Rainbow Six: Team FragZ becomes Wolves Esports

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Today we announce our re-entry into the Rainbow Six: Siege scene as we welcome former “Team FragZ” as the new roster here at Wolves Esports!

The team will prepare for the new year with a bootcamp, starting tomorrow. In the new year, we will tackle different leagues and want to strengthen and develop the team going forward to take the next steps towards bigger and greater goals.

The new #WolvesR6 roster:
Florian “Ironhide” Schwingel
Eric “EicheThor” Buck
Konstantin “Ghoul” Walczyk
Leopold “Sleek” Hanisch
Hubert “Sice” Rozanski
Thomas “Trackplays” W.

Statement #WolvesR6:
“We decided to look for an organization until the end of this year. Then we came across Wolves Esports. During the first conversations, we already realized that Wolves Esports and their core values fit very well with our team spirit. We are grateful for the opportunity we were given and we look forward to proudly representing the organization. For the future, we’re also aiming to participate in as many cups and tournaments as possible and hopefully achieve decent results. We are hyped to compete with other teams and put our skills to the test.”

We’re looking forward to 2024!


Back to Siege

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Today we are happy to announce that we are fielding a new Rainbow Six: Siege team going forward!

Siege is still a valuable game for us at Wolves Esports and we’ve been active within the esports scene for quite a while now experiencing highs and lows. With the addition of the new team, we are hopeful of returning to the highs in the future as they will represent us in different leagues and tournaments from now on.

Without further ado, please welcome the new #WolvesR6!

Wolves Esports R6 Roster:
John “E4gle” Reitzenstein
Dennis “Noctis” Partowi-Brudjerdi
Alex “Nerf” Wittich
Marijana “Dieanic” V.
Kieren “boomzeh” Harley-Pesce
Kevin “Vioo” Gehrmann (Coach)

Statement from #WolvesR6:
“We are a new Rainbow Six: Siege team who has been together for some time, and in this time we have built our foundation to succeed in the future. Our team consists of five respected upcoming players who have worked hard in the Rainbow Six scene. All team members have already gained a fair amount of competitive experience in various teams.

Some players even have higher tier experiences such as UKIN/Nordic etc. We wish to compete in Nationals, which will then pave the way into Challenger League. We are looking forward to our future and will be well prepared.”


Rainbow Six in 2022

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After we’ve been out of the Rainbow Six: Siege scene for a bit, we are happy to announce that we return once more. Rainbow Six in 2022!

Our new team will represent us in the DeSBL and other leagues and tournaments in the future. After a turbulent time last year with plenty of roster changes we wanted to go for a more stable team this time around and hopefully help them achieve new heights going forward.

Roster Wolves Esports Rainbow Six:
Torben “Senpai” Großhennig
Fritz “Reis” Schaefer
Kevin “Slash” Görke
Malik “Sirclassic” Sonntag
Maximilian “Sc4rs” Orzechowski

Statement #WolvesR6:
After we’ve left our old organisation we wanted to find a new home and organisation to represent. Wolves Esports approached and after our initial talks we knew that Wolves would be the perfect home for us going forward. The goals for the team are quite simple: We want to stay in the DeSBL Ultimate League and win our games. The Fire League is also something we are looking at and ultimately, we want to play Ascension League and get one step closer to the GSA. For now though, we want to simply prove ourselves within the scene and constantly take steps in the right direction!


New Rainbow Six Team

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Today we officially announce our new Rainbow Six Siege team!

This obviously means Rainbow Six is back at Wolves Esports and we are looking forward to what we can achieve with the team in the future. The team will be representing Wolves in various leagues and tournaments from now on and will most likely take over any spots in leagues we currently own.

The team is also attending the ebattle Circus PC LAN in November!

Please say hello to our new #WolvesR6 team:
Jamil “J4mil” Heide
Liam “grvty” Stark
Jakob “JL” Laatz
Leon “Gazo” Zengerling
Max “Stax” van Steenis
Marius “snoosz” Dargel (Coach)


Season Review: DeSBL Ultimate League #9

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Flawless. Perfect season.

These are the exact three words we started last season’s recap about our Rainbow Six: Siege team in the DeSBL Advanced League. Today, these are the exact words we start off our recap of the DeSBL Ultimate League.

