Recap 2019

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Another 12 months have passed, another 12 months under the belt for Wolves eSports. This is our 2019 recap.

It’s been an eventful year. We have been at DreamHack Leipzig 2019 with our former CSGO team in February. A fantastic experience with fantastic people we now call friends.

In March, we welcomed Apex Legends as a new game at Wolves eSports but also had to say goodbye to Fortnite, a game that never really took off for us. Wolves eSports CSGO started their 99Damage Liga season with the goal to finally make it to Division 2, which we unfortunately did not achieve.

During the next few months we have come back to Rainbow Six: Siege, had several roster and lineup changes in other games, have seen teams leave and rebuild. Our CSGO rebuild for Season 13 of the 99Damage Liga and ESEA Intermediate happened to be cursed however. Plenty of matches with stand-ins due to rules never allowed the team to pop off and ultimately ended in a disbanded team.

The second half of the year turned out to be the more enjoyable one. More success, more good news.

In August, we revived our Overwatch team who then moved on to play the best Open Division Season we have had so far here at Wolves. The new Rainbow Six team rocks the DeSBL Advanced League so far, we finally ventured into Rocket League for the first time and we welcomed two new partners in XOOSE and Skybox.

In December, we picked up a promising Counterstrike team again and can’t wait for them to pick up the action next year.

Our overall ambitions and plans for 2020 are coming along and in just a few days we will continue our grind to make Wolves eSports the best it can be.

From our side, a huge thank you to all of our current and former players for the ride we shared in 2019. Another thank you goes out to our partners and sponsors, current and former.

Thank you for 2019. Let’s make 2020 even better!


Partnership Updates

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As of today, Wolves eSports is no longer affiliated with EXZ-Hosting and SUMMACUM due to insurmountable differences when it comes to the terms of a potentially prolonged partnership and other issues we simply deem non-acceptable.

The professionalism in esports is sadly not at the point where everyone wants it to be and some of the issues we faced are also happening on the very top of esports for players, organisations and talents alike. This is something nobody involved in esports should have to deal with.

After endless tries to salvage both partnerships, we have come to a point where we needed to make decisions. Wolves eSports won’t further comment on the issues mentioned as we move on with the plans for 2020, an incredibly busy and important year for us. Taking on our 2020 goals with us is XOOSE, a partner we haven’t had any issues with at all and one we trust in for the future.

Stay tuned for more information about Wolves eSports around the end of the year and in Q1 of 2020!


Open Positions at Wolves

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With the end of the year coming closer ever so slightly, Wolves eSports is already planning for 2020. Going forward, we intend to expand the current 2-man managerial team. This is where YOU come into play!

We are looking for people interested in joining Wolves on a voluntary basis for the following positions:

Social Media Manager | Team Manager | General Management


Social Media Manager:
– Located in Europe
– Fluent in spoken and written English (German a bonus!)
– Age: 20+
– Able to work in a team
– Interested in a longterm cooperation
– Able to use Adobe Creative Cloud
– Knows their way around Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Instagram
– Bonus: Twitch & Discord knowledge

Team Manager:
– Located in Europe
– Fluent in spoken and written English (German a bonus!)
– Age: 20+
– Able to work in a team
– Interested in a longterm cooperation
– Knowledge about the European esports scene
– Game specific knowledge (e.g. CSGO, DotA2, LoL, Rocket League)
– Intelligent approach and experience in team scouting

General Management:
– Located in Europe
– Fluent in spoken and written English (German a bonus!)
– Age: 20+
– Able to work in a team
– Interested in a longterm cooperation and project
– Reliable & sociable
– Experience in a managerial position within esports
– Extended knowledge about the European esports scene
– Excellent organisational skills

Additional information:
As Wolves eSports is meant to become a company in 2020 the person to be added in the general management can, if everything fits perfectly, be granted the possibility to become a shareholder. Please note that this is not a promise but an option that we intend to offer to the right person.

Please include basic information about you and your experience in your application!

