Today, we happily announce that Wolves Esports is back in Counterstrike as we’ve picked up a very promising Lithuanian team to represent the gold, red and white colours of Wolves going forward!

The Counterstrike franchise has always been a favorite of ours and we hoped to find a suitable team to finally get back into it. With the release of Counterstrike 2, we had our eyes open and looked for a fitting team to join us.

Finally, this is the case with this roster:
Maksimas “PoKe” Kalinauskas
Joris “REL” Zavadskis
Eimantas “Darkas” Gliaudys
Gabriel “Misterio” Danusevič
Ugnius “Berzius” Kavaliauskas

The team will represent us in the new ESEA Season 48 as well as in many other tournaments and cups going forward. We are excited to have CS back on the menu!

Statement #WolvesCS:
“Our team’s passion for CS2 has fueled our ambition to compete at the highest levels of the game. We are committed to honing our skills, perfecting our strategies, and pushing our limits to achieve excellence. As we integrate into the Wolves Esports family, we are eager to learn from their expertise and insights, further enhancing our potential and propelling our team towards even greater success. Our goals are clear: to elevate our gameplay to the pinnacle of competitive CS and reach ESEA Main playoffs. We are confident that this partnership will provide us with the platform and support system necessary to achieve our ambitions.”