Farewell, Vainglory!

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We are announcing our departure from the Vainglory scene with immediate effect and say farewell, Vainglory!

While our time with Vainglory was short compared to some of the other organisations out there that recently left the scene, we had a joyful run while it lasted. We would like to thank all of our former and current players for spending their time with us and wish them all the best in the future as they explore other options.

A special thanks goes out to Alexander “Keygasza” R., who was our entry point to the scene and also turns his back to Vainglory going forward. His dedication towards the game and Wolves was nothing short of amazing and we are glad that he was the one in charge of the team here at Wolves eSports.

Overall we have been disappointed with how issues outside of Wolves were handled and do not believe we would be able to field a team that represents Wolves eSports in a way that we would deem acceptable.

Statement Alexander “Keygasza” R.:
“The biggest reason for leaving Vainglory is the unprofessionality in the scene. Super Evil Megacorp not really showing the best way to handle things impacts most of the competitive teams too. Pro players should be people to look up to, not someone toxic who just happens to be superior in terms of skill. And with that out of the way, we get to the next point: It is not only about how good you are. This is heavily misunderstood but being a good player is never the top priority for any organisation to pick you up or at least shouldn’t be. If you show you can’t be presented to the sponsors and fans you won’t have a chance longterm. I initially joined Vainglory to improve the position of it’s esports but people are okay with it not growing. With a few exceptions almost everyone is blinded by their own arrogance and unflexibility of thoughts. “If I think it’s correct then it’s correct – no matter how much sense the other option makes”. With this immunity I will move forward to look for a more mature surrounding. I feel sad to just turn my back, but as it is Vainglory will never leave puberty. If I had the choice to pick from every player available in the game there would be less than 20 players I would consider and I have been in a team with most of them. I gave chances to more than 100 players over the years and there have been tons of disappointments.”


Vainglory Premier League Preseason Invitational

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We’re taking part in the Vainglory Premier League Preseason Invitational starting this Saturday!

After we announced our new Vainglory roster a couple of days ago, we can now say that we are one of the 6 European teams to play the VPL Preseason Invitational Europe which is starting on Saturday, April 14th and concludes on Sunday, May 13th. During these 5 weeks the teams will face each other twice in a round robin leading up to the first split of the Vainglory Premier League. Matches during Preseason will be played in a Best of 1.

Each Saturday and Sunday, 3 matches of Europe and North America will be streamed on the official Vainglory stream on Twitch.tv!

The 6 European Teams:
Wolves eSports    
• Team Queso
• Qlash
• Rising Lotus
• Equinox Esports
• SaltyPotatoes

The 8 North American Teams:
• Team SoloMid
• Rogue
• Nova Esports
• Hammers Esports
• Tribe
• Vision Gaming
• Tilt Rehab
• Slimy Salamanders


New Vainglory Lineup

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Today, we are announcing the new Wolves eSports Vainglory lineup participating in the upcoming leagues and tournaments.

Vainglory has been in off-season mode for quite some time and with the switch from 3v3 to 5v5 as the main competitive gamemode we knew that our team would change a bit going forward. With the uncertainty of how Vainglory is going to continue in esports it took quite some time to figure out what’s going to happen with the team. In the end, we are more than happy with out it turned out and today we’d like to introduce the team that is going to represent Wolves eSports from now on.

While we are keeping our current players Alexander “Keygasza” R., Sebastian “Chrysior” L., Oliver “KingPaprika” R., and Adrian “Asero1d” S., we also add Sim “Simmmy” S. and Yason “Sosiska” P.

Last but not least, we have three former members of G2 Esports joining Wolves – David “DarkPotato” S., Tim “Reddix” S., and Timo “D1ngo” T., who is going to be the Team-Manager.

Lineup Wolves eSports Vainglory:
Timo “D1ngo” T. (Team-Manager)
Alexander “Keygasza” R.
Sebastian “Chrysior” L.
Oliver “KingPaprika” R.
Sim “Simmmy” S.
Yason “Sosiska” P.
David “DarkPotato” S. (Substitute)
Tim “Reddix” S. (Substitute)
Adrian “Asero1d” S. (Substitute)

Stay tuned for more Vainglory news and announcements in the near future!

Vainglory Roster Update

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With our recent search for Vainglory players on Twitter came a lot of tryout games and endless hours of talks which resulted in the roster we now present for the upcoming challenges.

Before we go into detail with the updated roster we would like to thank all applicants for their interest. We’ve had a huge influx of messages every day which was fantastic to see and we are sorry if we did not get back to you as fast as you might have hoped. It’s been the first time we’ve done a player search like that and we were genuinely surprised about the result.

The now updated team is going to debut during the VGL Autumn Challenger Series Split 2 starting October 24th.

Lineup Wolves eSports Vainglory:
Alexander “Keygasza” R.
Sebastian “Chrysior” Lautenbach
Adrian “Asero1d” S.
Hugo “Znw” Gautier
Jannis “Grenlix” M.

Apart from the announcement of the new and updated lineup, we are also looking for streamers interested in working with Wolves eSports. While the game itself does not matter that much, it would be a big plus if it’s one of the games Wolves has teams in (e.g. Vainglory) or is a major eSports title.

To keep it short, here is a list of requirements:

  • Age : 18+
  • Region: EU/NA
  • Able to stream in fluent English
  • High Quality stream (720p+)
  • Active on Twitter (others are a bonus, especially YouTube)
  • Video Editing is a huge plus

If you are interested please DM us on Twitter.


Wolves eSports joins Vainglory

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Wolves eSports ventures into Vainglory. A new game and the very first mobile game Wolves ever enters. In the past weeks we’ve carefully looked at promising options and narrowed it down to a single team – the one that now joins Wolves eSports as the official Vainglory team!

With already big names in Vainglory we have thought about the game more than once and tried to find a suitable team to accompany Wolves eSports on the journey and we believe that we’ve made the right decision. The team formerly known as Halcyon Quake is going to represent Wolves from now on with their first official appearance in the VGL Summer Season against eSuba tomorrow.

Lineup Wolves eSports Vainglory:
Alexander “Keygasza” R.
Dennis “PraY” S.
Leon “zILeno” A.
Paul “PMXPlus” M.
Julius “DarudeTankstorm” T.
Connor “LeftSpectrs” H.
William “Azurestreak” M.
Sim “MovingOn” S.

Statement Wolves eSports Vainglory:
“We, former Halcyon Quake, are happy to be able to announce that we will continue our way under the name of Wolves eSports! We are glad to be a part of them now and are looking forward to a great partnership and a great future!”