To apply, either send us a Twitter DM or send an email to or


New Partner in XOOSE – New merchandise

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We’re happy to announce our new partner when it comes to our merchandise and official apparel – XOOSE!

About XOOSE:
XOOSE is a German based company established in 2010 which found it’s way into esports apparel design after initially starting of with Game User Interface design and webdesign.

XOOSE unites streetwear with the gaming culture. You need sharp looking apparel for LANs, offline events and exhibitions? Or for your own livestream? Fashion-conscious gamers find everything the esports heart desires! The XOOSE team is ready when you are to design your very own collection – including design, production and distribution!

Check out our new Wolves eSports apparel store here – Link!


We’re Recruiting!

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Want to be a part of Wolves eSports? Now is your chance!

We’re actively looking for teams in the following games:
– Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
– Rocket League
– League of Legends

In case you and your team are playing a game not listed here, feel free to apply anyway and we’ll see if it’s a possibility!

General requirements:
– 18 years of age or older
– All players must be EU based
– Competitive experience is a must
– No single players, only already existing teams!
– No newly formed teams (at least 2 months+)
– Mature behaviour, communicative, honest, and loyal
– Willing to commit to a long term project
– No bans for cheating
– Realistic goals

Game specific requirements:

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds:
– Participating in at least PEL Open League or similar competitions
– Fixed roles

Rocket League:
– Players must be at least Champion
– Active in several competitions
– Participating in the RLCS/RLRS circuit

League of Legends:
– Players must be at least Diamond
– Active in leagues and tournaments

If we’ve drawn your interest, please send us the following information:
– What game are we talking about?
– Which leagues and tournaments do you play?
– Name and age of the players
– Links to your team profiles
– What you expect from us
– What your realistic goals are

via one of the following options:
Mail: or

Please do not apply for games that are played in a 1v1 game mode!


About Wolves eSports
Wolves eSports is a German based esports organisation with a focus on the European scene. All of our outgoing communication is done in English and we are not limited to German players unless we explicitly look for an all-German team or staff members.

Currently, Wolves eSports has teams in the following games: CSGO, DotA2, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Apex Legends. Supporting us are our current partners Gamers Apparel, SUMMACUM, and eXz-Hosting.

Our management combines well over 25 years of esports experience as players, team captains, or in the management. We’ve been with small teams and known organisations alike.

Our philosophy with which we run Wolves is quite different from most other esports projects and we are happy to go into detail about it during a voice meeting. To make it short: We’re an organisation from players for players that values longevity, communication and loyalty a lot. The relationships within the management or with our teams play a huge part of who we are.

Because of a change in strategy in regards to our team structure in December 2018, which means we are shifting our focus from solo player games (e.g. FIFA, Hearthstone) more towards team based games in the future.


DreamHack Leipzig 2019 Recap

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From February 15th – 17th, Wolves eSports Counterstrike: Global Offensive team and the management attended the 2019 edition of the DreamHack Leipzig.

On the esports side of things the DreamHack offered a plethora of tournaments, including the first stop of the DreamHack Pro Circuit, the first of 4 events to take place globally, which featured 32 teams from all over the world and has been the most stacked tournament in Rocket League history. In the end, former world champions Dignitas secured themselves the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool.

Other tournaments, such as the WinTheWinter Hearthstone tournament with a prize pool of €9,000 and the “The WinterNational” CSGO tournament with invitees Sprout, expert eSports, Alternate aTTaX and the qualified Unicorns of Love, who battled for a total amount of €11,000, took place as well.

For the Wolves eSports CSGO team, the DreamHack tournament started on Friday evening with the groupstage. The first two matches were won 16-2 against Team Vrzz and Eraise meets EBF, followed by two 16-3 wins against GR-eSports and Alk-Bot. The final match of the groupstage ended 15-15 vs Magdeburg eSports e.V. In the end, the Wolves take first place based on better round score. In the next round against Team Abgebaut, the Wolves started with a fantastic T side and didn’t close the match as fast as it would have been possible, resulting in a 16-9 win. The next round saw us face TouchtheCrown and unfortunately falling short 9-16 to the later-on winners of the DreamHack CSGO tournament.

