More Pokemon content is here despite the lack of tournaments at the moment. This is our second introduction of our players favorite Pokemon decks to date. Today, we’re looking at a Malamar & Necrozma deck by Leon K.

“Hello Everyone! Today I will tell you more about one of my favourite decks of all time, the legendary Malamar/Ultra Necrozma.”

“This deck will always have a special place in my heart, not only because I performed really well with it, but also because this version was a recommendation of a friend and it turned out incredibly well! It also showed me my love towards Malamar which I ended up also playing during several other events throughout the 2018/2019 season.

This deck is all about hitting the opponent hard in the beginning and not giving him any chance to come back which was pretty hard at that time since you had strong contenders like Zoroak/Golisopod or Zoroark/Garbador. The goal is to get one or two Malamars on the board and using them as energy pumps for your heavy attackers. Ultra Necrozma GX but also Dawn Wings Necrozma GX and, oddly enough, Lunala prism which ended up winning me a couple of games!

So why was this deck more special to me than other variants? It had the usual consistency at that time – eight draw supports. But what made it really special for me was that I tried playing four Max Elixir, which surprisingly was one of the best and most fun decision I had ever made. Max Elixir lets you look at the top six cards of your deck and choose one basic energy from there and attach it to one of your benched pokemons. Max Elixir was able to temporarily help me out as a emergency energy pump so to say. It allowed me to kill a big enemy Pokemon in turn one even though I hadn’t built up my Malamar, my energy pumps for my heavy attackers.

Even late game when the opponent killed some of my Malamars, there were so many times where I got the Max Elixir and the needed energy to win the game! This sounds a bit risky but the fact that I played many draw supporters and four of those Max Elixirs almost always guaranteed me a turn one attack which allowed me to exert a lot of pressure onto the opponent early on in the game.

Even though the deck rarely had very good matchups against most decks, the really strong thing about it was that it also had almost no bad matchups. Most were 50-50 and I usually ended up winning them. This deck didn’t beat anything really well but was able to beat almost every deck across the board with a bit of luck and good plays. Especially the Mew and Lunala, which often came out as a little surprise and ended up letting me win the game because the opponents simply didn’t expect it! Those Pokemon, that only gave one price card in contrary to my Gx-Attackers that usually gave my opponents two prices allowed me to play more flexible. If I was ever in trouble in early game, because I didn’t have the time to set up my Heavy Attackers yet, I sometimes was able to send in a Mew instead that only costed me one price card, but later on enabled me to take over the lead because of the damage it did.

Sometimes also towards the endgame, when I knew the opponent can only attack my active Pokemon since he doesn’t have any Gust effect (this effect lets you change the active Pokemon of the opponent, which is the Pokemon you will end up attacking). He can’t win the game since they will only take one price card and I have an additional turn for charging my Ultra Necrozma to finish him off.

This was one of the most fun and consistent decks to play in that format and I gladly will play it again. It introduced me to Malamar and also gave me one of the greatest tournaments experiences I ever had. It will stay one of my most loved decks for a good reason!”