The Howl – Smash Bros. Ultimate – Kire42 Edition

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It’s a Howl! Certainly, quite some time has passed since we last posted a Howl with one of our players but we are back at it! This time, we are talking to Erik “Kire42” Bergman, one of our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players!

Hello Erik! Could you please introduce yourself?
Hello there! I’m Kire – or Erik if you read that backwards. Originally I’m from Gävle (Sweden), but I’ve lived in Levanger (Norway) for the past 6 years with my girlfriend, bonus son, and Maine Coon cat. With my 32 trips around the sun, I’m a bit of a Smash Bros. veteran and professionally I’m a VVS engineer.

How long have you been playing Smash Bros. and how did you get into the game?
I’ve been playing Smash Bros. since I was 8 years old, grinding the game with my brother Tylon. We’ve always loved video games and competing in particular – Smash Bros. is something we both really enjoy getting better at together, always trying to best each other.

Do you play any other games outside of Smash? What are your favourite genres?
Smash is the game where I put in the most hours, focusing on improvement and actual practice, but I do play other games as well more casually. Currently, I’m playing some CoD/CS, Hades, and the occasional Apex game. I definitely prefer playing with my mates and games that involve competition and winning, but I also enjoy games like Divinity II and Baldur’s Gate 3 with my girlfriend.

Do you compete in any other fighting games or platform fighters?

No, I don’t.

Outside of Smash Bros., do you enjoy watching other esports?

Sitting down with a cold beer, pizza and watching a big CS:GO tournament is a great way to spend an evening for sure!

Some players do have a special routine to prepare for a tournament. Are you one of them or do you just jump in?

I don’t think I have a particular routine, no – I try to get some warm-up and practice beforehand of course, but I’ve also found that it’s nice to focus on something completely different right before the tournament, to calm my nerves and not get too worked up about it. The main thing is that I play my best when I’m relaxed and having fun, not taking it too seriously.

If you were granted one wish aimed at Nintendo in regards to the Smash scene – what would that be?
If Nintendo could give online some love and start taking competitive Smash seriously – backing the scene and encouraging tournaments, that would be awesome! Okay, that’s two things, but still.

What other hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?
Besides gaming I enjoy going to the gym and spending time with my family – that second thing is going to get even more exciting in a few months, as we’re having a baby!  We also just bought a pretty big house, so who knows – maybe I’ll get into carpentry or something as well.

Do you have a new favourite movie or show you’ve been watching recently?
I’m currently watching The Blacklist with my girlfriend and working our way through the Insidious movies. A series that really impressed me was The Haunting of Hill House and I really liked the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once.

What kind of music do you listen to and do you enjoy going to concerts? 

I’m not really stuck in any particular genre of music, but as for what I listen to the most or prefer going to concerts to, it’s probably rock along the lines of Skillet, Hollywood Undead, and Five Finger Death Punch. Music that “packs a punch” is my go-to.

Since most of your teammates are from different countries and regions, what makes your competitive region unique?
In my experience Norway has a really nice competitive Smash scene with a lot of good and friendly players that back each other and cheer each other on – I was really glad to be met with a serious and including scene in Trondheim when I moved here from Sweden. Norway has some really heavy hitters – none mentioned, none forgotten, and also really good TOs and casters who put their hearts into creating tournaments and events that people travel far to attend.

Seems like we are done. Thank you for your answers and for taking the time to do this! Any last words to conclude this Howl?

Smash Team Introduction

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We’ve gone through their individual announcements one by one and we are now done with rebuilding the Smash team at Wolves Esports. It has taken us several weeks to finalize the team but we are extremely happy with what the updated roster looks like.

Say “Hello!” to the 2023 #WolvesSmash team!

Erik “Kire42” Bergman
Lars “Tylon” Bergman
Adrian “ioppppo” Magnussen
León “L!0N” Agterberg
Baptiste “Leflemar” G.
Nicola “Vardek13” Cattacin (Team Manager)

This roster also means a return of Wolves Esports to the Nordic scene as well as our first entry into the Dutch and Belgian Smash community which is pretty exciting. Going forward, we aim to create more content around this team outside of the usual result posts and we can’t wait to win some tournaments together!


