It’s a Howl! Certainly, quite some time has passed since we last posted a Howl with one of our players but we are back at it! This time, we are talking to Erik “Kire42” Bergman, one of our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players!

Hello Erik! Could you please introduce yourself?
Hello there! I’m Kire – or Erik if you read that backwards. Originally I’m from Gävle (Sweden), but I’ve lived in Levanger (Norway) for the past 6 years with my girlfriend, bonus son, and Maine Coon cat. With my 32 trips around the sun, I’m a bit of a Smash Bros. veteran and professionally I’m a VVS engineer.

How long have you been playing Smash Bros. and how did you get into the game?
I’ve been playing Smash Bros. since I was 8 years old, grinding the game with my brother Tylon. We’ve always loved video games and competing in particular – Smash Bros. is something we both really enjoy getting better at together, always trying to best each other.

Do you play any other games outside of Smash? What are your favourite genres?
Smash is the game where I put in the most hours, focusing on improvement and actual practice, but I do play other games as well more casually. Currently, I’m playing some CoD/CS, Hades, and the occasional Apex game. I definitely prefer playing with my mates and games that involve competition and winning, but I also enjoy games like Divinity II and Baldur’s Gate 3 with my girlfriend.

Do you compete in any other fighting games or platform fighters?

No, I don’t.

Outside of Smash Bros., do you enjoy watching other esports?

Sitting down with a cold beer, pizza and watching a big CS:GO tournament is a great way to spend an evening for sure!

Some players do have a special routine to prepare for a tournament. Are you one of them or do you just jump in?

I don’t think I have a particular routine, no – I try to get some warm-up and practice beforehand of course, but I’ve also found that it’s nice to focus on something completely different right before the tournament, to calm my nerves and not get too worked up about it. The main thing is that I play my best when I’m relaxed and having fun, not taking it too seriously.

If you were granted one wish aimed at Nintendo in regards to the Smash scene – what would that be?
If Nintendo could give online some love and start taking competitive Smash seriously – backing the scene and encouraging tournaments, that would be awesome! Okay, that’s two things, but still.

What other hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?
Besides gaming I enjoy going to the gym and spending time with my family – that second thing is going to get even more exciting in a few months, as we’re having a baby!  We also just bought a pretty big house, so who knows – maybe I’ll get into carpentry or something as well.

Do you have a new favourite movie or show you’ve been watching recently?
I’m currently watching The Blacklist with my girlfriend and working our way through the Insidious movies. A series that really impressed me was The Haunting of Hill House and I really liked the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once.

What kind of music do you listen to and do you enjoy going to concerts? 

I’m not really stuck in any particular genre of music, but as for what I listen to the most or prefer going to concerts to, it’s probably rock along the lines of Skillet, Hollywood Undead, and Five Finger Death Punch. Music that “packs a punch” is my go-to.

Since most of your teammates are from different countries and regions, what makes your competitive region unique?
In my experience Norway has a really nice competitive Smash scene with a lot of good and friendly players that back each other and cheer each other on – I was really glad to be met with a serious and including scene in Trondheim when I moved here from Sweden. Norway has some really heavy hitters – none mentioned, none forgotten, and also really good TOs and casters who put their hearts into creating tournaments and events that people travel far to attend.

Seems like we are done. Thank you for your answers and for taking the time to do this! Any last words to conclude this Howl?