As over a month has passed now since FIFA19 was released, we proudly present you our new FIFA roster. With four new players joining the team we also say farewell to three of our old players. We’d like to thank Christian “Darkstriker” P├Ątzold, Franz “Jose_Zlatan” Zech and Emre “EmreFIFA” Sen for their great effort and the great time!

We are happy to welcome the new reinforcements. This is the updated FIFA roster of Wolves eSports:

Wolves eSports FIFA:
Sebastian “Bastinho” Holsten
Alex “Alex17_f9t” Malolepszy
Emre “EmreTuzcuoglu” Tuzcuoglu
Gordon “Giganticskill” Bolt
Lukas “Maya” Meyer

Statement of Sebastian “Bastinho” Holsten:
“Looking forward to the next year and to a great time together with the other players!”

Statement of Alex “Alex17_f9t” Malolepszy:
“I’m happy that Wolves eSports gives me the opportunity to make my dreams come true and I will do everything to represent the team as good as possible.”

Statement of Emre “EmreTuzcuoglu” Tuzcuoglu:
“I can’t wait for this new chapter and will do the best to reach my goals. Thanks to Wolves eSports for giving me this opportunity to become better.”

Statement of Gordon “Giganticskill” Bolt:
“I’m happy to be a part of the FIFA team of Wolves eSports. I’m really motivated to score the best results and to represent the organisation worthily. Here’s to a good and long collaboration!”

Statement of Lukas “Maya” Meyer:
“I’m glad to accept the challenges with Wolves eSports for the upcoming year. I hope to improve and to perform on a high level constantly.”