Today, we’re happy to announce the revival of our Overwatch team!

After the old lineup slowly faded into inactivity and disbanded over time, we initially thought we would stay away from the game in the near future. However, we were approached by a former Overwatch player of ours and following a short talk with the team, both sides agreed to team up from now on.

The team will participate in smaller tournaments as well as the Overwatch EU Open Division once a new season is announced.

This is the new Wolves eSports Overwatch team:

Stephanie “freexfly” Drinkgern
Vinzenz “Septo” D. M.
Marco “EvilArts” Sonntag
Gabriel “regiegab” Pelivan
Timo “Karambo” Seikel
Rui Jorge “DizzelDE” N. S.