Brawlhalla Roster Update

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Some time has passed since the official announcements of our Brawlhalla team expansion but we still wanted to introduce the new players of Wolves Esports on our website as well.

This marks the first time we’ve expanded to Asia and is only the beginning of our efforts on the Asian continent. Additionally, it is the second time Wolves Esports will be present in North America after a short stint in Rainbow Six: Siege years ago.

Without further ado, the new additions to our Brawlhalla team are:

Spencer “ImLlama” S.
Brandon “GTG” Ong
Tsz Him “himwy” Shi

With these players joining Wolves Esports you can expect more Brawlhalla content in the future as we continue to commit ourselves to the competitive Brawlhalla scene.


We are recruiting

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Wolves Esports is recruiting and open to all team applications! We want to strenghten our position by coming back to a few games we have been active in in the past.

What are we looking for?

Teams in:
– Counterstrike: Global Offensive
– Valorant
– DotA 2
– Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
– Rocket League
– Fortnite

Your game is not listed? Feel free to reach out to us anyway! We are always open for new ideas!

– Only complete rosters
– Teams must be 3 months or older
– Active participation in relevant leagues and tournaments
– Age 16+ / Age 18+ for CS:GO and PUBG
– Mature behaviour
– Communication skills, honesty and loyalty are a must-have!
– Realistic goals and expectations

If you are interested, please reach out to us and provide the following information:
– Age and nationality of your players
– Information about the team and what leagues you are playing in
– Plans and goals for the next 6 months
– Your expectations towards us
– Links to relevant team profiles, results and leagues

You can do this via Twitter DMs (@wolves_esports) or email us at:

Rainbow Six in 2022

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After we’ve been out of the Rainbow Six: Siege scene for a bit, we are happy to announce that we return once more. Rainbow Six in 2022!

Our new team will represent us in the DeSBL and other leagues and tournaments in the future. After a turbulent time last year with plenty of roster changes we wanted to go for a more stable team this time around and hopefully help them achieve new heights going forward.

Roster Wolves Esports Rainbow Six:
Torben “Senpai” Großhennig
Fritz “Reis” Schaefer
Kevin “Slash” Görke
Malik “Sirclassic” Sonntag
Maximilian “Sc4rs” Orzechowski

Statement #WolvesR6:
After we’ve left our old organisation we wanted to find a new home and organisation to represent. Wolves Esports approached and after our initial talks we knew that Wolves would be the perfect home for us going forward. The goals for the team are quite simple: We want to stay in the DeSBL Ultimate League and win our games. The Fire League is also something we are looking at and ultimately, we want to play Ascension League and get one step closer to the GSA. For now though, we want to simply prove ourselves within the scene and constantly take steps in the right direction!


The Howl 2022 – League of Legends

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A new year, a new Howl! To start this year’s Howl series we’ve asked two of our League of Legends players a few questions about the team, the game and more.

Q: Hello, to start this Howl it would be great if you could quickly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the team.
FlowST3R: Hi, my name is Flo, I’m 25 years old and have been a toplaner ever since I started playing League of Legends. I’ve known the boys for quite some time from offline events and tournaments. Last year, we’ve surprisingly met each other again in scoutings and have been a team ever since.

Bluddeux: Hey, I’m Julian and I’m 26 years old from beautiful Austria. I started playing League in 2013 and played pretty much all roles since then. At the moment I’m the support for Wolves Esports.

Q: The last season ended not too long ago. How was it from your perspective and how do you think the team will do in the upcoming season?
FlowST3R: Last season we’ve been in Division 4 and qualified for playoffs as a clear first place in our group. During the playoffs however, we went to the lower bracket final before qualifying for Division 3. I believe there is a huge skill gap between the divisions 4 and 3 but I’m certain that we have a good shot at Division 2 playoffs with our new jungler and a good amount of practice and preparation.

Bluddeux: Last season’s group stage wasn’t that hard. Now that we’ve played together for some time and considering that we barely missed out on Division 2 in the Prime League once, Division 4 was not a huge challenge for us despite the fact we didn’t have a coach or didn’t practice as much. I’m excited for the new split as Division 3 has gotten a lot stronger split by split but reaching the playoffs is the goal. It won’t be an easy task though.

