With the Super Smash Bros year coming to an end we think it is time to recap what has happened since we joined the scene.

During their first event under the banner of Wolves eSports our players achieved a 4th and 5th place in solos while placing 2nd in doubles. With a start like that we surely hoped that the results would keep coming in and they did. Their second event saw another second place in doubles and a good 3rd, 7th and 13th place finish in the 1v1 bracket. Things were meant to look even better after that as Benjamin “wusi” Baye went on a tear for the next three tournaments, winning them all. First of was the Munich Smash Gaming 6, followed by a win at PaderSmash #4 and finally his 3rd in a row at Salt Smash City #9. The same weekend David “Yoh” P. placed 9th at Streetpass Essen CF.

Now that 2016 is coming to an end and many people already have their New Year’s resolution set up there is not more to say than that we are proud of the achieved results and hope the players can keep up their great performances in 2017 which hopefully is going to be the year of Wolves!

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