Apart from the esports tournaments, the DreamExpo offered quite a lot of booths from well-known companies within the gaming and esports industry such as MSI, SAMSUNG, Corsair, and Monster Energy as well as smaller, indie-oriented booths, the obligatory merchandise booths and the DCMM, the German Casemodding Championship. Our personal highlight has been the SAMSUNG booth which offered to wash your tshirts for free and giving out free to keep tshirts for the time your clothes are in the washing machine.

Now that the DreamHack Leipzig 2019 is over and everyone has arrived back home safely, we’re starting to count the days to the 2020 edition of Germany’s biggest LAN which will take place from Jan 24-26, 2019. See you then, Leipzig!


Wolves in 2018 – A Year Recapped

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The Year 2018 is nearly over. Which means we take a look back at what happened in the last twelve months for Wolves eSports. We’ve had good and bad news, fantastic results and disappointing outcomes. This is Wolves in 2018 recapped.

In January, we introduced “The Howl” – our interview series where we sit down with our teams and players to ask questions about them, their esports career and whatever else we can think of. We published six Howls this year and have will continue to make them in 2019. Shortly after the first Howl came the DreamHack Leipzig 2018 from January 26th -28th. With three players from the recently closed sections FIFA and Hearthstone attending (2x Hearthstone, 1x FIFA) the DH Leipzig 2018 was the first big offline event for Wolves eSports.

Coming March and April we’ve seen some changes in teams – we had to say goodbye to our CSGO team as the rebuild did not go as planned. Another team we had to work on was the Vainglory team as we needed to ready up for the new 5v5 game mode and the upcoming Vainglory Premier League and the preseason. We were extremely excited for the VPL but in the end it did not turn out the way everyone involved was hoping for.

Our already successful Warcraft 3 team has seen some changes in May as we fielded two teams in the nWC3L, the biggest and most important team league in western Warcraft. For season 10, both teams played in Division 1 of the league.

June 2018 was a pretty busy month with lots of changes happening. The release of our back then DotA 2 and SMITE teams were the negative aspects of the month while the partnership with eXz-Hosting has been a positive change. The biggest and most important change in June however was our rebranding and the much needed update of our logo. Along with the updated look came our updated merchandise, designed and produced by our longterm partner Gamers Apparel.

In the early days of July our Warcraft 3 team claimed the throne in the nWC3L after winning 3 out of 4 1v1 matches which was already enough to secure the title. Later on in July, we welcomed two Swedish Quake Champions players and a Fortnite roster. In the last few days of the month we said farewell to Vainglory. Both to our team and the game. While we enjoyed our short ride with Vainglory, there have been issues outside of Wolves eSports that made it extremely hard to stay in within the scene. Last but not least, we welcomed our current Counterstrike: Global Offensive team that we’ll continue to work with in 2019.

Compared to June and July, the month of August has been a bit quieter when it comes to announcements and changes for Wolves eSports. We announced a new team in Overwatch, a new partner in SUMMACUM and CSGO’s participation at the Supreme Masters LAN in Switzerland from August 31st – September 2nd.

In October, Wolves eSports returned to DotA 2 and our Warcraft 3 player Ilya “Sonik” Malish qualified for the Warcraft 3 Gold League Winter 2018 in Shanghai, China. Shortly after Sonik, his team mate Artem “Cash” Shirobokov also qualified for the event that took place from November 28th – December 8th in which both of them unfortunately went out in the group stage after facing the Winner and 3rd place of event in their group. Even though the event in China did not go as we hoped for, our Warcraft 3 team still managed to defend their nWC3L title in Season 11, becoming back-to-back Champions, just like the Doc!

December is now nearly done and dusted as well and with the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and our recent changes to our team structure with a focus towards team games, there have been two more events that influence Wolves eSports in 2019. In the end, the year has been quite a ride and we have learned a lot during the last twelve months. We know which way we intend to go in 2019 and would like to thank all of our former and current players for their commitment and dedication towards our project in 2018. We know that without you, we wouldn’t be who we are.