Q: Since when are you guys playing League and how did it all start?
FlowST3R: I initially played Counterstrike with my brother who kept telling me about League of Legends. During Season 2, around 2012 was the point in time I tried the game and never looked back. 9 years of being on an island in toplane and I’m still as excited about the new season as if it was my first!

Bluddeux: I play the game since 2013 and was told about the game by a class mate. Before that I played Metin 2, Crossfire and World of Warcraft. Competitively as well at times.

Q: Apart from League of Legends, are there any other games you play?
FlowST3R: Yes, of course. Mostly offline or singleplayer games such as Assassins Creed, Cyberpunk and more. My only real online game is League, though.

Bluddeux: I don’t really play games apart from LoL at the moment. Some minigames here and there or some Call of Duty Warzone on my PS4. The time to play games is limited so I invest it into LoL to improve myself there.

Q: Let’s get back to League. What are the things you like and hate the most about the game?
FlowST3R: I think the teamplay is what fascinates me the most when it’s good and everything runs smooth. It can also be the most frustrating aspect of the game when it’s not there because you can rarely carry the game on your own.

Bluddeux: The hate-love relationship with SoloQ is what gets me the most. Especially now that you compare your ranks and ELO within the team it’s a lot more fun to try and achieve a higher rank. Apart from that and SoloQ it’s achieving something with your team and friends. The thing that bothers me more than anything else is the immense ego a lot of players have. However, through dealing with it for years I’m not too faced by it anymore.

Q: All rules and the meta aside: What would the team pick in Draft?
FlowST3R: A good old wombo combo would be my choice. Something like Ornn, Nocturne, Orianna, Ezreal and Alistar since we are usually the better team when it comes to teamfights.

Bluddeux: Ornn, Vi, Viktor, Samira, Alistar.

Q: If you could delete three champions from the game, which ones would you pick?
FlowST3R: As a toplaner, cleary it’s Fiora, Irelia and Teemo!!

Bluddeux: Yuumi, Tryndamere, Evelyn.

Q: Let’s talk the other way around now that you picked the champions to delete. If you were to create champion, what kind of abilities would they have and what would be their role?
FlowST3R: A champion with some sort of mana drain or a possibility to increase your opponents cooldowns as a support would be cool. Maybe it’ll be too strong but at least it wouldn’t have heals or invisibility!

Bluddeux: A support with a global ability. All other roles have champions specifically with a global. Of course you can flex toplane champions like Shen as support but his kit is by far not the one of a support champion.

Q: What do you think about tools such as OP.GG and Blitz App that can make the decision of what runes to pick for certain champions and tell you what items to build in game?
FlowST3R: It’s incredibly helpful. I wish I would have had access to these things when I started playing. Tools and websites like these can at least give you a general idea of how to play and build characters in terms of item choices, which runes are the most useful and what ability to max first. For coaches and analyst these are also invaluable tools nowadays.

Bluddeux: Great for beginners but apart from scouting your opponents through OP.GG for example it isn’t necessary or benefitial once you reach a certain level as you have to individually adapt your runes and items to how the draft went and using a preset is not the best idea in that case.

Q: Last League related question: The LoL community loves skins. Be honest – how much did you spend on skins so far?
FlowST3R: Well, more than 1000€ for sure. I’m just glad that we have loot boxes now so I can get new skins without taking out a loan.

Bluddeux: I currently own 459 skins but I’m not sure how many of them I actually bought. Throughout all these years you collect a lot of things and if you spend some money every few months or so while having fun for years I have to admit that the amount of money doesn’t matter anymore. It’s invested perfectly.

Q: Have you ever played any other MOBAs aside from League of Legends?
FlowST3R: I tried DOTA 2 after I already played League for some time. Mechanics like last hits, wave management etc. can be transferred but I simply didn’t want to learn a huge amount of characters again.

Bluddeux: None. I only played shooters and MMORPGs before.

Q: This week we’ll introduce the new Wolves Esports jerseys. What color would you prefer? Green, maybe?
FlowST3R: I’m excited for the new jerseys! I could see a lot of colors working but white and blue come to my mind when thinking of Wolves. Green would be bold, but possible. At least you would be one of a kind with that color compared to most others.

Bluddeux: I always like white. You can combine a lot of colors with it. Green is my favorite color so I’m now excited if it could really be green.