Wolves Esports – Recruiting Teams

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Wolves Esports is recruiting and open to all team applications! Going forward, we want to come back to games we always enjoyed being a part of and enter a new scene for the first time.

What are we looking for?

Teams in:
– Counterstrike: Global Offensive
– Valorant
– Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Your game is not listed? Feel free to reach out to us anyway! We are always open to new ideas!

– Only complete rosters
– Teams must be 3 months or older
– Active participation in relevant leagues and tournaments
– CSGO: ESL Meisterschaft and/or ESEA
– PUBG: National/regional championship and EU tournaments & qualifiers
– Valorant: National/regional championships + qualifiers
– Age 16+ / Age 18+ for CS:GO and PUBG
– Mature behavior
– Communication skills, honesty, and loyalty are a must-have!
– Realistic goals and expectations

If you are interested, please reach out to us and provide the following information:
– Age and nationality of your players
– Information about the team and what leagues you are playing in
– Plans and goals for the next 6 months
– Your expectations
– Links to relevant team profiles, results, and leagues

You can do this via Twitter DMs (@wolves_esports) or email us at:

End of partnership with eXz-Hosting

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Today we announce the end of our extended long-term partnership with eXz-Hosting. We thank them for such a long and healthy relationship and wish them all the best for the future.

It’s always sad when you split up after long years of closely working together, but we will stay in touch and now concentrate on the future of Wolves Esports knowing that we can always reach out to our friends at eXz-Hosting.


Recruiting – Several Open Spots at Wolves

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Wolves Esports is currently looking to fill three vacant positions within the organisation that will either see you build or lead a specific division or take on a broader area that covers most of the tasks within Wolves.

The positions we are looking to fill are as follows:

Team Coordinator
Wolves Esports is looking for a “Team Coordinator Esports” for 2023 who will actively take care of all kinds of team-related matters within our organization. 

We are therefore looking for someone who is motivated to further develop their esports management skills and is also suitable to be part of the management of Howling Media, the company behind Wolves Esports, in the longer term.

You will take over the administration and management of our teams and players bit by bit and together with us, you will plan the strategic direction of Wolves Esports in relation to our teams. The search for new players and teams is also an important aspect of your job. 

Our goal is to offer you a high degree of independence without dependencies and long decision-making processes, as well as the opportunity to contribute your ideas and to realize them.

– Organizational talent 
– Good English knowledge 
– Experience with various esports titles 
– Motivation to familiarize yourself with new areas 
– You should be at least 20 years old 
– There are bonus points if you also speak German 

And what awaits you? 
– A well-organized and experienced management 
– Extremely flat hierarchies and quick decision-making 
– Opportunity for promotion to core management at Howling Media UG 
– An exciting field of activity for self-realization

Pokemon Manager
Pokemon TCG, Pokemon VGC, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon GO – there are so many opportunities for competition in the Pokemon universe and we want to focus even more on this area. We are therefore looking for a manager for 2023 who will take care of all the Pokemon related business at Wolves Esports and our associated players and teams. 

Together with us you will look after the players and teams as well as further develop and expand the Pokemon division of Wolves Esports. 

– Experience with different Pokemon titles
– Organizational talent 
– Good English knowledge 
– Motivation 
– At least 18 years old
– Bonus points if you also speak German

And what awaits you? 
– YOU are the head of the entire Pokemon section at Wolves Esports 
– A well-organized and experienced management 
– Extremely flat hierarchies and quick decision-making 
– An exciting field of activity for self-realization 
– An organization that supports you to develop the team with you

Fortnite Manager
The time has come, in 2023 Wolves Esports will return to Fortnite after a hiatus of over 4 years. With your application, you get the chance to build the Fortnite team at Wolves Esports according to your ideas and to lead it to success. 

We are looking for young, motivated management talents with Fortnite experience who are able to build a team and then later lead it in day-to-day operations. 

– Experience with the esports title Fortnite 
– Organizational talent 
– Good English knowledge 
– Motivation
– At least 16 years old 
– Bonus points if you also speak German 

And what awaits you? 
– YOU are the head of all Fortnite at Wolves Esports 
– A well-organized and experienced management 
– Extremely flat hierarchies and quick decision-making
– An exciting field of activity for self-realization 
– An organization that supports you to form the team with you

To apply, please send your application to us via Twitter DM’s or email. Twitter:
Email: info[at]


Back to Siege

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Today we are happy to announce that we are fielding a new Rainbow Six: Siege team going forward!

