Some of you may know that once Wolves eSports had an Overwatch team. Now, we’re happy to announce a new one!

Overwatch never really left our minds and we recently decided to give the game another go with Wolves. That, plus one team search later, puts us where we are today as we welcome our new all-German Overwatch team that is representing the colours of Wolves starting today.

Although the team is a new one and has just recently formed, we believe that there is untapped potential that can be unlocked in the future. Both the team and Wolves see this acquisition and partnership as a longterm project and can’t wait to see how it will turn out in the end. The team will represent Wolves in any competition they will join, most notably the Overwatch Open Division that is starting on August 14th.

Lineup Wolves eSports Overwatch:
Stephanie “freexfly” D.
Florian “Nair0” H.
Ralph “realgeizt” R.
Simon “naive” W.
Robert “HetePetete” F.
Daniel “zPrefection” S.

Statement Wolves eSports Overwatch:
“We’re happy to announce that we have finally found our home in Wolves eSports! We would like to thank Wolves and partners for signing us as their Overwatch team. Of course we’ll do our best to achieve decent results in leagues and tournaments. Together with our new organisation we will have opportunities to grow as a team in the nearest future! Stay tuned and cheer for Wolves!”