Imagine this:
You are a team in the DeSBL and play Siege. During season 7, you are in one of the Rookie Leagues. You go 13-1 and qualify for the Advanced League in Season 8. There, you win 7 out of 7 matches for a flawless season, qualifying for the Ultimate League in Season 9. Stronger opponents, highest league in the DeSBL. What happens next? You rock the league, go on to win it first try. 7 out of 7. Flawless.

Matchday 1:
Wolves Esports vs XPERIENCE – 2:0

Matchday 3:
Wolves Esports vs Team Fraternity – 2:0

Matchday 5:
Wolves Esports vs Mantis LFO – 2:0

Matchday 7:
Wolves Esports vs FACT Gaming – 2:0

Matchday 2:
Wolves Esports vs Bleistifte – 2:0

Matchday 4:
Wolves Esports vs EWAVE ESPORTS – 2:0

Matchday 6:
Wolves Esports vs V1CTORY eSports – 2:0

Recap Statement Wolves Esports.R6:
For us, it has always been a dream to play in the Ultimate League. Now, after two years of ups and downs we managed to do just that. We went into the league with a new player, new strategies and full of hopes and dreams. We have not been disappointed.

During our first match against XPERIENCE we were able to execute our strategies quite well, winning both maps with a 7-1 score and exceeding our own expectations. The first match meant a lot to us as we wanted to prove our worth.

The match against Team Fraternity was the first match that was casted. After a week full of preparations we jumped into the match with respect for our opponents but knew that if we play to our fullest we will win this match. Despite it not being the first time our games were casted we were a little bit nervous. Thanks to our analyst we knew what to expect from Fraternity and dominated the first map, trying to shut down any rotations. With the start of the second map we somehow forgot what to do and managed to force overtime. There, we managed to play decent Siege again and secured the win.

Against EWAVE we won the first map, Kafe, their strongest map. On map two, Villa, we’ve been a bit too confident and allowed them to take away four rounds but secured yet another win.

Against Mantis we played a map we didn’t prepare at all and considering they have been quite strong this season so far, we have to admit we were a little bit scared. Turns out that was not necessary and we won both maps.

During the last match against FACT Gaming Founders Squad we were able to show off our strats showcased that we can also rely on individual performances as FACT Gaming played quite differently to what we have seen before. With two maps going 7-4 in our favor, we concluded the season with 7 wins out of 7 matches.

Our hard work paid off but we are also confident enough to say that there was some luck involved in a few matches. There is still room for improvement and we are coming back next season to defend our title.


Season Review: DeSBL Advanced League B #8

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Flawless. Perfect season. There are many things to say about the season our Rainbow Six: Siege team just played in the DeSBL and we will talk about it in this season review.

The team just prior to this season was promoted to the Advanced League B, which forms the second highest league for R6S together with the Advanced League A in the current DeSBL system. Upon joining, the team said that qualifying for the first division, the Ultimate League, was certainly the goal. A season later, they already achieved it with a flawless record of 7 wins in 7 matches – a perfect season by score.

Matchday 1:
Wolves Esports vs Hypnotic Seals – 2:0

Matchday 2:
Wolves Esports vs V1CTORY Esports – 2:0

Matchday 3:
Wolves Esports vs BAT Noctula – 2:0

Matchday 4:
Wolves Esports vs Playing Ducks – 2:0

Matchday 5:
Wolves Esports vs InGenious – 2:0

Matchday 6:
Wolves Esports vs Academy Fraternity – 2:0

Matchday 7:
Wolves Esports vs REH Gaming – 2:0

Season Statement Wolves Esports R6:

Our Advanced legue season was off to a rocky start as we went to overtime against Hypnotic Seals on both maps in pretty hard fought victories. Our communication was not yet on point and it was clear that we had a lot to improve with the new lineup. However, it went better the next week. We were able to defeat V1CTORY Esports with two different map experiences. The first one was a close win, the second one a dominating win. That showed us that our communication has gotten better and that the new strats were holding up, leading to more confidence in our gameplay overall.

That confidence has led to two one-sided maps against BAT Noctula, as well as against the Playing Ducks, formerly vaceGaming Pro-Team Black. The match against the now-Ducks has shown that our ability to simply outfrag our opponents can help us a lot. It was clear to us that if we were able to combine our fragging ability with clear comms, it could lead to a fantastic season.

