November 20th marks the day where Battlefield V is released for everyone worldwide!

After Battlefield 1, which was set in World War I, Battlefield V goes back the franchise roots and offers fans and players a new World War II experience! The game has a heightened focus on the lesser known battles of the war and aims to deliver immersive gameplay in either single or multiplayer. The player now has to physically open doors, enter vehicles, as well as picking up ammo or health.

With the introduction of The Company, players are able to customise all clothing, weapons and vehicles throughout the game. Those customisations do not affect the stats of the item or gameplay at all.

At launch, Battlefield V offers 8 maps, 37 weapons and 24 vehicles, the first four installments of War Stories, the storytelling single-player experience, as well as several multiplayer modes such as fan favourite Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Breakthrough, Frontlines, and Domination. The Operations from Battlefield 1 come back in an extended form called Grand Operations.

Post-launch, EA and DICE intend to release new maps, weapons and vehicles through the Tides of War, which replace the Premium Pass meaning that all future content is free for everyone. Coming in 2019, is Battlefield’s approach to the battle royale genre with game mode Firestorm.