Last weekend our players Davide “Kunai KazeKun” Boccarossa, Benjamin “wusi” Baye, and  Jeremy “Jaytec” M. attented the Streetpass Essen EX in Essen, Germany.

The event featured a 1v1 tournament with 96 competitors and a 2v2 bracket with 48 duos fighting their way to the top. Unfortunately, Jaytec was not able to advance in the tournament and was quickly eliminated.
Both wusi and Kunai went out in Round 4 and made their through the lower bracket to secure a  great 4th and 5th place finish for themselves in their first appearance as a player of Wolves eSports. On their way to do so they beat players from Stofftiere Online and Team Prismatic.

The next big event for the team will be the AGON November (11-13th Nov) organised and hosted by Kunai. Surely, we hope to achieve similar results, or even better, during this event. We are pretty happy with the performance and hope it is an indicator of where the journey of Smash here at Wolves can go.

Stay tuned for more Smash action in November!

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