another two weeks have passed in the FIFA ProLeague and with that our team played another 4 matches.

In week 3 we faced Hohe SpielKultur and BLUEJAYS. While the Wolves eSports FIFA Pro Club team tied their match against Hohe SpielKultur 1-1, they managed to beat BLUEJAYS with a solid 3-0 and distanced themselves from the bottom of the table. Week 4 brought matches against Rainbow Unicorns, a team placed above Wolves eSports, and against TSV Underdogs, who were behind our team. Before the matches started the team thought that Rainbow Unicorns would be the tougher opponent and were proven wrong as they lost to TSV Underdogs who continuously grouped up in the midfield which caused a lot of issues we couldn’t adapt to quick enough and therefore ultimately lost the game 0-2. The second match of the week against the Unicorns went a lot smoother and we managed to win 2-1.

During the 4 matches of week 3 and 4 Wolves eSports went 2-1-1 and managed to make up for the bad start a bit. After 8 matches we can say that we still need some time to adjust to League 2 and hope that we’ll steadily improve throughout the weeks. Next weekend Wolves eSports faces Team Monarchs, currently undefeated on top of the table and aTr eSports, currently 9th and just one point ahead of our team. Week 6 means matches against Galaxy United (5th) and STFO eSports e.V. (12th)

Current standings:

FIFA ProLeague Recap Weeks 1 & 2

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Two weeks into the season in League 2 of the ProLeague, we are certainly not where we want to be with just 1 win and 3 losses in our first matches. Granted, week 2 did not  go the way we hoped for but last-minute issues kept us from fielding a full team. Wolves eSports currently comes in as 14th out of 16.

During week 1 we won our match against German Panthers and lost the second one to BANG Theory, who abused the ruleset to their advantage. Week 2 couldn’t have gone worse as we lost both our matches to ALT F4 who are placed 3rd after two weeks and One Step Beyond. The team needs to shake the first unfortunate two weeks off to make sure they can climb the standings in week 3 as we face last-placed BLUEJAYS and Hohe Spielkultur, a team currently in the top 6.

Current Standings:

FIFA ProLeague Season 12 starting today!

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After securing the championship in League 3, our FIFA ProClub team starts into the new season of the ProLeague today! As a newly promoted team we hope to be able to stay in League 2 and maybe attack the Top 5.

Sometimes the start of a new season can be tough and considering the opponents we are in for a ride. Our first two matches are against “German Panthers”, who had a shaky last season but managed to add a lot of players with League 1 experience to their team, and against “BANG Theory”, a team that has been relegated from League 1. With just one change in our team so far we’ve been able to keep the team together and can hopefully build on that throughout the season to make it a good one for Wolves eSports.

Match 1 – 26.02.2017 8:30pm CET:
German Panthers vs. Wolves eSports

Match 2 – 26.02.2017 9pm CET:
Wolves eSports vs. BANG Theory

Pro Club wins Championship in League 3B!

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Shortly after our FIFA Pro Club team joined Wolves eSports they were missing just one more point to secure their first place with 4 matches to go and now that the season concluded we are happy that the team managed to secure their first place in League 3B of the ProLeague!

Their championship means they are promoted to League 2 alongside EraseME Gaming who finished 2nd with 12 points behind our team. With 23 wins, 3 draws and just 4 lost matches the now Wolves eSports Pro Club has been the dominating force in their league with 72 points. 66 scored goals and 17 conceded goals also mean that they’ve been the best offense and defense this season. Talking about single games, the biggest win has been the 7-0 victory over GenerationX on the 11th match day while the biggest loss has been a 0-2 against Black Bears United during match day 27. Additionally,  our striker Jan “InnoVation” van O. has scored the most goals throughout all leagues (38), midfielder Falk “Madjesty” M. has done the same with assists (17) and goalkeeper Sven “Bartman” V.  has the highest number of clean sheets in his league (16).

Overall it has been a pretty good season and we want to congratulate our team for their teams and individual performances throughout the season, you make us proud! With a season and a team like that we hope to be able to reproduce similar results in our run in the upcoming season! See you there!

ProLeague League 3B – Final Standings




FIFA Pro Club “Never Give Up” joins Wolves eSports

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Today, Wolves eSports announces the addition of a PC FIFA Pro Club team to the Wolves family.

With the merge of Wolves eSports and actin eSports, we acquired a FIFA team that concentrates on the 1v1 scene which from now on is accompanied by the new Pro Club team.

FIFA Pro Club is being played 11v11, just like real football. The game mode has not been given much attention but leagues such as the Pro League allowed it to come to the competitve scene as known names like PENTA Sports or ESC Gaming feature a team. The German team “Never Give Up” is currently 1st in League 3B of the Pro League and will play in League 2 next season. With just four matches left to be played in the current season and a 12 point gap to 2nd placed “Peak of Perfection” the team just needs one more point to secure the championship.

While our new team is going to play in the 2nd League next season, most of them already have played in the 1st League which makes them a great fit for Wolves eSports with the potential they have. We are excited to see where this journey takes Wolves but we sure hope we’ll be able to secure the championship and finish the preparations for the new season as soon as possible to guarantee a smooth start to another successful season!

Lineup Wolves eSports.FIFA Pro Club:
Niklas “Protector” B.
Falk “Madjesty” M.
Jan “InnoVation” van O.
Sven “Bartman” V.
Frank “DrRastafari” N.
Frank “Geier” H.
Yannick “Sarum” P.
Marco “lingling83” K.
Kai “Kaiser” A.
Stjepan “Stjepovic” S.
Patrick “Pino” H.

Statement from the team:
“We are “Never Give Up”, a Fifa Pro Club reaching for the championship of “division 3B” in the German Pro League and we’ll try to continue our run in division 2 next season. Nevertheless we are happy to join Wolves eSports. It’s a great pleasure for us to be a part of such a straight forward and focused organisation. Under the banner of Wolves eSports we will focus more than ever on our goal to reach division 1 in the next season. Another long term goals of ours is to develop a different playstyle and system that fits us. GO WOLVES!”