We’ve gone through their individual announcements one by one and we are now done with rebuilding the Smash team at Wolves Esports. It has taken us several weeks to finalize the team but we are extremely happy with what the updated roster looks like.

Say “Hello!” to the 2023 #WolvesSmash team!

Erik “Kire42” Bergman
Lars “Tylon” Bergman
Adrian “ioppppo” Magnussen
León “L!0N” Agterberg
Baptiste “Leflemar” G.
Nicola “Vardek13” Cattacin (Team Manager)

This roster also means a return of Wolves Esports to the Nordic scene as well as our first entry into the Dutch and Belgian Smash community which is pretty exciting. Going forward, we aim to create more content around this team outside of the usual result posts and we can’t wait to win some tournaments together!