Wolves Esports is recruiting and open to all team applications! Going forward, we want to come back to games we always enjoyed being a part of and enter a new scene for the first time.

What are we looking for?

Teams in:
– Counterstrike: Global Offensive
– Valorant
– Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Your game is not listed? Feel free to reach out to us anyway! We are always open to new ideas!

– Only complete rosters
– Teams must be 3 months or older
– Active participation in relevant leagues and tournaments
– CSGO: ESL Meisterschaft and/or ESEA
– PUBG: National/regional championship and EU tournaments & qualifiers
– Valorant: National/regional championships + qualifiers
– Age 16+ / Age 18+ for CS:GO and PUBG
– Mature behavior
– Communication skills, honesty, and loyalty are a must-have!
– Realistic goals and expectations

If you are interested, please reach out to us and provide the following information:
– Age and nationality of your players
– Information about the team and what leagues you are playing in
– Plans and goals for the next 6 months
– Your expectations
– Links to relevant team profiles, results, and leagues

You can do this via Twitter DMs (@wolves_esports) or email us at: info@wolves-esports.com