Let us focus on 2019 and the tasks ahead! Let’s make 2019 another great year for Wolves eSports!
See you on the other side.


Changes to the team structure

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Due to recent developments we have to announce a few changes to Wolves eSports in regards to the team structure going into 2019.

With immediate effect, we are saying Farewell to two teams – FIFA & Hearthstone. We intended to announce this at the end of the year but decided it would be unfair to our players and moved the announcement to the earliest date possible to allow them to pursue other options. Throughout the years Wolves eSports and the players from these two teams have had decent success and attended several offline events in both FIFA and Hearthstone. Among those were the DreamHack Leipzig, the Win The Winter tournament by TaKeTV, and multiple HCT Tour Stops in different countries.

We’d like to thank our players for their commitment and the time we spent together while wishing them all the best for their future endeavours.

What does this mean for Wolves eSports? Going into 2019, we are concentrating on team games a lot more. This means we are keeping the teams we currently have and intend to add teams in games that do not have a 1vs1 focus. We will announce more about this at the end of the year and in early 2019.


Game release: Battlefield V

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November 20th marks the day where Battlefield V is released for everyone worldwide!

After Battlefield 1, which was set in World War I, Battlefield V goes back the franchise roots and offers fans and players a new World War II experience! The game has a heightened focus on the lesser known battles of the war and aims to deliver immersive gameplay in either single or multiplayer. The player now has to physically open doors, enter vehicles, as well as picking up ammo or health.

With the introduction of The Company, players are able to customise all clothing, weapons and vehicles throughout the game. Those customisations do not affect the stats of the item or gameplay at all.

At launch, Battlefield V offers 8 maps, 37 weapons and 24 vehicles, the first four installments of War Stories, the storytelling single-player experience, as well as several multiplayer modes such as fan favourite Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Breakthrough, Frontlines, and Domination. The Operations from Battlefield 1 come back in an extended form called Grand Operations.

Post-launch, EA and DICE intend to release new maps, weapons and vehicles through the Tides of War, which replace the Premium Pass meaning that all future content is free for everyone. Coming in 2019, is Battlefield’s approach to the battle royale genre with game mode Firestorm.

The Howl #6 – Fortnite

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It’s time for another Howl!

For this episode, we’ve had our Fortnite players Tom “Destin” Mohr,  Laurin “x1PRIME” Gregorowius, Leon “Spicyacce” Schnur, and Jacob “Junction” Reed answer questions about the game, what Epic Games needs to change to allow Fortnite’s competitive scene to grow properly and what they do when they don’t build, scavange, glide, or shoot around in Fortnite.

Hello guys! Before we start this Howl up – please shortly introduce yourselves!
Hi, my name is Tom, I’m 19 years old, been playing Fortnite for roughly a year now and study business administration.
My name is Laurin, I’m 16 years old and started playing Fortnite at the beginning of this year. Apart from that I’m doing my vocational diploma and a qualification in game design.
Junction: Hi, I’m Jacob, a 17 year old competitive fortnite player from the UK. I’m currently doing my last stage of education before I leave to University.
Spicyacce: Hi, I’m Leon and I’m 16 years old. I’ve played Fortnite for a year now and started playing competitively in season 3.

Thanks! Let us start with the questions now! There are plenty of other battle royale games out there – why did you choose Fortnite as your game?
Destin: Fortnite as a Free-to-Play battle royale offers more than most of the other pay-to-play games. For me, the mechanical aspects and the flow of the game are the reasons why I prefer Fortnite.
x1PRIME: It’s F2P and I enjoy faster paced games more. I also enjoy the mechanics involved such as the building, which no other battle royale game offers. It makes Fortnite something special.
Junction: Fortnite is a fast paced battle royale which has more layers to it than just rotations and aim. There is a large side of the game which involves the mechanics which have to be mastered first. This adds a good skill gap into competitive play, also making each play in these high level games completely different.
Spicyacce: I have played other battle royale games but Fortnite is fast and simple. The building is something new to the genre and the game itself was running pretty smooth right from the start.

