After a very successful season in the NWC3L, we are happy to announce another roster expansion for our WarCraft 3 team.

By picking up the team LS Gaming, Wolves will be attending the next season of NWC3L once again with two teams:

Lineup Wolves eSports Team 1:
Ilya “Sonik” Malish
Artem “Cash” Shirobokov
Vladimir “Sheik” Nikolaev
Ignas “Bizzare” Mockaitis
Joaquin “Mackay” Ampuero
Pavel “Curiocity” Avdeenkov
Mikhail “XeLSinG” Illyinchyk

Lineup Wolves eSports Team 2:
Pepe “headintheclouds” Castro
Maros “showmeyourmind” Minarik
Manuel “Pitbull” Rojas
Jonathan Andres ”Bomber” Chumbimuni Macavilca
Nikolay ”Maru” Cherkasov
Titouan “RapiNG” Colin
Florian “CapeTown” Hanetzog
Patrick “EloHim” Wozniak
Artur “BrokenHanDs” Vigovsky

WarCraft3 Staff:
Quentin ”Wal3eyyy” Ruetsch – Manager
César “Psike” Cáceres – Manager
Andrés ”MartialSpirit” Paz Soldán – Staff

Last season, the first team managed to reach the playoffs. Team 2 started off in the second division but has successfully played their way to the relegation spot. Together with the new players from LS Gaming, who also reached the playoffs in division 1, our two WarCraft 3 teams will compete in the first division for the glory of the Wolves.

We can’t wait to see the teams in action!


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