Today we announce our re-entry into the Rainbow Six: Siege scene as we welcome former “Team FragZ” as the new roster here at Wolves Esports!

The team will prepare for the new year with a bootcamp, starting tomorrow. In the new year, we will tackle different leagues and want to strengthen and develop the team going forward to take the next steps towards bigger and greater goals.

The new #WolvesR6 roster:
Florian “Ironhide” Schwingel
Eric “EicheThor” Buck
Konstantin “Ghoul” Walczyk
Leopold “Sleek” Hanisch
Hubert “Sice” Rozanski
Thomas “Trackplays” W.

Statement #WolvesR6:
“We decided to look for an organization until the end of this year. Then we came across Wolves Esports. During the first conversations, we already realized that Wolves Esports and their core values fit very well with our team spirit. We are grateful for the opportunity we were given and we look forward to proudly representing the organization. For the future, we’re also aiming to participate in as many cups and tournaments as possible and hopefully achieve decent results. We are hyped to compete with other teams and put our skills to the test.”

We’re looking forward to 2024!