Now that we know why you chose Fortnite, we’d like to know what the two things are you would change about the game and why?
Destin: The first change would be to listen to the pro community. Epic Games mostly listens to the content creators and not the professional players. Overall, Epic Games needs to take the community feedback into consideration a lot more.
x1PRIME: Epic Games should concentrate on the competitive scene a lot more, as well as putting a halt to making the game even easier for beginners. The explosives should deal less damage than they do now as it gets frustrating to see a rocket coming for you and knowing it’s over pretty soon.
Junction: I personally believe they should bring back glider redeploy into the game. It made rotations less RNG and gameplay even more fast paced. I would also make the ingame event system elo based. That way we can actually have a form of competitive play.
Spicyacce: I believe that glider redeploy should be brought back as it keeps the game fast and exciting. I agree with x1PRIME that the explosives such as the rocket launcher should be nerfed in terms of damage a bit. It’s no fun if your opponent destroys everything with a single rocket.

Okay! Let’s talk about something different. What do you guys do when you are not playing Fortnite?
Destin: I’m a full-time student. But I also do martial arts and like to go out with friends for a round of billiard or bowling.
x1PRIME: As I mentioned in the first question, I’m working on my education and my qualification in game design. I also like to hang out with friends or go to the cinema.
Junction: Studying and practising takes up a lot of my time as of now. However, I used play a lot of football in my spare time and still do when and where I can.
Spicyacce: I was in a tennis club for 3,5 years but quit last year as I hated to get up early on weekends for tournaments and such. I still play a bit of tennis here and there but mainly meet up with friends in my free time.

Seems like quite the sporty team we have here! Anyway, let’s continue. Destin, what do you think of the development of the competitive Fortnite scene?
Destin: Contrary to a lot of players I believe the development of  the competitive scene has been rather good so far. Fortnite has become an esport-worthy game when we take a look at the game and the mechanics itself. Epic Games did a decent job with their early push for esports as we’ve had time to test different formats and modes and it helped foster the competitive scene. However, lately it has gone in the wrong direction. Feedback from professional players is not being considered, some updates were not as good as they should have been. With the upcoming tournaments in mind, Fortnite still has a long way to go and needs to change.

What are the things Epic Games needs to do differently in your opinion?
Destin: Listen to the community, especially the pro scene. If that doesn’t happen, they risk their reputation as nobody wants to play a game that was known for listening to the community before, but doesn’t do that anymore. There’s a lot of great feedback from pro players out there but it seems like Epic Games doesn’t really care at the moment. Those are players that should have an input on gameplay and balancing changes. I’d suggest to have scheduled meetings between Epic Games and pro players once in a while where both sides can exchange ideas and talk about what’s planned and what they wish for. I’d also exclude content creators from these meetings as most of them haven’t participated in a lot of tournaments and might not see whats needed in terms of growing Fortnite as an esport title.

Fortnite as a game a lot of young and very young people play, gaining a reputation to be a game “for kids” and not taken seriously when it comes to esports. Do you think this is an issue for the game going forward?
Destin: No, not at all a problem. I even think it’s an advantage. The pro scene clearly is set apart from the minors playing the game as tournaments with prize money require you to be at least 16. The younger kids can watch their favorite teams and idols play. We’ve seen a lot of parents watch the tournaments with their kids at PAX West or at TwitchCon. The next group would be those aged 16+ who can watch the games and be inspired to join a competitive team. The last crowd is the esport crowd – watching their competitors play, learning from the pros and keeping updated on the meta. It’s a great mix of audiences.

Now that we talked about the game a lot and what you think about it in the current state, let’s talk about the team. Going into 2019, what are the goals of Wolves Fortnite?
Destin: The main goal is to qualify for the world championship in 2019 which will be open to all players. We’re playing a lot of scrims and are happy that there is something to play for the EU scene. We also spend time analysing, finding and testing new tactics and play styles in addition to improving our individual skills.

Well, we’re looking forward to see you compete in the remainder of 2018 and 2019! Thanks for taking the time guys, really appreciate it!