A new year, a new Howl! To start this year’s Howl series we’ve asked two of our League of Legends players a few questions about the team, the game and more.

Q: Hello, to start this Howl it would be great if you could quickly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the team.
FlowST3R: Hi, my name is Flo, I’m 25 years old and have been a toplaner ever since I started playing League of Legends. I’ve known the boys for quite some time from offline events and tournaments. Last year, we’ve surprisingly met each other again in scoutings and have been a team ever since.

Bluddeux: Hey, I’m Julian and I’m 26 years old from beautiful Austria. I started playing League in 2013 and played pretty much all roles since then. At the moment I’m the support for Wolves Esports.

Q: The last season ended not too long ago. How was it from your perspective and how do you think the team will do in the upcoming season?
FlowST3R: Last season we’ve been in Division 4 and qualified for playoffs as a clear first place in our group. During the playoffs however, we went to the lower bracket final before qualifying for Division 3. I believe there is a huge skill gap between the divisions 4 and 3 but I’m certain that we have a good shot at Division 2 playoffs with our new jungler and a good amount of practice and preparation.

Bluddeux: Last season’s group stage wasn’t that hard. Now that we’ve played together for some time and considering that we barely missed out on Division 2 in the Prime League once, Division 4 was not a huge challenge for us despite the fact we didn’t have a coach or didn’t practice as much. I’m excited for the new split as Division 3 has gotten a lot stronger split by split but reaching the playoffs is the goal. It won’t be an easy task though.

Q: Since when are you guys playing League and how did it all start?
FlowST3R: I initially played Counterstrike with my brother who kept telling me about League of Legends. During Season 2, around 2012 was the point in time I tried the game and never looked back. 9 years of being on an island in toplane and I’m still as excited about the new season as if it was my first!

Bluddeux: I play the game since 2013 and was told about the game by a class mate. Before that I played Metin 2, Crossfire and World of Warcraft. Competitively as well at times.

Q: Apart from League of Legends, are there any other games you play?
FlowST3R: Yes, of course. Mostly offline or singleplayer games such as Assassins Creed, Cyberpunk and more. My only real online game is League, though.

Bluddeux: I don’t really play games apart from LoL at the moment. Some minigames here and there or some Call of Duty Warzone on my PS4. The time to play games is limited so I invest it into LoL to improve myself there.

Q: Let’s get back to League. What are the things you like and hate the most about the game?
FlowST3R: I think the teamplay is what fascinates me the most when it’s good and everything runs smooth. It can also be the most frustrating aspect of the game when it’s not there because you can rarely carry the game on your own.

Bluddeux: The hate-love relationship with SoloQ is what gets me the most. Especially now that you compare your ranks and ELO within the team it’s a lot more fun to try and achieve a higher rank. Apart from that and SoloQ it’s achieving something with your team and friends. The thing that bothers me more than anything else is the immense ego a lot of players have. However, through dealing with it for years I’m not too faced by it anymore.

Q: All rules and the meta aside: What would the team pick in Draft?
FlowST3R: A good old wombo combo would be my choice. Something like Ornn, Nocturne, Orianna, Ezreal and Alistar since we are usually the better team when it comes to teamfights.

Bluddeux: Ornn, Vi, Viktor, Samira, Alistar.

Q: If you could delete three champions from the game, which ones would you pick?
FlowST3R: As a toplaner, cleary it’s Fiora, Irelia and Teemo!!

Bluddeux: Yuumi, Tryndamere, Evelyn.

Q: Let’s talk the other way around now that you picked the champions to delete. If you were to create champion, what kind of abilities would they have and what would be their role?
FlowST3R: A champion with some sort of mana drain or a possibility to increase your opponents cooldowns as a support would be cool. Maybe it’ll be too strong but at least it wouldn’t have heals or invisibility!

Bluddeux: A support with a global ability. All other roles have champions specifically with a global. Of course you can flex toplane champions like Shen as support but his kit is by far not the one of a support champion.

Q: What do you think about tools such as OP.GG and Blitz App that can make the decision of what runes to pick for certain champions and tell you what items to build in game?
FlowST3R: It’s incredibly helpful. I wish I would have had access to these things when I started playing. Tools and websites like these can at least give you a general idea of how to play and build characters in terms of item choices, which runes are the most useful and what ability to max first. For coaches and analyst these are also invaluable tools nowadays.

Bluddeux: Great for beginners but apart from scouting your opponents through OP.GG for example it isn’t necessary or benefitial once you reach a certain level as you have to individually adapt your runes and items to how the draft went and using a preset is not the best idea in that case.

Q: Last League related question: The LoL community loves skins. Be honest – how much did you spend on skins so far?
FlowST3R: Well, more than 1000€ for sure. I’m just glad that we have loot boxes now so I can get new skins without taking out a loan.

Bluddeux: I currently own 459 skins but I’m not sure how many of them I actually bought. Throughout all these years you collect a lot of things and if you spend some money every few months or so while having fun for years I have to admit that the amount of money doesn’t matter anymore. It’s invested perfectly.

Q: Have you ever played any other MOBAs aside from League of Legends?
FlowST3R: I tried DOTA 2 after I already played League for some time. Mechanics like last hits, wave management etc. can be transferred but I simply didn’t want to learn a huge amount of characters again.

Bluddeux: None. I only played shooters and MMORPGs before.

Q: This week we’ll introduce the new Wolves Esports jerseys. What color would you prefer? Green, maybe?
FlowST3R: I’m excited for the new jerseys! I could see a lot of colors working but white and blue come to my mind when thinking of Wolves. Green would be bold, but possible. At least you would be one of a kind with that color compared to most others.

Bluddeux: I always like white. You can combine a lot of colors with it. Green is my favorite color so I’m now excited if it could really be green.

Q: Thank you for taking the time and answering our questions. Is there anything else you want to say at the end?
FlowST3R: Only that I’m hyped and ready for the new season with the Wolves and my team mates as well as going for the Division 2 playoffs in Prime League.

Bluddeux: Let’s go Wolves!