Yesterday evening, Season 10 of the nWC3L has come to an end and Wolves eSports has claimed the throne!

The season ended with the final between Wolves eSports and Soviet War Elites, a team with many well-known names such as ThorZaIN,  Kn0fF, Effect, LiilD.C, and starshaped. But before, we’d like to take a look at the season for both our first and second team.

Week 1:
During the first week, we’ve seen the Wolves eSports clash as Team 1 faced Team 2. All five matches went in favor of Team 1, granting them a 12:3 victory over the 2nd team.

Week 2:
The first team was matched against pro-Gaming and managed to grab another win with a score of 8-4.
Our second team had to play Soviet War Elites and unfortunately were handed their second loss in two games with another 3-12 score.

Week 3:
The winning streak of Team 1 went on as they took another 12-3 victory over Firestalker and secured their first place in the rankings even further. As good as it went for Team 1 so far, the opposite has to be said about Team 2. In week three they lost 0-9 to pro-Gaming and are bottom of the table.

Week 4:
While Team 1 cruised through their match vs Serbian side Real Life Buddies and won 11-1, Team 2 went up against Firestalker and lost their match with a score line of 5-10.

week 5:
Team 1 met Soviet War Elites in a matchup that returned once more after as the grand final. In the end, Wolves pulled through and managed to go through undefeated as we won 8-7. For the 2nd team it was the last chance to take home a win and they did. With a 3-0 vs Real Life Buddies they avoided coming in last.

With 5 weeks and the regular season done, Wolves eSports comfortably sits at the top of the table with Team 1, and 5th with Team 2. The top 4 qualify for the playoffs.

In the first round of the playoffs, we faced 4th placed pro-Gaming and went to the final with a flawless score of 9-0. In the other semi final, Soviet War Elites took a very close 8-7 win over Firestalker and moved on to the grand final. During the final, our players managed to win 3 out of 4 1v1’s, two of those with 2-0. Only Joaquin “Mackay” Ampuero lost his 1v1, but scored a point with a map win. These 1v1 results rendered the 2v2 unnecessary as we accumulated the points needed to win the final already! GG’s and well played to our players and Soviet War Elites!