Wolves Esports is happy to announce a new League of Legends team joining the family.

In the last couple of years League of Legends was absent in our range of teams and games, although we’ve always had an eye on the game and decided to pull the trigger in 2020.

Please welcome the team formerly known as “Big Kiss Goodnight” as our new Wolves Esports League of Legends team!

The team has beein playing together for some time now and will represent Wolves in the Prime League and other small tournaments and cups. Their last season in the Prime League ended with a third place finish in their Division 3 group. The goal is to qualify for Division 2 and to establish the players within the German speaking League of Legends scene. We believe that the team is capable of doing so as they dedicate a lot of time on improving and bring their own coaching staff to help them out.

Roster Wolves Esports League of Legends:
David “Bella Ciao” Schäper (Botlane)
Kolya “Bettchiller” Schlicht (Support)
Jakob “InSahne” Kachler (Toplane)
Miguel “Phoxie” Pacheco (Midlane)
Justin “Orian” Bruder (Substitute – Midlane)
Dominik “Tydus” Kibbel (Headcoach)
Peter “Ta1rasha” Koppelstetter (Assistant Coach)
Marvin “SHINlGAMI” Rußwurm (Mental Coach)

As the Prime League is currently in off-season, the team is still evaluating player options going forward and is actively looking for a new jungler for the upcoming challenges.

Statement League of Legends team:
“First of all we thank Wolves Esports for the trust they put in our young international team and for the chance to play as their representatives in the esports scene of League of Legends. We started in December 2019 and after some minor roster changes we played in the Prime League. We closed the qualifications 5/1 and almost made it to second Division. After our first split Wolves Esport reached out for us and now we’re looking forward to be part of a well known organisation. Our strong solo laners are shining in every game with their individual playstyle while the botlane seems like an indomitable bulwark. For the improvement of our gameplay, we were lucky to find 2 coaches with much experience that are helping us to reflect and analyze our games. For the communication, motivation and the team spirit we found a Mental Coach that is helping us to grow as a team. With this setup we are highly enthusiastic that we will overcome any obstacle in our way and reach our common goal the 2nd Division of the Prime League in the next Split. A new pack is roaming the Fields of Justice for their prey.”