Today, we are happy to announce that Wolves Esports re-enters the League of Legends scene as team “Get Vaccinated” joins and represents Wolves going forward!

We have been scouting for League of Legends teams in the past few months and finally found a team that we are confident to work with and share the same drive to improve with. Additionally, the core of the team has been together for quite some time and gets along on a personal level extremely well. This is something we are always keen to find as it represents the values and ideas we live by.

The team will represent Wolves Esports in the Prime League and any other tournaments the team may enter in the future.

Lineup Wolves Esports LoL:
Julian “Bluddeux” Kroiß
Florian “FlowST3R” Fürnweger
Michael “Faratella” Grubmüller
David „Exudios“ Lazau
Jan “Jean Chambre” Zimmer

Statement Florian “FlowST3R” Fürnweger:
Hi, my name is Flo and I am the toplaner for Wolves Esports new League of Legends team.

After successfully completing our relegation for Prime League Division 3 without an organization or management, Patrick and Andre contacted us offering their support for the upcoming season. We happily agreed and are super stocked to be playing for such an established organization such as Wolves Esports.

We hope to be rudimentarily as successful as their other teams and will try our hardest to reach Division 2 relegation during the coming Prime League split. I am sure we have the dedication and skill to get to this level of play and with the help of our new pack there is no doubt we will achieve this goal!