Q: Thank you for taking the time and answering our questions. Is there anything else you want to say at the end?
FlowST3R: Only that I’m hyped and ready for the new season with the Wolves and my team mates as well as going for the Division 2 playoffs in Prime League.

Bluddeux: Let’s go Wolves!


League of Legends returns

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Today, we are happy to announce that Wolves Esports re-enters the League of Legends scene as team “Get Vaccinated” joins and represents Wolves going forward!

We have been scouting for League of Legends teams in the past few months and finally found a team that we are confident to work with and share the same drive to improve with. Additionally, the core of the team has been together for quite some time and gets along on a personal level extremely well. This is something we are always keen to find as it represents the values and ideas we live by.

The team will represent Wolves Esports in the Prime League and any other tournaments the team may enter in the future.

Lineup Wolves Esports LoL:
Julian “Bluddeux” Kroiß
Florian “FlowST3R” Fürnweger
Michael “Faratella” Grubmüller
David „Exudios“ Lazau
Jan “Jean Chambre” Zimmer

Statement Florian “FlowST3R” Fürnweger:
Hi, my name is Flo and I am the toplaner for Wolves Esports new League of Legends team.

After successfully completing our relegation for Prime League Division 3 without an organization or management, Patrick and Andre contacted us offering their support for the upcoming season. We happily agreed and are super stocked to be playing for such an established organization such as Wolves Esports.

We hope to be rudimentarily as successful as their other teams and will try our hardest to reach Division 2 relegation during the coming Prime League split. I am sure we have the dedication and skill to get to this level of play and with the help of our new pack there is no doubt we will achieve this goal!


FIFA Pro Clubs is back

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A few years after our last engagement in the Pro Clubs scene, Wolves Esports is happy to announce our new FIFA Pro Clubs team!

The team, formerly known as Teamgeist CF, is actively playing and competing in Divisions 1 of the German ProClubs league and the German Virtual Pro Gaming league. They are also competing in the Premier North of the VPG Europe on PlayStation.

With the start of the upcoming season, October 25th, the team will officially represent Wolves Esports in all leagues and tournaments to come. We are excited to have 11vs11 FIFA back at Wolves as this is the closest a football game will ever get to the real sport. In the future you can expect plenty of FIFA related content as there are tons of matches to play!

For now, please welcome our new Wolves Esports.FIFA lineup:

Mikel “Mikel_l12l” Glodek
Mario “ixer_18x” Scherm
Kevin “Ferrari__7” Ferrari
Andre “TaXus_Bakata98” Schmeddinghoff
Azzedine “Azze_10x” Mokrane
Can “CaninhoX_” Erzeybek
Dustin “SchalkerDj” Olczewski
Eric “shisa059” Böttger
Jannik “jannik-fifa” Stark
Marco “xMarco_x1” Käb

Justin “Justin_23x” Schulz
Kay “ITz_zSONICx” Passeck
Manuel “xEPx_Griezmann_7 ” Munz
Fabian “Slay_Wulong” Frömmgen
Oliver “SakeiLP” Worschech
Marcel “Teddy_7x” Bies
Philipp “Phil_x11” Büssing
Pascal “xEPx_Sabo_23” Rettig
Benjamin “Zack-x19-” Zacharias

Statement #WolvesFIFA:
“Our Club was established in 2015 and we have around 8-10 players still originating from that time. We are always looking to fully integrate new players joining our team to strengthen this core and be able to perform on top level on and off the pitch. The main goal for us will be to achieve stable results every week and not to have so many ups and downs like last year. If we are able to do that, the league tables will reflect it with good figures for our team. We are very excited to join Wolves Esports. We hope that both sides can contribute and benefit from each other. We are very looking forward to the near future and things to come.”

Starting next week, the pitch will be ours.


Return to European Counterstrike

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Today, we are excited to announce our return to Counterstrike and our return with a European team. It has been a while since Wolves Esports fielded a non-German CS:GO team but that changes right now!

We have been on the lookout for a new team for some time now and concentrated on teams with potential outside of Germany and found a team shooting their way through ESEA Open. Unfortunately, a very strong opponent, who reached the playoff finals, was in their way to directly qualify for ESEA Main. Going forward, the team will play in ESEA Intermediate, in domestic competitions as well as other tournaments and qualifiers. The goals are set and we can’t wait for their first official match.

