WarCraft 3 roster expansion

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After a very successful season in the NWC3L, we are happy to announce another roster expansion for our WarCraft 3 team.

By picking up the team LS Gaming, Wolves will be attending the next season of NWC3L once again with two teams:

Lineup Wolves eSports Team 1:
Ilya “Sonik” Malish
Artem “Cash” Shirobokov
Vladimir “Sheik” Nikolaev
Ignas “Bizzare” Mockaitis
Joaquin “Mackay” Ampuero
Pavel “Curiocity” Avdeenkov
Mikhail “XeLSinG” Illyinchyk

Lineup Wolves eSports Team 2:
Pepe “headintheclouds” Castro
Maros “showmeyourmind” Minarik
Manuel “Pitbull” Rojas
Jonathan Andres ”Bomber” Chumbimuni Macavilca
Nikolay ”Maru” Cherkasov
Titouan “RapiNG” Colin
Florian “CapeTown” Hanetzog
Patrick “EloHim” Wozniak
Artur “BrokenHanDs” Vigovsky

WarCraft3 Staff:
Quentin ”Wal3eyyy” Ruetsch – Manager
César “Psike” Cáceres – Manager
Andrés ”MartialSpirit” Paz Soldán – Staff

Last season, the first team managed to reach the playoffs. Team 2 started off in the second division but has successfully played their way to the relegation spot. Together with the new players from LS Gaming, who also reached the playoffs in division 1, our two WarCraft 3 teams will compete in the first division for the glory of the Wolves.

We can’t wait to see the teams in action!


WarCraft 3 Weekend Recap

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This was a hell of a weekend for our WarCraft 3 team with a lot of tournament action!

It all started on Friday with the pG Champions Cup #2 where Ignas “Bizzare” Mockaitis and Vladimir “Sheik” Nikolaev took part in. After being defeated by “BlaDe” in round 1 of the tournament, Bizarre was revenged by his team mate Sheik in the Grand Finals. Sheik won the Best-of-Five with 3-1.

Later that evening, Sheik, Bizarre, Vladimir “rvs” Buravkov and Mikhail “XeLSinG” Illyinchyk played the Friday Random Fun Cup. Though Sheik could not repeat his performance from the previous cup, he still looked pretty good against the Ukrainian legend “Foggy” in the quarter-finals. The Russian wolf managed to take one map but finally lost 1-2.
Rvs and Bizzare did not have too much luck as they met each other in round 2 of the tournament. This duel was won by Bizzare who fell short to “BlaDe” in the round after. Meanwhile, XeLSinG fought his way through to the semi-finals where he also faced “BlaDe” but ultimately suffered the same fate as Bizzare.

The first stage of the LifeLine Tournament was the next event for our WarCraft team. Jeremy “BsK” Duez and Rvs could not make it past round 1 while XeLSinG managed to reach the second stage of the cup which will take place next week. Bizzare and Sheik almost made it to the next level as well but were defeated one round before they reached the checkpoint.

The Psichodеlica Cup 2 was the last individual cup of the weekend. Ilya “Sonik” Malish reached round 3 where he lost to the soon to be tournament winner “Happy”. Rvs could not make it past round 2 while BsK was not able to defeat “Foggy” in the first round of the tournament. Once more, Sheik delivered a great performance and reached the semi-finals after taking down “Lucifer”. In his semi-final he was defeated 2-0 by “Foggy” however.

In the NWC3L both of our teams had some interesting matches to play. In division 2, our team took a 10-5 victory over second placed HOT ELITE 2018, expanding their lead at the top of the table.
Team one had a tougher nut to crack as they faced the top team Soviet War Elites. This match was a literal back and forth which ended in a 8-7 in favor of the Swedish opponents.

Great weekend & well played by all players – we can’t wait for the next one!


WarCraft 3 team for Wolves eSports

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We’re happy to announce that Wolves eSports goes WarCraft3 as we pick up the team formerly known as uMaD Gaming.

We’ve looked into some of the oldschool esport games in the past and with WarCraft 3 and uMaD Gaming, who recently won Season 8 of the NWC3L, we found a team and a game we want to support. Despite its age, WarCraft 3 still has a decent following and we can’t wait for 2018 to see some WC3 action coming along. The team is going to play the next seasons of the NWC3L, WC3L and CWL coming 2018.

Lineup Wolves eSports Warcraft 3:
Quentin “Wal3eyyy” Ruetsch
Ignas “Bizzare” Mockaitis
Ilya “Sonik” Malish
Mikhail “XeLSinG” Illyinchyk
Pavel “Curiocity” Avdeenkov
Jeremy “BsK” Duez
Titouan “RapiNG” Colin

Statement Wolves eSports Warcraft 3:
“We are happy to join Wolves eSports who gave us the opportunity to collaborate and promote WarCraft 3 together. Of course we’ll do our best to defend our NWC3L title and achieve decent results in other leagues and tournaments. We can’t wait for 2018! Go Wolves!”

Last but not least, the team is still looking for additional players that meet the following requirements:
– Age: 20+
– Available in Skype/Discord
– +60% Winrate
– League experience is a big plus

If you are interested or have any questions, join our Community Discord here and contact Quentin “Wal3eyyy” Ruetsch (DopeY#4688)



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