The new Prime League season is nearly upon us and we are finally presenting our updated roster going forward.

After a 4th place in last season’s Division 3 group, the team decided to up the ante which then resulted in two new starting roster additions due to an increase in practice days. The goal for next season is clear: Show improvements compared to last season and at least challenge for the playoff spots.

Roster Wolves Esports.LoL:
Jakob “InSahne” Kachler (Toplane)
Danien “Shukori” Duong Van (Jungle)
Daniel “Dan” Becker (Midlane)
David “Bella Ciao” Schäper (Botlane)
Stella “solar” Gottfried (Support)
Hannes “Hannessy” Sander (Substitute)
Kolya “Bettchiller” Schlicht (Substitute)
Justin “Orian” Bruder (Substitute)

Frederik “Mesz” Jensen (Headcoach)
Chris “Ceezer” Groß ( Team Manager)
Peter “Ta1rasha” Koppelstetter (Assistant Coach)
Marvin “SHINlGAMI” Rußwurm (Mental Coach)