Without further ado, please welcome our new #WolvesCSGO team!

Lineup Wolves Esports CSGO:
Zsombor “Sc0rchzz” Kocsis
Dominik ”bee-” Fodor
Viktor “cruly” Pávai
Gábor “gbk^” Huszti
Tamás “Zancu” Kiss

Our goal is to support our new Counterstrike team and players on their grind through the ranks of European and domestic competition in the best way possible.

Statement #WolvesCSGO:
“We would like to thank Wolves Esports for the opportunity and for having us. Our goal for the next ESEA season is to get into ESEA Main from Intermediate. In the future, we want to be one of the best teams in Hungary and participate in national tournaments as well as other tournaments. We hope that we can grow together as a team. So stay tuned for our progress!”


New Rainbow Six Team

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Today we officially announce our new Rainbow Six Siege team!

This obviously means Rainbow Six is back at Wolves Esports and we are looking forward to what we can achieve with the team in the future. The team will be representing Wolves in various leagues and tournaments from now on and will most likely take over any spots in leagues we currently own.

The team is also attending the ebattle Circus PC LAN in November!

Please say hello to our new #WolvesR6 team:
Jamil “J4mil” Heide
Liam “grvty” Stark
Jakob “JL” Laatz
Leon “Gazo” Zengerling
Max “Stax” van Steenis
Marius “snoosz” Dargel (Coach)


The Howl 2021 – Pokemon

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A new Howl is here! With the new Pokemon season starting in September we decided to ask some question to Christian Fontenot, one of our Pokemon Trading Card Game players, as well as Benjamin Wood, our Pokemon Video Game Championship player. Here’s what they have to say about Pokemon and some other stuff!

1) Hello! To kick this interview off, please tell us a little bit about yourself!
Christian: Hi, my name in Christian Fontenot. I am 17 years old, and have been playing the Pokemon TCG since 2016. I am from Denmark.

Ben: Hello! My name is Benjamin Wood. I’m 16 years old and I am a Pokemon VGC Player for Wolves Esports. I have been playing Pokémon since 2014 and competitively since 2016. I live in Manchester, United Kingdom

2) Since you are part of our #WolvesPokemon section we need to talk about Pokemon. Let’s start simple: What is your favorite Pokemon and why? 
Christian: My favorite Pokemon is Torchic. No real reason, it’s just the one I liked as a kid, but it has stuck with me. Whenever I would go to events in America, I’d always buy any Torchic merch I didn’t already have.

Ben: One of my favourite pokemon is Regeleki. This is because of its typing which is electric and is the fastest Pokemon in the game as it hits 277 at Max Speed . For example, it can outspeed the likes of Dragapult which hits 194 Speed at Max Speed and Calyrex- Shadow which hits 187.

3) The Pokemon franchise has been around for a very long time and a lot of games and cards have been released. There is a huge audience for them so we want to know what your favorite card and game is.
Christian: My favorite Pokemon game is Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I got into the series in 2013, with Pokemon X and Y, but I think ORAS (Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire) is what really made me love the franchise. As for the card, it’s probably “Max Elixir” from the set “Break Point”. It’s an Item card that lets you look at the top 6 cards of your deck, and pick any basic energy you find, and put it straight onto one of your benched basic pokemon. This was fun for me as it lets the player using it speed up the pacing of the game by a lot. 

Ben: In terms of the game, my favourite game has always been Pokemon Omega Ruby as that is what got me into Pokemon and its competitive scene and it has my favourite legendary Groudon. In terms of my favourite TCG Card, it would have to be Marshadow from Shining Legends due to its Let Loose ability which caused havoc for my opponents as the ability forced them to shuffle their hand into the deck and draw 4, potentially downsizing their hand and ruining their game plan.

4) You’ve both been around some time competing. What is your biggest achievement so far? Also, what has been your most fun event you attended?
Christian: I think I would have to say Worlds 2018 for both. It was my first ever World Championship, and also the first ever event I made day 2 at. 

Ben: My biggest achievement so far would have to be getting Top 16 in Europe in 2019 because it was only my second season of competitive play I have participated in. In terms of the most fun event i have ever been to, that would have to be the Pokemon World Championships 2019 where I made day 2 as it was my first ever out of europe event and I was seeing my friends from all over the world.

