We’re happy to announce our entry into the competitive Quake scene with the addition of two swedish players to the Wolves family!

Arena shooters have been a part of esports for a long, long time and some of us closely followed those games over the years. While looking for new games to expand into, we’ve stumbled upon Quake Champions multiple teams but haven’t been able to find a suitable team or players for Wolves eSports which has changed now! We’re excited to see where the Quake journey takes us in the future!

The two new Swedes will be participating in upcoming 1v1 and 2v2 leagues and tournaments for Wolves eSports starting today and will also stream their gameplay on a regular basis.

Please welcome the Wolves eSports Quake roster:
Ola “Reknine” Magnusson
Mattias “Strydah” Ostrowski