Yep, time for another Howl! This time with Adrian “FriskyCissin” Carpenter from our Super Smash Bros team as we talk about Smash, why Norway is better than Denmark and Finland, and what he wishes Nintendo would do for Smash. Let’s get into it!

Q: Hey, would you mind introducing yourself to the readers?
Hello! My name is Adrian Carpenter or as some people may know me as FriskyCissin! I am a Norwegian Super Smash Bros. player for Wolves Esports!

Q: Since when do you play Smash and how did you get into the game?
Well, I have played Smash Bros. almost all my life from when I was a tiny child. 
As how I got into competitive Smash, was by a very good friend of mine (Aura), who told me about these local tournaments here in my hometown about 10 minutes away from my house. I went there and I have been hooked ever since.

Q: Wolves recently picked up a Pokemon Trading Card Game team. What’s your take on it as it is not really a game usually considered to be esports?
It’s a game in my eyes and for other people as well! Just because it’s not on a screen with a mouse and keyboard doesn’t mean it’s not a game!

Q: With 6 players, #WolvesSmash is one of the bigger esports organisations in Smash. Would you say that other organisations should pick up 1-2 more players to further facilitate growth in European Smash? 
I think most Orgs should go out and recruit other smash members to their teams here in Europe. It can be very hard for some super talented smash players here to travel as the scene isn’t as big as the US or Japan. There are a lot of hidden talents here and they deserve to be picked up and be recognized as great talents.

Q: Do you play any other games than Smash?
I love to play Mario Kart and Fortnite with friends as of the moment. But as of single player games I am enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles a lot. I recommend it to everyone!

Q: When a tournament is approaching, do you have a special routine to prepare?
I just usually take 15 minutes by myself to mentally get ready. Sometimes I’ll study players before a tournament set. And I will always warm up.

Q: If you were granted one wish aimed at Nintendo in regards to the Smash scene – what would that be?
That they would care about the scene. If it was possible for them to just make a big circuit with a massive prize pot with a lot of money and tournaments all around the world. It would be such a dream come true for me and others. Nintendo has treated the game in such a bad way and no one likes it.

Q: That does not sound like you appreciate the way Nintendo handles the esports community in particular. Do you think this will ever change?
Depends really who’s in charge of it in the future. The people in charge right now don’t seem to be interested in making competitive Smash a big thing. But if we ever get new people in charge, or just new people at Nintendo, that can change competitive smash forever.

Q: Counterstrike players see Valorant as a direct competitor for their game and vice versa. Do you think other fighting games such as Brawlhalla, Tekken, and Street Fighter are a direct competitor for Smash or can these happily co-exist?
Yes, I think so. Smash Bros has had a bigger impact this last few years and has gained the respect from other fighters.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?
Zootopia. Why? I don’t really know… It’s just fun!

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? 

Anything that has put effort into their music is good to me.

Q: Once this pandemic is over – What are some of the things you will do first?

Q: Since all of your teammates are from Nordic countries – Why is Norway better than Denmark and Finland?

Well, my country is a lot prettier, more sightseeing stuff to go look at. During the winter we get the lovely snow so people can go out and ski. The food over here is a lot better and isn’t a slump like you’d get over in Denmark and Finland. We are better in any type of way compared to the other countries. Even in Smash! 

Q: Any last words to conclude this Howl?
Please stay home and be safe! #KeepHowling