It’s time for another Howl!

For this episode, we’ve had our Fortnite players Tom “Destin” Mohr,  Laurin “x1PRIME” Gregorowius, Leon “Spicyacce” Schnur, and Jacob “Junction” Reed answer questions about the game, what Epic Games needs to change to allow Fortnite’s competitive scene to grow properly and what they do when they don’t build, scavange, glide, or shoot around in Fortnite.

Hello guys! Before we start this Howl up – please shortly introduce yourselves!
Hi, my name is Tom, I’m 19 years old, been playing Fortnite for roughly a year now and study business administration.
My name is Laurin, I’m 16 years old and started playing Fortnite at the beginning of this year. Apart from that I’m doing my vocational diploma and a qualification in game design.
Junction: Hi, I’m Jacob, a 17 year old competitive fortnite player from the UK. I’m currently doing my last stage of education before I leave to University.
Spicyacce: Hi, I’m Leon and I’m 16 years old. I’ve played Fortnite for a year now and started playing competitively in season 3.

Thanks! Let us start with the questions now! There are plenty of other battle royale games out there – why did you choose Fortnite as your game?
Destin: Fortnite as a Free-to-Play battle royale offers more than most of the other pay-to-play games. For me, the mechanical aspects and the flow of the game are the reasons why I prefer Fortnite.
x1PRIME: It’s F2P and I enjoy faster paced games more. I also enjoy the mechanics involved such as the building, which no other battle royale game offers. It makes Fortnite something special.
Junction: Fortnite is a fast paced battle royale which has more layers to it than just rotations and aim. There is a large side of the game which involves the mechanics which have to be mastered first. This adds a good skill gap into competitive play, also making each play in these high level games completely different.
Spicyacce: I have played other battle royale games but Fortnite is fast and simple. The building is something new to the genre and the game itself was running pretty smooth right from the start.

Now that we know why you chose Fortnite, we’d like to know what the two things are you would change about the game and why?
Destin: The first change would be to listen to the pro community. Epic Games mostly listens to the content creators and not the professional players. Overall, Epic Games needs to take the community feedback into consideration a lot more.
x1PRIME: Epic Games should concentrate on the competitive scene a lot more, as well as putting a halt to making the game even easier for beginners. The explosives should deal less damage than they do now as it gets frustrating to see a rocket coming for you and knowing it’s over pretty soon.
Junction: I personally believe they should bring back glider redeploy into the game. It made rotations less RNG and gameplay even more fast paced. I would also make the ingame event system elo based. That way we can actually have a form of competitive play.
Spicyacce: I believe that glider redeploy should be brought back as it keeps the game fast and exciting. I agree with x1PRIME that the explosives such as the rocket launcher should be nerfed in terms of damage a bit. It’s no fun if your opponent destroys everything with a single rocket.

Okay! Let’s talk about something different. What do you guys do when you are not playing Fortnite?
Destin: I’m a full-time student. But I also do martial arts and like to go out with friends for a round of billiard or bowling.
x1PRIME: As I mentioned in the first question, I’m working on my education and my qualification in game design. I also like to hang out with friends or go to the cinema.
Junction: Studying and practising takes up a lot of my time as of now. However, I used play a lot of football in my spare time and still do when and where I can.
Spicyacce: I was in a tennis club for 3,5 years but quit last year as I hated to get up early on weekends for tournaments and such. I still play a bit of tennis here and there but mainly meet up with friends in my free time.

Seems like quite the sporty team we have here! Anyway, let’s continue. Destin, what do you think of the development of the competitive Fortnite scene?
Destin: Contrary to a lot of players I believe the development of  the competitive scene has been rather good so far. Fortnite has become an esport-worthy game when we take a look at the game and the mechanics itself. Epic Games did a decent job with their early push for esports as we’ve had time to test different formats and modes and it helped foster the competitive scene. However, lately it has gone in the wrong direction. Feedback from professional players is not being considered, some updates were not as good as they should have been. With the upcoming tournaments in mind, Fortnite still has a long way to go and needs to change.

What are the things Epic Games needs to do differently in your opinion?
Destin: Listen to the community, especially the pro scene. If that doesn’t happen, they risk their reputation as nobody wants to play a game that was known for listening to the community before, but doesn’t do that anymore. There’s a lot of great feedback from pro players out there but it seems like Epic Games doesn’t really care at the moment. Those are players that should have an input on gameplay and balancing changes. I’d suggest to have scheduled meetings between Epic Games and pro players once in a while where both sides can exchange ideas and talk about what’s planned and what they wish for. I’d also exclude content creators from these meetings as most of them haven’t participated in a lot of tournaments and might not see whats needed in terms of growing Fortnite as an esport title.

Fortnite as a game a lot of young and very young people play, gaining a reputation to be a game “for kids” and not taken seriously when it comes to esports. Do you think this is an issue for the game going forward?
Destin: No, not at all a problem. I even think it’s an advantage. The pro scene clearly is set apart from the minors playing the game as tournaments with prize money require you to be at least 16. The younger kids can watch their favorite teams and idols play. We’ve seen a lot of parents watch the tournaments with their kids at PAX West or at TwitchCon. The next group would be those aged 16+ who can watch the games and be inspired to join a competitive team. The last crowd is the esport crowd – watching their competitors play, learning from the pros and keeping updated on the meta. It’s a great mix of audiences.

Now that we talked about the game a lot and what you think about it in the current state, let’s talk about the team. Going into 2019, what are the goals of Wolves Fortnite?
Destin: The main goal is to qualify for the world championship in 2019 which will be open to all players. We’re playing a lot of scrims and are happy that there is something to play for the EU scene. We also spend time analysing, finding and testing new tactics and play styles in addition to improving our individual skills.

Well, we’re looking forward to see you compete in the remainder of 2018 and 2019! Thanks for taking the time guys, really appreciate it!