Starting engines for the Svenska Raketligan

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The Wolves Esports Rocket League team starts their engines as they enter the Svenska Raketligan!

Exciting Rocket League action awaits us week in week out as the start of the new season finally has come. After unfortunate qualifiers for Division 3, our team has to start their journey in Division 4 and the boys have to prove themselves for the first time today.

The team has to play 9 matches in 7 weeks during the regular season and aims for the top spot at the end of it, which is the only placement that would allow the team to move up into Division 3.

Week 1 – Wolves Esports vs TT-Gaming (25.03.20 – 20:30 CET)
Week 2 – Wolves Esports vs Squarebox
Week 2 – Wolves Esports vs Visual Gaming
Week 3 – Wolves Esports vs Meeheecans
Week 4 – Wolves Esports vs The Burned 3
Week 5 – Wolves Esports vs Straight outta Sala
Week 5 – Wolves Esports vs VapidGaming
Week 6 – Wolves Esports vs RaketForSkarna
Week 7 – Wolves Esports vs Rookie Bots


Wolves join Rocket League

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Today we’re happy to announce that Wolves eSports finally joins the Rocket League scene. It has been a game we have followed closely since release and always wanted to pick up a team in. Now is that time!

From now on, Wolves will be represented in Rocket League competition by our new Swedish roster. Going forward, the team is looking to leave its mark in the scene and intends to participate in the next Rocket League Rivals Series Open Qualifiers, as well as the Svenska Raketligan, an all swedish league. The ESL Super Sundays and other smaller tournaments are also on the list of competitions they want to enter on a regular basis.

We’re excited to see what the now rocket powered future brings for Wolves and the team but there will be plenty of Rocket League coming your way soon!

Wolves eSports Rocket League
Fredrik “PantarN” Alfredsson
Kim “Norsk” Pettersen
Sigge “Swalie” Lundberg

Statement Wolves eSports Rocket League:
“We’re very excited to be playing for Wolves eSports! Our goal is to play loads of tournaments such as the ESL and Glory4Gamers tournaments while we also look at the qualifier for the “Svenska Raketligan” where we are aiming for division 1 in the future. Talking about goals, our main goal in ESL is to get to the monthly elite tournament while we are mainly looking for plenty of playtime on Glory4Gamers. The rest of the time we will be scrimming against high skilled teams through various Discord servers. The RLRS qualifier and placing as high as possible is also a goal of ours. We’re really looking to make a name for ourselves playing for Wolves, we have a lot of potential and we’re aiming for the top.”