Today marks the day where the currently longest standing team of Wolves eSports, our Super Smash Bros. team, changes.

We have to say farewell to three players that have been with us since September last year and all there is to say from our side is “Thank you!“. Thank you for staying with us for that long, thank you for being a part of Wolves and being with us on our journey. It was a pleasure to have you guys and we sincerely wish you all the best for your future, wherever it may take you.

Players leaving Wolves eSports:
Davide “Kunai KazeKun” Boccarossa
David “Yoh” P.
Jeremy “Jaytec” M.

As a result, we are left with just one player for now and that is Benjamin “wusi” Baye. We’re looking to rebuild the team around him and are open to applications from players all over Europe. If you are interested and meet the following criteria, please contact us on twitter @wolves_esports:

– 18+
– Highly motivated and communicative
– Event experienced
– Interested in long-term partnership
– Bonus: Regular content on twitch and/or YouTube


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