Recently, we’ve announced 5 additions to the Wolves Esports Pokemon VGC team, expanding the team to a total of six players and making sure that Ben Wood isn’t the only VGC player represent Wolves anymore

The thought process behind this decision was to create a team of players from different nations and continents, and play styles, to help facilitate their growth as competitors in official Pokemon competition and trying something new at Wolves. This expansion is also our next step into Asia and North America while it’s our first into Australia.

To recap all the player announcements, here’s the #WolvesPokemon VGC lineup:

Ben Wood
Renaud “Otark” Dutarque
Heny “Hobbit” Rich
Meaghan “ResidentUnleashed” Rattle
Zach “Moone” Gray
Suwoong “WarHyang” Cheong

Stay tuned for more Pokemon related content in the future!