The 7th of December 2018 – a day the whole Super Smash Bros scene has been waiting for as it marks the worldwide release of the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

With titles such as Melee, Brawl and Super Smash Bros 4, the competitive scene for the game has been incredibly strong and can look forward to Ultimate to continue this trend. With release, there are over 70 fighters and over 100 stages. The Super Smash Bros franchise has been an important one for Wolves eSports since we first picked up a group of players in September 2016. With Benjamin “wusi” Baye, there is still one of these players around!

Going into Ultimate, we hope that our three German players “wusi”, “Eddy”, and “Frieddo” will be able to leave their mark on the national scene and maybe even Europe. All three will attend the AGON-Serie | The Council, one of the first German offline events for the new game on Dec 15 – Dec 16.

Going forward and into 2019, we strongly believe that our current roster is strong enough to be a relevant force in the German scene and it will be interesting to see which players stick to their former mains or pick up a new character.