The next match against InGenious was a strange one as we were only able to play and win the first map, but were stopped by ongoing server issues, resulting in a map two delayed by multiple days. During map one, our so far great communication went downhill and it has become a pretty close call. Map 2 however, was a good performance with decent comms and excellent execution of strategies.

The penultimate match against Fraternity Academy went smooth with two fast maps. The last match of the season against REH Gaming was a season highlight for us as the match would be streamed live. Going into the match, there was a bit of overconfidence which led to some careless mistakes, nearly allowing our opponents a comeback on the second map.

In the end, we have to say the season couldn’t have gone any better for us. It has shown that we always have to be on point and have to continuously work hard to improve and become an even better team. Now that we have reached the goal of qualifying for the Ultimate League, we jump straight into preparations for the new season. New strats, new calls, bigger map pool. We are extremely exciting to play in the Ultimate League and can’t wait for it to start!


Rainbow Six Siege – Roster Update

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After an eventful and and problematic season, the old team and Wolves have mutually decided to go separate ways going forward. With that being said, we are now happy to announce a roster update and welcome the new team to Wolves eSports.

Shortly after it was clear that we would have to rebuild the team after the season, we started to scout for a potential new team which is when we first found the team we now announce.

Their main focus will be on the DeSBL Advanced League with planned participation of ESL’s and other smaller tournaments.

Lineup Wolves eSports R6S:
Sven “Sven” Mucha
Gabriel “Brandy” Brandstätter
Darien “alvy” Weber
Niclas “Traxz” Kurz
Eric “desinfekt” H.
Jan “Shiido” B.
Emily “Foxy” A. (Analyst)

Statement Wolves eSports R6S:
“We’re very excited to be playing for Wolves eSports! Our main focus to play loads of tournaments such as the ESL and DeSBL tournaments and league where we aim get into the Ultimate League. When were not competing in a league or a tournament we will be practising in scrims. We’re really looking forward to make a name for ourselves playing for Wolves as we have a lot of potential and we’re aiming for the top.”

Having a team in the Advanced League playing under the banner of Wolves eSports is an appreciated step forwards and we can’t wait to see this young team play!


New Rainbow Six Siege lineup

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Following a DeSBL season with multiple changes to the lineup just to get through the matches, the Wolves eSports Rainbow Six: Siege team has changed a lot once the season concluded.

We’re now ready to announce the new players that will carry on where the old team left off. The team will continue to play in the DeSBL Rookie League after they have taken over the slot from the old team where some of them already played for Wolves.

The goal for the next season is to avoid relegation. Longterm, the team aims towards the higher leagues in the DeSBL.

Lineup Wolves eSports Rainbow Six:Siege
Jonas “SCATERY” R.
Philip “Flakez” Dürkop
Dominik”ReeDz” Pisa
Julian “LinkXD” Langhorst
Miguel “Raqe” Hernández


New team: Rainbow Six Siege

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The last time Wolves eSports had a Rainbow Six: Siege team, it was a team from North America. This time around, we’re happy to announce a German R6S team!

It’s been quite a while since our last engagement in Rainbow Six: Siege but rest assured we’ve had our eyes on the game the whole time. With the new German team, which is going to mainly play in the DeSBL (German eSport Bundesliga), we’re returning to the scene with a team we believe fits our philosophy quite well. The longterm goals of the team align with the longterm goals of Wolves as they are equally as ambitious and we are ready to tackle the hurdles ahead.

Lineup Wolves eSports R6S:
Florian “shn1tzl” Kelz
Julian “KJ” Häusler
Tobias “zIPrxxy” Schäfer
Robin “Robinn” Wolf
Haakon “Sharimu” Woitinek
Tom “Axxid” Ortmeier
Gian “zIReepzz”Rasche

Statement Wolves eSports R6S:
“Today we are able to announce that we’ll start the new season as the official Rainbow Six Siege team of Wolves eSports. Our main goal is the promotion in the DeSBL. We’re also aiming at participating in as many cups and tournaments as possible to gain more experience and hopefully achieve decent results. We’re pretty confident that there is no need to hide with a lineup as experienced as ours. We are looking forward to this partnership with Wolves eSports full of anticipation and are ready to show what we are made of!”