Siege is still a valuable game for us at Wolves Esports and we’ve been active within the esports scene for quite a while now experiencing highs and lows. With the addition of the new team, we are hopeful of returning to the highs in the future as they will represent us in different leagues and tournaments from now on.

Without further ado, please welcome the new #WolvesR6!

Wolves Esports R6 Roster:
John “E4gle” Reitzenstein
Dennis “Noctis” Partowi-Brudjerdi
Alex “Nerf” Wittich
Marijana “Dieanic” V.
Kieren “boomzeh” Harley-Pesce
Kevin “Vioo” Gehrmann (Coach)

Statement from #WolvesR6:
“We are a new Rainbow Six: Siege team who has been together for some time, and in this time we have built our foundation to succeed in the future. Our team consists of five respected upcoming players who have worked hard in the Rainbow Six scene. All team members have already gained a fair amount of competitive experience in various teams.

Some players even have higher tier experiences such as UKIN/Nordic etc. We wish to compete in Nationals, which will then pave the way into Challenger League. We are looking forward to our future and will be well prepared.”


Server Issues – Website set back 3 months

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Sometimes technology is not working as intended. We’ve seen that since yesterday as we, unfortunately, had to roll back our website to a backup from the end of June.

This was caused by a defective Virtual Hard Drive.

We will be bringing back the website to its updated status over the next few days.

Hello, Shootmania

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Today we announce our entry into the Shootmania scene by picking up a team that will represent Wolves Esports in all future tournaments and leagues.

We’ve known about Shootmania since it was released but never entered the scene until now. While looking for options outside of the main esports titles we have been made aware of Shootmania again and a couple of days later we officially field a team in the game.

For us this means we are back to supporting smaller competitive scenes, something we love to do and means a lot to us.

Roster Wolves Esports Shootmania:
Emil “Letnis” Kob
Léonard “Tropic” B.
Steven “Peachy” Z.

Statement from the team:
“We are really glad to become part of the Wolves Esports family and we are motivated to gain victories and represent our new colors to the best of our abilities. We are confident that we can show good results and make everyone proud. Thanks for the support you’re giving to us! You won’t be disappointed. #KeepHowling”

Their first official appearance will be the Elite Pro Series as one of 8 qualified teams fighting for 900€, starting tomorrow


Entering Trackmania

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We’re happy to finally announce our Wolves Esports Trackmania team!

The team has been assembled some time ago and we are now at the point where we can happily announce the team. This is our second time within the Trackmania scene and the last time was several years ago with a different game.

Trackmania has always been a game we follow, some times closer, some times more loosely but it was clear that we want to come back to the game at one point in the future.

With two players from Europe and two players from Asia, this is another step into different markets for us and we are excited to see how the future of the team will look like. Alongside the players we have found someone to take care of the team and he also played an integral part in the process of finding players in the first place.

But now, let’s see who our new representatives are, the roster of #WolvesTM:

Oskars “SRK” Zvejnieks (Team Manager)
Patrick “Bresso” Jönen
Teemu ”teukka” Pitkänen
Timotius “Gamingboy2508” A
Genta “Kudajingkrak12” Ramadhan


Pokemon VGC Team Expansion

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Recently, we’ve announced 5 additions to the Wolves Esports Pokemon VGC team, expanding the team to a total of six players and making sure that Ben Wood isn’t the only VGC player represent Wolves anymore

The thought process behind this decision was to create a team of players from different nations and continents, and play styles, to help facilitate their growth as competitors in official Pokemon competition and trying something new at Wolves. This expansion is also our next step into Asia and North America while it’s our first into Australia.

To recap all the player announcements, here’s the #WolvesPokemon VGC lineup:

Ben Wood
Renaud “Otark” Dutarque
Heny “Hobbit” Rich
Meaghan “ResidentUnleashed” Rattle
Zach “Moone” Gray
Suwoong “WarHyang” Cheong

Stay tuned for more Pokemon related content in the future!