From May 18th – May 21st the 2018 edition of Smash Valley took place in Vallendar, Germany.

With plenty of tournaments in different games and a great amount of other activities and possibilites it is one of the bigger Smash events taking place in Germany and featured 102 players this year. With Benjamin “wusi” Baye, Michell “Eddy” Poßelt, and Friedrich “Frieddo” Meißner, three of those were Wolves meaning our whole squad was fighting for the top spots.

WiiU Singles
In the Singles competition, Frieddo unfortunately did not make it out of the pools while both Eddy and wusi managed to get through, although both had to take on the route into the lower bracket. Eddy faced Vuralol there and was handed a loss which put him out of that tournament on a 25th place. The last remaining Wolves player wusi went on a streak as he breezed through Uggla, Bernihetero, Hedgeon, Tomenimo, and Homiko until he faced Schligger in the lower bracket quarter final where he ultimately lost 1-3 and placed 5th in Singles.

Benjamin “wusi” Baye: 5th
Michell “Eddy” Poßelt: 25th
Friedrich “Frieddo” Meißner: 33rd

WiiU Doubles
All three Wolves participated and with Eddy/wusi, we fielded a Wolves only team while Frieddo partnered up with Tales. Both teams recieved a BYE for Round 1 and managed to win their Round 2 match. Round 3 is where things changed and Frieddo/Tales dropped into the lower bracket while Eddy/wusi won their match. Frieddo and Tales won another match in the lower bracket before being eliminated in 13th place. In their winner bracket quarter finals, Eddy/wusi faced the french duo Homiko/Elexiao, dropped into the lower bracket and lost their next match there, placing 9th in the end.

Eddy/wusi: 9th
Frieddo/Tales: 13th

Smash Brawl
Eddy and wusi tried their luck in Brawl and met each other in the winner bracket final, where wusi had the upper hand and sent his team mate into the lower bracket. Eddy however made it back to the grand final to make it a Wolves vs. Wolves matchup. In the end, wusi reigned supreme once again and took first place.

Benjamin “wusi” Baye: 1st
Michell “Eddy” Poßelt: 2nd

Dragonball FighterZ
Wusi was the only Wolves player participating and managed to fight his way into the grand final where he unfortunately lost, meaning he ends DBFZ in 2nd place.

Melee Singles
The lone wolf in this competition was Frieddo, who managed to get through the pools stage but lost the next two games in the brackets and placed 13th in the end.

Overall, it was a decent weekend for Wolves eSports and we’re happy with the results. While there are things to improve on, we can’t wait for the next event!

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