5) With the new season approaching in September, what are you looking forward to the most?
Christian: Seeing friends and meeting new ones. This has always been the best part of Pokemon for me, and something that has been lacking, while being locked at home for events. 

Ben: With the new season approaching, I am looking forward to seeing friends I have not seen for ages. I am also looking forward to getting back into high level competition especially now as I have just transitioned from being a senior to a master.

6) What can we expect from you and the team in the upcoming season?
Christian: For TCG, I would expect consistency. This is something the TFG (Team Freezing Gaze) roster has been good at since its founding back in 2019. Expect at least one, but often a lot of the players on this team to be at the top end of the standings by the end of every event. 

Ben: Hopefully, in the upcoming season, we will have picked up some more VGC Players. Another thing you can expect to see is to see us travel to high level events such as Regionals and Internationals around Europe and hopefully see us perform consistently and highly.

7) What do you think about our idea to bring Pokemon closer to esports through picking up TCG and VGC players?
Christian: I have said this before, and I will say it again. I love the idea, and am happy to be working with Wolves to make it more common in the future. I truly do think Pokemon has a lot of potential as an Esport. 

Ben: It is a very good idea especially in the VGC where over the last few years Pokemon has started to become more like an esport through becoming more accessible to newer players and making this team brings us that step closer to Pokemon becoming a popular esport.

8) How did you learn about your respective games and competitions? Was there any outside influence that pointed you in the direction you have taken?
Christian: I used to be more interested in the video games, but after I learnt to play the TCG back in 2015 I started being more interested in the TCG. Half a year later, I learnt that there were Pokemon TCG tournaments in Denmark and never looked back.

Ben: I first started playing Pokemon when I was 10 in 2014 with the Omega Ruby game. However, my interest in competitive Pokemon started when I attended a league session near me playing TCG. Then i learned about the VGC on Omega Ruby and it stuck with me from there on.

9) How do you prepare for upcoming events and how long does it take? I imagine it takes quite some time to create a new deck or team. Do you have a routine for this or something you do before the match?
Christian: Going into a major, I like to get together with a group of friends, both online and offline (often teammates), to deck build and meta game for the tournament. It’s not a process that always needs to take long, but most of the time, putting in the work to prepare for every match up is worth your time. 

Ben: It would depend on the type of the tournament. For example if it was a Premier Challenge or MidSeason Showdown, then I would start making the team about 5 days in advance as that gives me enough time to think of a team, calculate stats and damage and test it. However, for Regionals, Internationals and Worlds I would prepare for about a month in advance as I need to think of the team, theory test it, work out matchups, calculate stats and damage and then create it in game.

10) What’s your opinion on the new Pokemon game releases “New Pokemon Snap”, “Pokemon Legends: Arceus”, and the recently released “Pokemon Unite”?
Christian: I haven’t yet gotten the chance to play Pokemon Unite but from looking at it I am pretty sure we can expect it to be joining Pokemon TCG, VGC, and Pokken Tournament as a staple game of the Play! Pokemon line up. Don’t have major opinions on the other two games, but I’ll probably end up getting Pokemon Legends: Arceus at some point.

Ben: Like Christian said, I believe that Unite will join the Play! Pokémon line up. However I don’t see it becoming as major as the TCG and VGC. I don’t have any opinions on the other two games as at the moment I’m more focused on Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as they will probably become the game that VGC tournaments will play on.

11) Real talk now: What do you think about the other competition? TCG vs VGC, what’s the real deal?
Christian: I mean I’m sure we could go back and forth on what is better but I’ll just let the money do the talking. In the 2019 World Championship, the winner in the Pokemon TCG earned $25,000 whereas the winner in VGC only got $10,000. Now, you tell me which one is better. 

Ben: Now I have experience with both VGC and TCG. Even coming first at a league challenge once. I concede that TCG has a bigger prize pool but at least we don’t have to shell out hundreds of pounds every time a set comes out and we only have to invest £60 every two years. And we also don’t have to deal with scalpers, though that problem has been getting less and less.

12) Apart from playing and competing in Pokemon, what are some of the things you do in your free time?
Christian: I have a lot of different hobbies. I like doing outdoors stuff like climbing, parkour, and camping. I also like playing sports like basketball, I just kinda suck at it. I of course also play a lot of video games, and enjoy hanging out with friends, again, both online and offline.

Ben: Some of the things I like to do in my spare time include: Going to the Gym, going Boxing and to Karate practice, grinding Rainbow Six: Siege and going out with friends. Another thing I also like doing is collecting sneakers and sometimes selling them.

13) Last but not least: Is there anything else you want to say? Where can people follow you and learn more about Pokemon TCG/VGC?
Christian: Hope you guys will support TFG/Wolves Pokemon in the upcoming Play! Pokemon season. If you ever want to know what I’m up to, you can follow me @prosticks64 on Twitter, as this is the platform I use the most. 

Ben: Hopefully you guys follow us along as well as our TCG counterparts TFG/Wolves Pokémon in the next Play! Pokémon Season. My Twitter is @ben_wood836 if you want to follow. Thank you for reading and remember to stay safe!


The Howl – Foxy

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We are back with another Howl! This time, we are not talking to one of our teams or player, but to our streamer Emily “Foxy” A.!

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. For those who don’t know you, please tell us a few things about you!
Hey, I’m Emily but most people know me as Foxy. I am 18 years old, stream for Wolves Esports and live in Hesse, Germany

For how long have you been streaming and what made you get into streaming?
I wanted to entertain people with my gameplay ever since I got my laptop. I started streaming in October 2019 as my PC wasn’t powerful enough to actually stream before. Since then, i’m actively streaming on Twitch.

Do you have a schedule? What kind of content can people see on your stream?
I try to be consistent with my schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at around 18:30 CET. At the moment, this isn’t always the case but I hope this changes soon! I usually stream Apex Legends, Osu!, Dead by Daylight, Rainbow Six: Siege, Minecraft and some story or horror games for variety.

When you are not streaming, what are you doing in your free time?
I’m still at my PC, I draw or talk to friends. In case I’m not at my PC, I’m usually outside doing things.

Some streamers have games they don’t play on stream or they only play when they are streaming. What about you? Do you have games you play off stream?
The games I mentioned before I also play off stream. There are some games such as Pathologic 2 or VR games in general that I don’t stream. Apart from that I also play games on PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter: World on PS4 for example, or some story games that are easier to play with controller. Talking about the Switch it’s mostly Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What is the first game you ever played?
The first games I ever played were hidden object games on my mother’s laptop. The first game on my own laptop was Minecraft as it was the only game my laptop could handle.

What are some of the goals or wishes for your stream or your viewers?
I wish to become a bigger stream. Yes I know, everyone wants that but I’m looking at doing good things such as charity streams. The most important thing however is that my viewers and I continue to have good time, have a lot of fun and experience the cringe together UwU. I also hope that my stream will become higher quality in the future. I’d also like to become a Twitch partner one day to add more cute, little emotes.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over: What’s the first thing you do?
I’d like to go on a first real date with my boyfriend as we didn’t have the chance to do that so far. Another thing I really want to do for a couple of years now is to visit the Gamescom in Cologne despite my fear of huge crowds.

What’s your favorite movie and game?
My favorite game at the moment is Apex Legends. It’s a lot of fun to get up to nonsense or to simply be a bit more competitive in ranked. I don’t have a favorite movie right now.

What would you say it is that separates your stream from the majority of other streams?
Like many other streamers I try to involve my community as much as possible. Not only by playing with viewers when I stream but also whenever I unlock a new emote slot, my community gets to decide what it will be in the end. I always try my best and spend a lot of time and effort on my stream and emotes. Maybe I’m also a little bit childish, giddy and sometimes cringe which can be kind of entertaining. I want my stream to be as varied as possible and try to support smaller streamers to become a little bit bigger UwU.

People can collect “UwU points” in your streams. Some collect more and more of these and redeem them all at once to get a specific reaction again and again. Isn’t that at least a little bit annoying?
It can be very annoying, especially whe they redeem the “give me a UwU” option as it can be kind of distracting.

Sometimes you also stream on the Wolves Esports channel. Is your streaming experience different compared to streaming on your own channel?
It’s the same “show” as on my channel but a different experience as the community is different and that creates a different atmosphere. I don’t know when my next stream on the Wolves channel will be yet.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Anything you want to say as the closing words of this interview?
Stay healthy, stay at home, UwU and #KeepHowling.

We agree – #KeepHowling!